The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 317, Financial Made

More than Zhang Wei, Death is more open, and a butt is sitting on Qin Yu's legs. It is naturally holding his neck, and the eyes are tears, and a distressed saying: "The king, you are thin "

This look, it is contempt that Liu and Li are unexpected, but Yinru is always low.

"Well, love is fat."

Qin Yu was taken to take her back, and the same came on her face, just a face: "Okay, I've said it."

"Is the king."

Death does not dare to spoil, release the hand, and get it on the book on the table.

In the five women, De Wang Hao is responsible for managing the internal service while supervising the money, Liu holds the military logistics department, Li's managers and banks, and the business convenience, and Zhu Xinru, the Education Department, and Zhang Wei Total overall situation.

"Okay, I will directly say how much food has been harvested this autumn, and how much money is left now."

Qin Ye saw that she didn't have a small matter. I didn't finish it. I am afraid that I have not said that I have finished going on the day, and hurry up.

"It is the king, this year's autumn harvest Xiangyang and Fuyang Second Hospital, according to the rules of the king, 50% of the estimation per mu, then buy two0% of the rice, total rice, more than 200,000 stone wheat, now now There are still more than two million stone, hundreds of miles of wheat, and there are still four million silver children left on the account. "

"So, there are millions of stone food in the people of Fuyang?"

"The king, there should be not so much, most people will sell the remaining three-centered food in their hands, leaving only a few parties."

Li Hao hurriedly came up and replied.

Suddenly, the Death glanced at her, and the heart was very unhappy.

"Hey! They are going to sell, the silver is determined to come in their hands? Is there any case in any case?"

Qin Yu sighed, received 50%, bought two%, just considering the people's will sell some of the food, then buying the silver to buy rice bran, who once I still stop them.

"The king, paying for the people, is a must-have price, rice one or five money, wheat two or two stones, and the local business will definitely have a matter of fraud, this is guaranteed, as for each town When the lady gathered, did you have any payment according to a price, you can't know it. "

Li's finished, hurry to hand in the book.

"As of now, how many treasures have been sold out?" Qin Yu took the account, and did not see immediately, but he looked at Death Wang.

Because of the two bureaus of printing treasure, casting ingots, is the responsibility of De Wang, and then will be submitted to the bank.

"Go back to the king, as of the time, it has already printed a hundred thousand denominated treasure bills, five million yuan."

"How many ingots and treasures left now?"

"Back to the king, the specific inde also know, from the data from the branches all over a month, there are more than one hundred more than one hundred denominations of Bao banknotes, and 4 million yuan of ingots, there are two million yuan. Bao banknotes of value. "

"Well, it seems that we have a treasure banknotes or very popular!"

Qin Yu nodded, the Bao banknotes of 10 million silver, banks and merchants only left only three million, which also have a bicycle of 7 million pairs, in the hands of the people of the people and the craftsmen.

The Yuanbao only redeemed one million, reaching a circulation rate of a bit, of course, this is a big relationship with Yuanbao's five silver, most people are afraid to join the five-two silver denominations. .

"The king, the merchant except for food, the rest of the various materials, especially cotton cotton cloth and salt bar." Li's worries.

"Is there no price increase in the merchants?"

"Now, it is not limited, but it is worried, and they are worried. They will take the price of the price after waiting for the business in all parts of the company, and they can also find those salt merchants. It can be almost more than before. Double, ordinary saltbol should also be a hundred pounds, and only the silver is only. "

"Hey! The salt merchant is playing a good abacus, thinking that they have a salt? Don't worry, how long, we have your own salt, they want to pick up the price, then don't buy."

Qin Yu snorted, a hand, the salt merchant was afraid that it would be to be , let him open salt business, but this is impossible, salt and food can only operate exclusive by business.

"What about cotton cotton and other supplies?" Li Chen asked, until now she understands, this firm is probably the most unhappy.

"Is the price of these things than before?" Qin Yu brows wrinkled.

"Yes, all other families are only more expensive. Only our firm must double. It is a matter of this reason. It is intended that it is intended to grasp them. You can say that once they grasp them, there is no future. People dare to come to Xiangyang to do business. "

Li's said, his face also took a trace of anger.

"It doesn't have to catch people, and Laozi is really can't afford them, but love is not angry, and will come back with them in the future.

This is better, after the business will sell the current materials, it will not operate these, and will be used to operate salt bar iron food, and we can produce things. These things are handed over to other merchants, but you want And they communicate more, the price is definitely not high to score, otherwise you will blame this king's desk! "

Qin Yu sneaked, but only had a helpless way.

There is no way, this era can be circulated in the country almost all of the Jiangnan production.

Now that the guy will clearly regard the Huajun as a big head, so it is better to let the members of the Chamber of Commerce, although it will be slaughtered, but always will be better, reduce the burden of some people.

"Well, I immediately sent it to the Cambodian, let the owners of each home will come to the agenda." Li Hi did not have to operate these things, and it was also a heavy tone.

Immediately, Qin Yu asked a lot of expenses. I didn't know. I didn't know, I was scared. In the last month, I added Yan Lu, military and work money, and I have more than 7.2 million two, this is not The 1 million stone rice in Nanyang is running.

The income, that is, more than 2 million stone foods harvested in autumn this year, with almost 500,000 profits, banks are in loss.

If more than 3 million stone food in the hand, conversely become a silver, almost reached the balance of payments.

However, the far tax can only be accepted once a year, and the land of Sanfu has sold 1,000 million treasures and reached the limit.

After all, once there is a bowling banknote, I can't buy something, I will definitely come out, so I can't be sold again.

Even now, if many soldiers and craftsmen are not convenient to buy things, they can only put treasures in their pockets, and it is estimated that inflation is triggered.

Say, or low production efficiency, there is too little product, but Qin Yu is not worried that he will bankrupt, because he holds a knife in his hand, you can go to other places to grab something, get it on the site.