The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 316, Qin Dawang's reward

When Qin Yuta readily listened to the ancestral secret recipe of hundreds of craftsmen, the first reaction was not big, but anger.

Because of the current steelmaking method, this guy has almost a simpler way, but some have huge, some have little effect.

Especially one of the blacksmiths, I know that it will increase the hardness of the steel when smelting, and this ore mine is there.

This will be the nostrils of the Qin Dynasty. This is a better way to make a better way, but it is not to say, it is not used, but it is used to refine steel with this efficient method.

After anger, Qin Yu gradually relieved, knowing, no monster, but since ancient times, this is this tradition.

If you let the guys come to practice steel, it is estimated that you will take out your own fierce, you can get together, you will naturally prevent yourself from leaking, sneak people.

As for so many people, there are ancestral secret recipes, think carefully, not very strange.

After all, the Iron and Steel Act is said that the Han Dynasty was invented, more than a thousand years have passed, even if it is unintentional, I am afraid I have made countless advanced actions, but I have been hidden by the craftsman, and finally buried in the chaos. among.

Don't say that there are many things that have not been known. If you think of this, Qin Yu has finally understood that China's technology has been built in front of Qin Han, there is no major breakthrough.

No breakthrough, but broke through, no one knows, after all, can be recorded by history book, I am afraid that there is no one in Wan.

The original Qin Yu also intended to cultivate the new reading man in the future, and the Ministry of Tiangong was promoted to the Tiantongyuan, but it seems that it is unfortunate.

For the hundreds of craftsmen who took out the secret, Qin Yu did not have a good whisper. I chose one person to serve as the main part of Tiantong Ministry, and the silver is one thousand two. In the future and this hundred blacksmith, specializing in improving steelmaking process and exploring new steel. Other taxes also have more or less silver.

Hundreds of blacksmiths, naturally the big happiness, more than two hundreds of traits studying ironmaking blast furnaces, they all know that the entire mine is also the best, the days are the most unprofit.

Only the master's Huang Yellow is a little careful: "Big ... King, that ..."

"What are you eager? Is this Dawn still fell? However, the ancestral secret recipe you just donated, although it is very good, most is the quality of steel, not yield, so you can touch the simple refining After the batch of steel, there is a counted one, one person, one person. "

Qin Yu put his hand. If you give them a beautiful woman now, the ghost has a thoughts to take the drums, I am afraid that I will die in bed.

A blacksmith heard the words, although slightly disappointed, but almost all jings eager to try, hate will not immediately start the new way to shoot steelmaking.

Moreover, Qin Yu looked at their reaction, and also felt that the Ministry of Tongan should develop the relevant reward system, the beauty seems to be a good choice.

After all, the status of the craftsman is low, many four or five years old or single harsh, and will have to kill a number of largest users in the south of the South next year, those women are used to reward these trains, but they are appropriate.

In compaile to the teacher, follow these craftsmen, at least there will be a day.

The mine's blacksmith is the most, because in addition to training iron, there are two iron manufacturing plants in not far away.

Most of the cooked iron and pig iron have pulled these two factories, processing, pig iron, is used to build a tin pot, plowed, and cooked iron used to create a hoe, a knife knife scissors.

Steel is all military works to Nanyang, used to make weapons.

All of the two factories use all division of labor, in addition to more than a dozen old blacksmiths, other all crops, more but never hit iron, so yield is not very ideal.

But tens of thousands of people playing the scenes of the iron, or the reddish mouth will not close.

"Gong, I have never seen so many iron, with this mine, we don't have to worry about iron deficiency in the future."

Looking at a large pot, a box of hoe, kitchen knife, and countless iron blocks, Hongjun thought that the previous county will, can't wait to remove the iron nails on the door panel, not helpful.

"Yeah, waiting for the mine to step on regular, the output will increase several times, and the steel does not have it again in a short time."

Qin Yu is also a heavy tone, in ancient and steel, it is not a bit better than the grain salt, now it can be self-sufficient.

Next, Qin Yu also went to the place where the blast furnace was going to visit, seeing them already have some progress, just encouraged it, no longer tuned, anyway, he is not anxious.

It has been in the mine, until the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, Qin Yu returned to Nanyang, and went to the Armyside and fired it over again, this only gave south to Xiangyang.

Since the simple mechanical drilling machine and grinding machine have been made, the yield of fire is almost doubled.

The drilling machine is very simple, that is, two gears, a wooden shelf, one person rides on the top with foot, drive the drill bit, plus the drill bit and the gun tube are fixed, not one hand holds the barrel, one Hand holds a drill bit.

It is such a simple device, it is also a person, it can drill a gun tube three days, but it is half a month.


In the Wangfu, in the study room, I came back to Qin Yu as an urgent investment.

At this moment, the five women have a book, the observatorial look, let Qin Dawang will not dare to look directly, but they have to pull Zhang Wei to laugh.

"Oh, the sister, this time is hard, when I just entered the city, I have already seen it, the shopper is in business, people come to people, there are also many shopping boats on Hanjiang, come, reward."

When I said, I took the mouth, Zhang Wei was shocked, hurriedly broke the book to block, explained: "Business things are Li sisters responsible, you have to reward, reward her!"

"No, no, I didn't do anything." Li heard his words and waved his head.

Obviously, when the faces of the women, they can't let go, they don't dare to accept Qin Yu's rewards, afraid that they are jokes in the future.

"Then, let's talk about how many land and people!" Qin Yu swayed and then pulled her to his arms.

Zhang Wei is still not used to, so that the public is held by him, but it can be struggled, but only have to face the red and the land, open the booklet.

"The second palace has more than 30 million mu of water fields, more than 100,000 mu of dry land, more than 120,000 people, and there are about 57 million people. All the land is allocated, and they have already entrosted, distributed, and Villages have also selected townships and village heads, forming a nursing village team. Of course, there are still some hunters in the mountains in Fuyang, and it is estimated that there are more than 40 million people in the newly moved. It is temporarily placed in the north shore. "

"Well, you can all statistics in such a short period of time. It seems that the sister is indeed, it is not enough to reflect the bureau of this king!"

Qin Yu nodded, this time, she is holding her head, and coming on her face.

The land is allocated, and it means that the two houses are stable as Taishan. The foundation has been in detail, and then asked: "Yes, how is the industrial area of ​​the North Shore?"

Zhang Wei was ashamed to hate to the bottom of the table, secretly looked at the other four people, seeing them low, this is relieved: "At present, there is only a dye cloth factory and paper mill completed, one thousand The multi-operate people are working, and other factories are still being built. It is estimated that it will wait until May, it can be completely completed. It can accommodate 50,000 people to work ... "

"The scale is still too small, it has to be expanded next year, and the 20,000 people in Jiangbei must live." Qin Yu is a waving.

"Can so many people go to work, will it affect the farming?" Zhang Wei Xiu Yumei is slightly, and some worry is concerned.

Although she didn't know how to do this day, Qin Yu did something in Nanyang, and I only sent millions of rice rice in just in just two months, I know that it is not a small thing, so I am very worried about him.

"Don't worry, now the three thousands of farmers have more than 400 million farmers in the land, raise one million workers and 100,000 army more than enough." Qin Yu smiled.

"Okay!" Zhang Yan saw him so confident, no more, after all, she doesn't understand this, let alone there is no excess land now.

Qin Yu looked at the book, see the clearing of the big records of the above things, which released her, and called Death.

And Zhang Wei left the study room with a book.