Yiyang County, located in the border of Changshafu and Changdefu, the south bank of Dongting Lake, only more than 150 miles from Changde City and Changsha City.

At this time, Yiyang City foreign camp is closely wrapped, and the camp is tens of miles, and people shout the horse.

In the county, the face of Zuo Shuai's face is a little ugly, which makes the military commanders on both sides don't dare to set the banquet celebration, but all the spirit.

Have to say, Zuo Liangyu can finally mix the soldiers in the end, still have two brush.

Although it is usually drunk, it is never vague.

"Wu Xian brother, according to the horses return, although the eight king went to the west with more than 100,000 army, but the old weak woman, the money is all in Changde City, what do you think?"

"Father, this is not just right?" Zuo Meng Geng unexplored.

Zuo Liangyu saw that the son asked this idiot, suddenly hate the iron and did not have a steel: "Laozi usually calls you more books, you just don't listen, you will know to play women all day."

Zuo Meng Geng saw the father's handsome suddenly heated, and more clouds, the two monk did not touch the mind, this mode made Zuo Liang Yu almost did not dizziness.

Wu Erchong saw, only to quickly got up and explained: "The son, the eight king will accumulate the money and the family in Changde City, you must be the life-sized, the main army is in the peripheral policy, waiting for our military attacking, morale After downturn, then the decisive battle. "

After saying, rushing to Zuo Liang Yu, holding a punch: "The handsome, it seems that the students underestimate the ambition of the eight kings, this thief is not willing to be a rogue, I want to occupy Changde, even the entire Dongting Lake The basin is used as the foundation. "

Dongting Lake Basin is a fishing hometown, Changsha, Changde, Yueyang Sanfu, Yiangtian tens of thousands of mu, one year two seasons of rice, so he suggested that Zuo Liangyu used the eight kings to seek Sanyuan, who once thought that the eight king was unwilling Make a piece of chess.

"Hey! A group of blackcomes, dare to fight the battle, it is simply in the ovary, I don't know how to live."

Zuo Liangyu snorted, he was originally planned to give eight kings, and forced them to Jiangbei, let Lu Xiang have a headache, but now it is intended to have an old hatred.

"Big handsome, although the thief army is a group of blackcomes, but there are more than 100,000, and Changde City is not small, I am afraid it is difficult to attack in a short time. This time I have limited grain, and I have to have a long discourage."

Wu Ergongzhi saw him so much relieved, and quickly reminded.

After all, this army did not carry how much grain and grass, and Changde did not need to be able to raise grain.

"Well! Then I left the 10,000 soldiers and horses to stay in Yiyang, and I will take 20,000 food from Changsha to come over. This time the Laozi will not have the eight kings."

Zuo Liangyu nodded and said.

Obviously, the eight kings have been playing for so many years, although they can't look around, they are not bad.

"Big handsome, in order to steadily, it is not as good as the first three days, to come to the grain to arrive, then enter the army!" Wu Ergong thought about it.

"Hey, Wu Xian brother is more, after three days, the eight king may have to bring the main army to go to the mountain, it will only be more trouble! My army has a 10-day grain and grass!"

Zuo Liangyu put his hand, obviously didn't want to go to the mountain to play to hide and hide, but wanted to catch up with the other party, not letting the other party escape.

In his opinion, there is a 10-day grain enough for him to pack eight kings, and attack Changde City. As for the diet from Changsha, it is nothing more than if there is anything.

"Oh, Wu's brother, if you are afraid, you can stay in Yiyang responsible to picking with grain."

"Not bad."

The military commander is all whispering, obviously, is very uncomfortable to the left and handsome guys who have no hair on their mouths.

Wu Erchong naturally understood that they were not used to themselves, and they didn't say anything again.

Zuo Meng Geng is bright, standing out: "Father, the baby is in a very uncomfortable body, or if you are stationed in Yiyang, you should be responsible for the grain!"

Zuo Liang Yu nose is almost no gas, where doesn't understand that he doesn't want to eat hard, want to stay in the city to enjoy, but worry that his body is really discomfort, you will not eat, just nodded: "I actually don't work, then Leave it in Yiyang to get hurt, don't give me a moth again, know? "

"Yes, the father is handsome." Zuo Meng Geng quickly held a boxing, this Yiyang City has not yet been raged by the thief, and his father is not allowed to grab it, leading to the left thief, the left thief. If a woman who is walking, he will not give him a bit of interest.

"Mailing, tomorrow, the army three more food, five more camp, the army live straight!"

Zuo Liangyu did not know the idea of ​​his son, got up and waved, and there was an invisible in the body.

The reason why Zuo Liangyu will happen, and naturally worship Wu Ergongzi's readers who are full of history books.

The original Zuo Liangyu, but only knowing that there is a soldier in the hands of the world, there is no big ambition, but since Wu Erchong is coming, he often hints in the words, let Zuo Shuai's inner heart can't calmly .

Plus the battle of Fuyang, Daming two supervisors killed, more than 10,000 elite lost, let Zuo Liangyu have no trace of the last scorpion of Daming, no longer willing to die. A total military official.

At this moment, I hold 100,000 soldiers and horses, and Wu Ergongzi will go, let Zuo Shuai also see a hope of hegemony.

The next day, the seven thousand troops rushed to often morality, although the team was thin, but the last camp and a camp can still be divided, the most critical is that the seven thousand people have a true guy, the most unjust There is also a long gun, a broken military service.

On the third morning, the first 20,000 troops were in the military to Changde City. Before the black, Zuo Liangyu took the main army and finally arrived.

At this time, Zhang Xianzhong took the army to escape from Cili County, Yueyangfu.

After the big army, the second day, the next day, Zuo Liangyu was just a little tense, see the defenders to resist tenacious, and a promise, and there is still no way to continue to attack the city.

It was sent to the four thousand sides of the city, and the proceeds were the 70,000 army to kill the north.

The top of Zuo Shuai is, as long as the main army of the eight kings, or rush to Jiangbei, the thief army in Changde City will definitely fall.

Even if the eight kings are not willing to fight, they don't want to go to the river, and they will choose to drill to the mountains. He is not afraid.

At that time, all the channels in the mountains were blocked, surrounded by a while, and the defenders in Changde City were only surrendered.

All money, all money materials in the city are him.

As for his seven thousand troops, it can be able to play the 100,000 people of the eight kings, this is not doubt.

The horse is in a lifetime, the two armies are unleasing, and he still can see it.