The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 325 of the spring of small traders

At night, the city gate of Fuyang is still open, and the team of caravans is only, and the city gate has only increased the soldiers of the station patrol.

In the next few days, Fuyang City is in the daytime, prohibiting the carriage, and then in the city, greatly ease the situation of the gate of the city.

This kind of no time a few days later, or all the city gates, this has never had similar situations in history.

After all, Fuyang is a military key town, and the strategic value is too high.

Although almost 80% of the people have returned, there are still people in remote areas, decided to overnight in the city.

After all, I only need two or three hundred texts in one night. For the people in the Fuyang area, bite the bite or can consume, but some feelings.

During this day, the small traders sold in the city, and almost all the foundations of the hotel in the hotel.

The business is full of all people's imagination, and those small business dealers are tired, but they are smiling.

Selling thousands of buns, hundreds of bowls or green onion, and abounding.

Of course, what is most happy to be happy? If you don't have the business, there is no land, and there is no more than the tutor to extortion, and there is no big family's son or dog legs to make trouble. This is almost impossible. So I can continue to continue with this day.

When the Huajun broke into the Yangyang, the big households in the city were running, and the hooligans who were robbed were killed, but they did not take it.

At this time, in the largest restaurant in the city, in the second floor, more than a dozen middle-aged shopkeepers worn in the Chinese-year-old shop, was pushing the cup.

"Hey! Unfortunately, the tours in the city, do not do outsiders, or I will wait until there will be there."

"Yeah, this is beautiful wine, but there is no good people to help, it is really a regret!"

These people are the people sent by major businesses in Jiangnan, including three salt merchants of Huainan, drinking, feel somewhat simultaneously.

After all, if it is in Jiangnan, this banquet, it is absolutely to go to the windy, but the beautiful Xiangyang City, even a green building is not, the only teacher, but only the business of the army, which makes everyone It is very uncomfortable.

But complaining, it's also a helpless, because even more silver, I am afraid in this Xiangyang City, I am not getting a woman to accompany the wine.

"Liu Xiong, I heard that you went to Wangfu again yesterday to see the president of the Chamber of Commerce, how?"

"Hey, don't mention it, I haven't seen it." Dairying a fur hat, staying in the middle age of eight characters, heard the words, a look of angry.

"Oh, no, according to the reason, their salt should be exhausted, now I am in a hurry, how can I avoid it?"

All people put down the wine glass and looked at the three salt merchants, and a face did not believe.

"This is also the reason why I and Huang brother, Li Xiong Best can't understand, see these days, several big Qin Firm in the city, the most tomorrow will break goods, other things are still, can be salt, they don't It is quasi-other business people to sell it. Is it not to eat salt? "

"I don't have to worry about the three people, see the old man, the Huawang is not looking at the face, and it will let the people in Nanyang will contact three times."

"Hey, no matter this food, salt business, the big Qin business is exclusive, let other merchants come to sell, they have nothing to do with me, anyway, I want to have salt, this price!"

The middle-aged Middle-aged Middle-aged barta, the other two salt merchants are all nod, they are only hoarding a small amount of salt in Fuyang, and the other hoarded the Jingzhou Government.

If the other party wants to move, they are not afraid, with the most lost tens of thousands of kg, but they believe that each other is not a fool, will never do this kind of killing chicken.

Compared to these three salt merchants have no fear, other clother tea merchants, etc., they are not so calm.

To be honest, I watched a lot of people from the big Qin business in the few days. Everyone was still anxious, because the goods they came, almost all hoarded in their hands.

No way, the store of Nanyang's big house did not dare to sell, so I only bought a little commune facade, and they didn't shop, I only watched a piece of fat on the mouth.

After all, no one can guarantee this year, what is the situation next year, will there so many silver in the mud leg?

So the Zhaojia Firm in all over the place is unable to sell, and after the door is closed, he is in the big fair.

At the same time, Li's and a large number of Nanyang also negotiates a future business in a living room in Wangfu.

"All the branches of the big Qin business deals around the big Qin, will not sell other goods, and only sell salt, iron and food for three items, so everyone will never be like the past. "

Li's side is gently smashed with a cup of tea, and then slowly said that there is a faint pressure that has a good pressure in the supreme.

Where is this look still in the carriage window, is the character of the Qin Dawang?

"This president can rest assured, I will wait for the silendless loans, but this price will continue to sell according to the price of Daqin business, I will not be a few days!"

"Yeah, that is too hateful, a cotton is the most two silver children before, but now it is three or two, if the two or two money is sold, I will not only earn a penny, but also to five Money, what is this? "

"I didn't do this since ancient times."

The family is a bitter face, looking forward to, and look at Li's be careful in the master.

"So, everyone's difficulties, I also know that the king know, no matter what it will make everyone lose money, everyone can rise, but now I am a crucial period of my big Qin State, so I have hoped everyone and I hope everyone is also It is possible to persist, after all, some opportunities to make money in the future is not an urgent time. "

Li's point, now their cloth cotton and other various materials, except for some military needs, others sell light, and can only make this helpful business, or do not make money, keep business Stability.

"This is nature!"

Everyone heard that the price increase, it is heavy, and it also understands Li's meaning. That is, how much is the best for the goods, how much money is sold, or sell it a little.

There is no opinion on this, it is not a short-sighted generation, and they value the future of Daqin State instead.

The next day, the Daqin Firm from all over the country opened, all the people were blown up, especially those who have not bought the annual supplies.

Ok, all merchants don't have a guarding of the soldiers, which has not happened.

Other stores also changed their attitude towards the sun, and sent a buddy to the door.

Although all kinds of goods are almost double, the people have to go to Daxie business dealers to buy salt barner, and then bite to other stores.

It's good, salt and iron prices are not expensive, and the quality is also very good, the people are only or less comfort.

The salt merchants were blown up.