"Big ... What is good? Is there anything about this? If Cao Cao and the bulls, they will help the public, and they will only need two towns, and ensure that they will win the Yunning House and Kaifeng House in January, kill them. stay!"

The first stone of Hungju is coming out, but it is only a little awkward when you call the big master.

Originally, everyone wanted to call the handsome, but Qin Yu felt that the Ming Dynasty has already turned into the street. It is not worthy of his identity, so everyone can only call Dabo.

"Big Marshal, the end will be held to attack the state, within January, if you can't open it, you will see you."

"Grand Marshal ..."

A majority of generals also invited the actions after a fear, and they did not put the Ming army and other rigmatics at the eyes.

"It's enough, Laozi asked if you have any tactical strategy, not letting you ask for warranty, and, don't say that his mother's movement does not say something to see, I have lost it, you will mention it. Is there a fart? "

Qin Yu violently, black face.

Originally wanted to open a military seminar, increase your military level, you can see the current situation, it is completely to the piano, which I have never thought about how to fight.

Finally, I have to say it directly to my own ideas.

This time, he intends to come to the East to hit the West, make a full attack, attracting Lu Xiang Rui to recover the couch, and then adjust the advice, as long as the threat to Suizhou this couch is pulled out, Wuchang is not here.

Of course, this is only the most ideal situation, and it is best to cheat the river in the river. Even if Jiang, he also has the attack of Suizhou, Lu Xiangqi dare to help, then a war, just try a test The power of the firemanship.

Immediately, Qin Yu made a deployment, appointed Hongyi as the general command of the North Road Army, and promoted to the Chinese general, led the four towns of Nanyang and Fuyang, and the , go to attack the Yunning House.

Li Yan is a deputy commandment, and the armed staff.

In addition, the two towns still stationed in Fuyang and Zhangzhou, four independent camps, left behind in Fuyang.

This time, Qin Dawei is finally no longer afraid of green oil, rest assured that Li Yan gives Hu Yan.

After all, in the case of the counsel, Li Yan still counted in the soldiers.

Even if there is Li Ying as a deputy, after the break, Qin Yu still called the brief to call the study.

"Girl, know how to play this time?"

"I know, let the The field is a pot. "

Hongjie said excitedly, and waving his fists while clearing the mood just now.

"If you come to the second to rescue?" Qin Yu nodded and asked again.

"Will n't it? Are they not going over?"

"People are just awkward, but it is not a fool, the truth of the lips and the truth of the lips know, let's take a lunning house, is there any worries we continue to do the soldiers north?"

Qin Yu did not have a good airway.

If there is no Song Shug, he still does not dare, but now, once the army is crushing, the cattle will come to rescue.

"This is not afraid, let the cavalry go to the blocking, the two towns are enough to clean up the Cao Cao." Huaji is a hand, obviously did not put Cao Cao in the eyes.

"Well, don't be impatient, first clean up Cao Cao, then pack the cow, don't worry about what they do, know?"

Qin Yu point, then another face.

"I know, I am strong, I have to fight." Hui Hua wanted.

"This is similar."

Qin Yu smiled and took her over.

For Hongji Qin Tie, his requirements are not high, and there is no hope that they can become a famous will. I only hope that they can be honest to fight, don't ask for me, but ask for no more, and then ask again "Do you know the purpose of this battle?"

"Is this also used? Nature is to grab money, grab the land, grab the woman, anyway, as long as it is us."

The red hiped off a white eye, obviously the most ideaful to Qin Yu's mind.

"Oh, yes, especially those who know literacy, must give me attention, don't have death injuries, and organize a lady to comfort the team with the army to comfort those of the ladies who rescue."

On the side of her, Qin Yu is gently squinted, while laughing, that is very wretched, and the Qin Dawang at the meeting is simply two people.

No way, not from Qin Yu is not angry, food can be seeded, the silver is dead, only those who know the literacy, die a little one.

The counties in the south of Hunguang Yangtze River, I am afraid that I have to set up thousands of towns, plus bank shopkeepers, and the shipwreck, and at least 2,000 people can manage it. In the shortest time, the land will be divided, as long as the land If you go down, you don't have to worry about rebound.

And once he mastered a province, even if he was an enemy, he was not afraid of the enemy.

The reason why Qin State can swallow the six countries is because Qin Guo can play the entire overall national strength. Now he can also play a large amount of the strength of the Three-China one state.

Next, how will Qin Yu have repeatedly said that Cao Cao and Niu's two operations have been said in detail.

Of course, no one can guarantee that it can only be worked in people, the result is in the sky, can be formed, and there is no relationship.

"Don't occupy the Kaifeng and Yinfu, when you ran to Nanyang, I wanted to borrow their hand to kill big households?" Huiji is also a small mouth, a shock.

"Oh, or you think that the bull can take so many people and weapons?"

Qin Yu smiled and scratched two times in her chest. At the beginning, he put the cattle and two, in fact, it would hop hope that Kiu Second can go to Jiangnan.

"Don't go too bad, you are too bad, it is bad, but I like it." Hungju hammered two times in his chest, and then a deep affectioned active kissed.


On the second day, Hungju began to cross the river with the army, and the two towns have more than 30,000 people, and it took a day to spend a day, and he only had passed through Hanjiang.

Under the opening of the cavalry, first in Nanyang in north. After five days, I will combine Nanyang's two towns, plus the young, a total of 100,000 people, and rushing to the east.

Since it is the first command to command so many soldiers, Hung Wei is both excited and somewhat tense.

Ok, Li Yan is still a job. It has not seen it in the past half of the year, and knows that it is more important than to fight, the march is more important.

Seeing that there is a little driving of the hundred thousand troops, take the initiative to take all the treasures of trivial matters, and 100,000 people also have a strip to advance the speed of 30 miles per day.