The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 304, the pride of the eight kings

Changde City.

At the afternoon, the Yijun has completely cleaned the city. If the previous tradition, the eight king must be a banquet celebration in the Fuzi and several of the righteos.

However, this time, but did not think about drinking meat and playing meat.

In the hall.

The eight kings sat in the head, and the four sides on the left and right sides were therefore no collar, and they were very cold when they were in Googheng. It is now very cold.

Since Qin Yu and Niu two betray, it is completely cold, the heart of eight kings, leads to now more than 10,000 army, except for his own country-demand camp, the rest of the soldiers have been summed by four volts.

As for the other collaps, it is either sneaked by Sun, or you are going.

"The left thief's forward troops, today's dusk has arrived in Yiyang County, the main army is only more than 30 miles, the boss, and the old two do you have any view?"

For more than ten years, the eight king is actually known, if they are hard fight, they are likely to fight Zuo Liangyu, but Changde to Changsha is flat and open, I want to be ambush, so how to fight, my heart There is no bottom.

"Mind, it is better to get the old weak woman, the beauty of the beauty, all rush to Changde City, leave a soldier and horses, the German, the main army, avoid the front, the peripheral policy should be blocked, the left thief attacks are blocked, the morale is frustrated, the army Battle with it will win! "

"And many new brothers have many family members. Once their families are all in the city, they are not afraid that they escape or don't obey."

Sun Kewei is finished, and Evone is nodded.

"Well, not bad." Zhang Xianzhong nodded and then looked at Li Dingguo and Liu Wenxiu on the other side.

"Mind, big brother's way is really feasible, but, with the left thief, it is estimated that more than half will not attack, but will choose to send a small number of soldiers and Ma Ye, the main force of our army!"

Li Dingguo first nodded and then slowly said.

"Well, according to the diapers of the left thief, this possibility is very large, not preventive!"

When Zhang Xianzhong browed, he wrinkled, thinking about it, some dignified roads.

Sun Kawang and Ai Neng's face have also disappeared without a trace, and finally the old grandson is not convinced: "The second, how do you say?"

Li Dingguo did not look at the Sun, but rushed to Zhang Xianzhong and held his punch: "Mind, every time the left thief army arrived, we have to escape, why not come to him?"

"Oh? How will it mean?" Zhang Xianzhong was shocked, and the other three had energized.

Although the old grandson has been uncomfortable, but in the heart, I have to admit that the second two in the military strategy is really better than him.

"This left thief entered the army, scares we, must be the same as that, without having to carry how much grain grass, we can still follow the ways of the big brother, the big brother is stationed in Changde City, and the righteous leader leads the main army to avoid their sharp, The baby took a small amount of elite soldiers and horses and waves to attack the Yiyang, cut off the left thief grain road. The left thief was either attacking Changde City to obtain grain, or retired. "

"Good! Haha, so I don't afraid of the left thistle, I will definitely defeat the left thief." Zhang Xianzhong said when he was bright, excited to laugh.

Then I came to Li Dingguo, took a shot of his shoulder, and smiled and smiled. "The second, your troops don't read it, of course, there are three, you can do yours. He is not worthy of business? "

It is also unwrout that the eight kings will be so crazy, because the four mensomes can be alone, and the power is not good.

Sun Kewei has experienced a few failures, and it has become more and more stable.

Li Dingguo has grown rapidly. It has already had a shadow of a famous name. Even Liu Wenxiu and Ai Neizhen have begun to emerge, and it is alone to attack the village. If you are not here, the commander tens of thousands of soldiers also swim.

No way, this year, the four people follow Zhang Xianzhong to climb, fight all the rest, win the battle, the defeat also hit, the arrogant flow of Zuo Liang Jade, one degree and siege, devastating .

Plus three people also learned Li Dingguo, I have been looking for two more than 30 years old and wife to be a small singer, teach themselves to study themselves, holding sleep at night, Zhang Xianzhong dares to let go, the results practice and theory, four people think not It is difficult to grow.

"Old two, you are better than I am good at, you must change it, I will go to the sneak attack, how do you stay in Changde City?" Sun Kaewehed two times, suddenly said, obviously compared to the attack, more dangerous .

"Big brother, you don't be modest, obviously you are more good than I am more good than I." Li Dingguo hit his hand.

"Mind, my water is the best, this time it is better to let me take the waterway to sneak attack."

"Old four, your mother is still holding his own little wife, looking for milk, quickly flashing, after two years, there will be long said, then say that you have a water, it is good. Ping, righteousness, every time, big brother is alone, this time, let me take the sneak! "

"Three brothers, your mother's hair is not long, I am just talking about my dream, if you don't accept the gas, you will get out of your pants now, see who is big."

Allen and Liu Wenxiu also quickly jumped out, shouted with each other, struggling to attack the sneak attack, I didn't have any arms at a time, and the pants were played.

"Well, don't fight again, I'm old four, you have to hone hard, this time, I will stay around, the old two, you are more robust than the boss, this time is responsible for the city , The old boss took the soldiers to go to the Lake to sneak. "

Zhang Xianzhong was also a big fight, and finally put his hand, returned to the master, and thought about it.

"Yes, righteousness!"

The four people have to hold the box, Sun Kewei is naturally with a little, and Li Dingguo is a little lost, and Liu Wenxiu and Evilei have a meat with cream, and pull the head.

In fact, Zhang Xianzhong also felt that Li Dingguo took the soldiers to sneak attack, more suitable than Sun, however, Qin Yu's things make him feel like there is a thorn, let him never let.

If the two people are the same in his mind, then Sun Kewei is absolutely important than Li Dingguo.

Immediately, the five people were carefully planned again. Sun Kewei chose 10,000 elite veterans, killing the Dongting Lake in the northeast to collect vessels.

The next day, the sky is bright, the city is more than 12 million old weak women, including the post, all driven to the city, money and all kinds of materials have also moved to the city.

Until the afternoon, Zhang Xianzhong took two volunteers, and the 100,000 army went to the west, and only carried a grain grass in January.

Li Dingguo is a 30,000 young and more than 12 million old weak women, and the city defense is reinforced in the city.