Although Luo Yucai stood up in time, avoiding a fire fight, but no one can see it, the righteous army is not to be born.

This is true, and the second day, the bull two will kill the soldier and horses to Kaifeng, but not only did not retain, but they are happy.

He is still a bulls, after all, after all, if he is in Yanyang City, he will come to a game sooner or later. Once the soldiers are serious, they will be caught by Jiangnan's official army and the Huajun of Nanyang.

The bull two front steps have just been out of Yun Ningfu, Luo Yuci can't wait to open the Queen, the King of Fuyang City, and Self-defeating Wei Wang.

However, Fuyang is a small city, don't say that thanks to Changan, the king, even the Fuyang and Changsha are far more than, so even if Luo Yucai is the oldest in the righteous army, the influence is the smallest, even The scholar people in Jiangnan are nasal.

In just six months, four regimes have emerged in Daming, which makes Chongzhen can't sit again.

First, I will let the officials of Lu Xiang, let it wear sin, and must be annihilated within March, and the flood catches are transferred to the Changsha, and they are responsible for the death of two anti-thieves in the Central Plains and northwest.

The reason why Chongzhen is transferred to the ruthenium, and it is also reason.

That is, the emperor is too extreme in October. Plus this entry and discounts have been eligible for thousands of bangs, so it has been self-defeating, busy struggling to compete, and there is no thought and then invading Guan Ning line, not It may be detapped.

So in Chongzhen, there is a threat to anti-thieves in the United States today, far more than penetrated.

After all, the scorpion came, and you will have a lot of money to go, and the anti-thief is to win the mountains.

Yes, now almost all people don't think they will finalize the world.

Don't say that now, even the history of Wu Sanui in history, accounting for Beijing, Jiangnan's talented literary people, still thinking that the scorpion is coming to grab a wave, sooner or later will go.

Anyway, I can't grab them in the Yangtze River. It is just a mentality that is not related to this kind of thing. So when I screamed in the north, I was still busy, and struggling to win.

Chang'an City.

With an eye mask, you have a ripple, a knife, a knife, a bit of a matter.

Whoever seen this pair of models can't see the phase of the emperor.

However, this is the long phase, this is the same, but the original is envious of Qin Dynasty, and Mrs. Li gives him makeup.

At this moment, although the king is a sense of enthusiasm, there is ambition of the world, but the brow is a lock.

"The brothers, although we attacked Chang'an, but there is not much food in the city. Let's talk about where to raise food and grass?"

"Big brother, this is also said, naturally it is to play Nanyang, find Huajun account, and report the last one of the arrows."

The voice of the king just fell, Liu Zongmin jumped out and bite his teeth.

"Liu Jun Jun, now the Huadian military is in full, but the fake is still in a breath, and when the Yi army does not arrive at the attack, the minister thinks that the king should go to the Luoyang as soon as possible, and then overthrew the fake in the north. Take the first to call the emperor to preemptive. "

A literati stood out, first shook his head, then hold his punch, rushing to Wang.

"Then, the soldiers were born, and the big brother went to attack Luoyang, overthrowing the fake, and the old man took the soldiers to attack Nanyang." Liu Zongmin slammed his mouth and still coming.

This demonstration, let the Wenchen side frown.

"Zongmin, gentleman revenge for ten years, not in this time! It is a matter of immersive to overthrow, you can rest assured, in the future, the big brother must let you take the boy who surname Qin."

"Big Brother, this is what you said, you can not regret it when you arrive."

Seeing that Wang Wang said, Liu Zongmin retired back, and the Wenchen side secretly shook his head.

Then more than a dozen literati will attack Luoyang first, but also in the north to hit Shanxi, caught in the quarrel.

One time, the public is male, and her mother said that her wife is reasonable. It will also be a big fight, and finally, I have to look at a head of the left side of the left.

"Liu Lao, you are the prime minister of my big, you talk about it, our army is the east out of Luoyang, or is the north of Shanxi?"

"Dawang, Guanzhong, since ancient people, there is a riser, have always been the land of Wang Ye, but the only flaw is the land too barren, and the Sichuan in the south, there is a reputation of Tianfu, not only the land, but also many people. And the property is abundant, it is better to make up for this lack, this is to say that the old minister thinks that the king should first take Sichuan in the south. If you have Sichuan, the king sweeps the world, it will be half-meter. "

The old man named Liu has been watching the eyes, like falling asleep, until the question, this slowly opened his eyes, said that a boxing is not uncommon.

"Liu Lao, the land is really good, but it is difficult to go to the Qingtian. Nowadays, the land of the Hanzhong, it is occupied by the Yang Guoshu, what is easy to attack Sichuan? And our army is now in a shortage of food, if it is a war, How is it good? "

"Yes, it is just to solve the grain grass as soon as possible."

A people are all frequent, and now there is a 500,000 army, plus the family, more than 3 million, I can eat big households before, but now the big household in the northwest is almost eaten.

And eight hundred miles of Qinchuan, have already become a red land, so if you sit in the mountains like this, you can't get a chaos.

Liu Lao also sighed. At the beginning, he will persuade the king to leave a soldier and horses stationed in Han, but it has been shackled in Han, and there is no leader to stay, the key is not care.

Finally, hard students will be in such a place, and the white is discarded. I think that it is also helpless here, but I can only hold a boxing:

"The king, this time, in the past few days, take Sichuan is not a hundred thousand army, there is a thousand soldiers, except for the king left 50,000 soldiers and horses, Chang'an, Yu Shi, horses and their family, can be scattered in all parts to Tutian "

"Fart, you old things, simply squirt, believe that Laozi is smashing you?"

"The dog is raised, the soldiers of Laozi is a long time to fight, the elite killing from the dead pile, that is not the head of the bowl of big bar? Do you let them far-pending?"

Liu Lao said yet, Liu Zongmin jumped out of the first one, and other military commanders were also thick, and some were even more unplugged.

"Let's go, on the lobby, have you in your eyes?"

This time, the king is a thunder, and the military commander has taken the knife, and the cold snort, but it is straight to the king.

Other Wen Chen is the nose, nose, and the heart is so dark.

Although the king of Wang, although Liu Lao's words were very reasonable, but looked at the feelings on the face of the old brothers, they had to slow down: "When Liu Lao's words, although there is some truth, but far water can't gain a thirst, Even if you go far field, you have to wait until next year, you can also get it, so the things of Tuna will then say it! "

"The big brother"! "Liu Zongmin and a Wuhui will hold a punch, and the face has a smile.

In the end, Wang is still decided to go to the south, because Jinan is the most prosperous, in addition to Luoyang City, the other places and northwest are not.