The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 307, the army can not be satisfied with food

Under the foot of Yamu Mountain, Zuo Liangyu, who is in the north of Changde, and the army are here to open the Zhazhai here.

During the coach's big account, after listening to the report of the night, Zuo Shuai is also surprised, can't help but ask again:

"The eight kings took a big army to Tiri, only a part of the soldiers homework in Shimen?"

"Yes, big handsome, the thief army in Shimen City is busy reinforcing the city defense, a pace of death."

"This is whipped, what is the eight king?"

Zuo Liangyu touched the chin, Bes, the thief army was in Changde City, but it was normal, but also divided into Shimen, it was too abnormal, this is definitely a big guy, he believes that eight kings I can't even see it.

"Wu Xian brother, what do you think?"

"The big handsome, students think that the eight kings are mostly going to be camp, with the troops of our army, and then with the decisive battle." Wu Ergong thought about it.

"Well! Wu Xian brother's words are reasonable, I didn't expect that eight kings learned smart."

Zuo Liangyu thinks that it feels right and nodded.

Because the seven thousand army can have a true guy, and the 100,000 army of the other, almost half of the bamboo sticks, the eight king must also know that this is the decisive battle, absolutely lose less.

So I wanted to desess a new soldier in the county, and constantly spread his troops. After all, if 50,000 people have a true guy, they have a lot of homes.

However, although I knew the eight kings playing the abacus, he had to send troops to the bees.

Because the 10,000 people who stayed in Shimen were not a new soldier, but the elite veterans, he did no matter whether the army of the army diverted to Cili County, Shimen's soldier and horses must also sneak in the south.

So I ridiculous: "It's so, then I left the 10,000 army to stay in Datun, the army continued to pursue the West. I have to see his eight kings. What kind of trick can this time?"

"The handsome Yingming, Shimen is still in dozens of miles away, and theiror will send troops to be surrounded by ambush, which is indeed the most stable, but our military grain has not much, calculates the time, the two-day grain should also be, it is better to temporary On the two days, it is not too late to enter. "

Wu Erchong admires a sentence, and then reminded.

"Well, let's take a break next!"

This time, Zuo Liangyu nodded, did not choose to catch up, he naturally understood that there were only a few days left for a few days, it was very dangerous.

At that time, I was eager to enter the army in Yiyang. It was worried that the money and food substances in Changde City have changed late. The light allowed the 20,000 first troops to go to the surrounding city and was afraid of being ambush. This led the army to kill the army.

At this time, Changde City has been surrounded by the group, and the material money in the city has also been in his palm. Naturally, it will not be urgent.

It can be two days, Zuo Liangyu not only did not wait for grain, but waited for Yiyang by the thief attack, and suddenly, the urgency was not fainted.

Because Wu Ergongzi fled, he did not send people to immediately to inform Zuo Shuai until it kills Changsha until it was remembered.

Still staying in Changde's main will, seeing the grain and grass does not meet on time, send a happy horse to the Yiyang to check, this is noticeable that Yiyang is broken.

Since Wu Ergongzi is not light in Yiyang County, the four wilderness landlord also chooses to make a wall, lazy to send people to report.

"The big handsome will forgive, the matter has come, and can only return to Changde, and do it."

Wu Erchong saw Zuo Liang, jade, but I didn't know who to see, I was afraid that he was alive, he had to sigh, stand up.

"Inverter, why don't he die in Yiyang ... cough ...

Zuo Liangyu's face rose red, can roar to half, and a sharp cough, the body shakes.

"Big Handsome ..." Everyone is surprising, two departments have helped forward.

Zuo Liangyu put his hand, then gasped for a while, he asked Wu Ergongzi: "The food left in our army?"

"Go back to the handsome, there is a three-day grain, if it is reduced to a day, you can also support the sixty-day, enough for the army to return to Changsha." Wu Ergong is calculated.

Zuo Liangyu did not listen to Wu Ergongzi, but a decisive man in hand, refused to say: "Can't minus, you can't lose!"

At this time, Zuo Liangyu is also completely calm, compared to the literati of Wu Ergongzi's paper, Zuo Liangyu is very clear, the army can not be a good grain in one day.

Once changed to a day, all soldiers will immediately know that the army is deficient in the army. Did you say that you will return to Changsha, you can return to Changde.

Then, the army ordered the army to start to take the village to return to the regular and claim that the thief army has fled to the mountainous area.

And also ordered Changde's 20,000 soldiers and horses, immediately launched Changde City, and must take it within three days. I know that more than a dozen guards who have sneaked by the thief army have been secretly killed.

When it comes, the army is faster when I go back.


Zuo Liangyu's army has just revocated, after a time, the eight king of Shimen and Titi in the middle of Qianmen, I received a message, and I was excited. Haha laughed.

"The righteousness, the left thief suddenly dismounts, and it must be a big brother to have a hand." Ai Neizi is also a way to move.

"Haha, good, great, the boss really didn't let me down, this time I wanted to live to catch Zuo Liangyu."

Eight Kings once again loudly, then biting his teeth, it was obviously being bullied by Zuo Liangyu, as a grandchildren, so that the Eight Kings accumulated in the heart of the Eight Kings can't be installed.

Then, with the army to kill the south, kill Changde from the west side of Dacha Mountain, and live in Liu Wenxiu in Shimen, led the army to catch up from the east side of Dappi Mountain.

Under Changde City, a fierce siege war has also officially burst, and the 20,000 left Army has launched a strike from four sides.

The Lord will not want to catch some cannon ash from the four wild, but the village of the party is almost no one.

In addition to being wrapped in eight kings, the rest of the people escaped in Datun, escaped in Dongting Lake, as for the big household.

Li Dingguo looked at the left army of the attack in the city, and he was also relieved. At the same time, the relationship became more and more.

Because he knows, even if the big brother sneaks to Yanyang, they just become passive to occupy the initiative, I want to defeat Zuoliangyu, but I have to see Changde City.

In fact, Zuo Liangyu as a long-awaited old will commit this low-level mistake. In the case of not sufficient food, it will ran, let's talk about a lot of money and women in the imperial city. .

Compared with how to kill the eight kings' more than a dozen black, left big handsome care how to get those money materials and women.

As a commander of a big army, I will hold this kind of abacus at the beginning, first fall.