The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 315 has a ancestral secret recipe

Qin Yu went to the sun to go down the mountain, and he was still unfained to make the oil lamp made of two glazes, returned to Nanzhao County.

"Gonggong, what is the busy here? When will we return to Yanyang?"

Within the bedroom, the red scorpion is asked on the table.

The oil lamp is divided into two, one and the upper world of the horse, can control the size of the fire, you can sway around, suitable for hanging in the door, or the carriage, it is convenient to take the night road.

The other is simple, but also a ceramic base, plus a glass cover, the top is not sealed, when you use it, put the cover and put the cover, put it on the cover, suitable for the night on the desk, close lighting .

Qin Yushe is like a child, and the lights in the inside are risen, and the face is rising, and it is also funny.

"The things here are almost the same, follow-up construction, I also told it, but I plan to go to Lichuan tomorrow."

"Then I will go with you." Hongjie immediately looked up, and a look is looking forward.

"Well! Let's go together."

"Okay, don't blow, there is this strength to stay alive, you will wait for it."

Qin Yuti nodded, seeing her drums and blowing, then she came to her, holding her shoulders, a bad laugh.

Hung Yi obviously heard the meaning of him, and suddenly the cheeks were bleeding, and he slammed his two punches.

Qin Yu is can't wait to pull her up, dragging the bed, obviously doing the monk in the months, Qin Dawang has not smells meat.


The next day, the two brought two hundred guards, directly riding and riding to the county, although the cold wind is in the face, but in order to catch the time, Qin Yu still chooses nothing to sit.

The iron ore and coal deposits in Chuanchuan are separated by more than 40 miles. Due to the journey, Qin Yu chooses to go to the coal mine inspection.

This coal mine is also an open coal mine. The coal layer is also three or four meters soil, and only the whole hill is seen, and the mountains are all in the mountains.

The weather is cold, but it still can't stop these young enthusiasm, because the coal mine and iron ore Qin Yu implement a piece of metal.

Three people, one person is responsible for digging coal on the mountain, two people push the cart, responsible for loading, the coal transported the coal to the foot of the mountain, one car twenty, package,.

Due to the comparison and slowness of the mountain, it was a dozens of small roads, as for the use of Humble, it is impossible.

Because of the precious horses, we must process good coal coal and raw coal, transported to the ironworks and Nanzhao of the forty miles, Nanyang two places, and even provide coal to the whole Qin Domestic.

There is 10,000 Qingzhuang in the tent in the tent in the valley, and most of the women will have some relaxed work, plus coking coal and transport, and the entire mining area has reached 50,000 people.

It's so spacious in the valley, but the condition is simple, looks at it, everywhere is a black lacquer, muddy everywhere, one is as black, if the clothes are not in the body, men and women.

"Two pillars, this fuck is your coal mine?"

Qin Dawn stood on the hill. I didn't dare to go at all. I looked at the more than a dozen ladies and hundreds of people who were sent, and they were also like black people. I immediately rushed to just a long time. Column roaring.

"The king, everyone is very selling, no one is lazy, the account is clear, there is no mistake, don't believe you."

The grievances of the second column, I don't know where to provoke the Qin Dawang is not satisfied, and I will take a few people who greet behind will take the account.

"Laozi is not saying this, I mean can't ... Is it clean?" Qin Yu pointed to the valley.

I saw a bunch of piles, and the messy tents and a dirty tent and a dirt kiln used to burn coke. Sockets a scene that is more chaotic than the refugee camp.

"The king, is this not just raining yesterday? It is still very clean." The second column lowered his head and the small sound explained.

"You also know that it is raining? If you are managed by the well, even if it is raining, it will not make this look, forget it, or you can take a tube, let you see what is known as specification homework."

Qin Yu took a while, and finally had to sway hands and intended to personally take a few days.

Who once thought just three days, Qin Dawei fled to the iron mine, as for the day of Hongjun.

Because the small rivers in the valley are black.

Three days, Qin Yu has set a thing, that is, covering hundreds of toilets, stipulate that it is not possible to have a small size, no one can manage it.

So he intends to use this mine as the extension of future officials, grab some captives to dig coal, as for more than a dozen ladies and hundreds of , temporarily only round values.

In this environment, it is time to get delayed.

Mining outside the forties, although more people, but the situation is much better, there have been more than one hundred soil kiln in ironmaking, more soil kiln is constructed.

The iron ore and coal mines are similar, and it is also an open-air mine. Therefore, it is also a group of three-person group, and the young man is responsible for mining, transportation, and the stream is responsible for the cleaning of ore cleaning.

In order to reduce transportation, the soil kiln of ironmaking is next to the small river at the foot of the mountain, you can hear the sound of table tennis, countless blacksmiths are sweating in the grasshouse.

A whole 10,000 blacksmiths and apprentices.

These people first tapped their live iron, then pouring the original iron steel water on top, dual dissolution, and then forging to remove impurities after being slightly cooled, and finally use urine to quench, Steel.

This is the steel method, which can be seen in the modern people of Qin Yu, which is very powerful when this fucking is very powerful.

But compared to the fried steel law, this is already better than countless.

In fact, it is true that the steel production of 100,000 people has reached more than 20,000 pounds, including 100,000 kg of cooked iron, steel 10,000 pounds, and nine thousand pounds of pig iron.

A month, add up to six million pounds of steel yield, totaling three thousand tons, one year is more than 30,000 tons, has exceeded the steel yield of Daming a year.

And this is not enough, and a large amount of iron ore is not as low as being solved. Otherns are absolutely increased.

"Is there a better way to get steel?"

Looking at the teacher, Qin Yu is helpless, he really doesn't understand the steelmaking.

But he knows, even if it comes out, even if the ironmaking blast furnace is coming, it is nothing more than a large amount of directly refining the cooked iron, but it is no effect on steel making.

"Go back to the king, the old is that he heard the side of Jiangnan, as if there is a simpler method, you can directly integrate the raw iron and cuirrine into steel."

"Oh? Do you know the specific method?" Qin Yu is big, if you can directly integrate the raw iron and cuiri into steel, the efficiency is absolutely ten times.

"The king, this constipation, the little old children know, the little old children are only young, they listened to their father." The old blacksmith is embarrassed.

"What? Someone knows simpler way? If you know, you can make big offering the effectiveness of steelmaking, this king not only appreciates the two, beautiful women, but also seals him as an official."

Qin Yu lost his disappointment, and then he also looked at other people. Seeing they did not make a sound, so he said.

"The king, the little ancestral secret recipe ..."

"The king, small there is ..."

" ..."

Hundreds of old iron letters suddenly took a breath, and one of the eyes were straight. He suddenly came out of hundreds of people, desperately squeezed, and the scene was a group, scared red and hurry. To maintain order.