Changan, as the army attacked the Shanxi Plain House, the food crisis was finally resolved.

Moreover, in the support of the literati, Liu He, Liu He, and the king also began to cut the soldiers and horses in the old brothers, and the people who eliminated them were arranged to go to Tutian.

But because most of the experience of the old brothers, most of them have been some old and women, so the soldiers added up to 300,000.

There are only 100,000 people who are directly in the jurisdiction of the king, and the other 200,000 people are the soldiers and horses of each of them. Among them, the Guang Liu Zongmin has eight thousand brothers, plus the relationship with other leaders, which is also ignorant. Wang has been indulging Liu Zongmin.

Although compared to Luo Yicai's alliance, the king's constraint is much stronger, but in addition to our own 100,000 people, the other is still absolutely controlled.

So when Luo Yu's messenger arrived, although Liu Ci and other literati persuaded, Wang Wang still did not hesitate to agree with three alliances, and decided to take troops to crusade.

One is to move the king, it is also moved. After all, the wheat of Nanyang is good, can't hit people.

Second, Liu Zongmin and other congings attitudes very resolutely, and the words revealed. If the king insisted on the end of the original arrow, they went to Qin Yu to return to the venue.

Obviously, the arrogant urine flow in Nanyang, who was chased by Qin Yu, Liu Zongmin has been worried, always thinking about revenge.

Two days later, Wang Wang was appointed Liu Zongmin as a general, led the 150,000 army, and visited the big Qin State in the south.

No way, now everyone is building the country to turn, all have a big figure, naturally can't think of who I want to fight like it, but want to be famous, otherwise will only pull down my identity, even if you want to play again The tragic, history books will not be recorded.

This, no one will ignore, even the modern people of Qin Yu, have to follow the ancient rules.

Before playing Cao Cao, first released the text, telling you why he wants to play Cao Cao, because Cao Cao has once again burned the silver, causing the people to take the charcoal, Huajun has to save the people.

I will always be just a justice, the enemy is always an evil party, this is an ancient so-called teacher.

Nanyang, Shaanxi, only one official road can go, that is, from Xianyang, San Tian, ​​Shangzhou, Shangnan, and then enter Sichuan, inner hometown.

The soldiers and horses of the king and the bulls have just moved, not how long, the news passed back to Fuyang.

In the study.

Looking at the in the hand, Qin Dawei laughed.

The king actually married him that Qin Yu killed innocently, and accounted for the land of others, and occupied others.

For the Niu Er will send the soldiers, Qin Yu is expected, but the king is also inserting a bar, still some unexpected, but only this is only.

The fourth town of Fuyang is originally to prevent the king.

"Xiaoyu, Light, I am afraid that it is difficult to block the thief's more than a dozen army, it is better to let the red sister pick up a town to reinsurance, temporarily giving up the state, after all, the mine can be in Sichuan."

Zhang Wei is a small voice that is worried, in fact, there is still a little in touch with Qin Yutian attack, so I hope that he will fight against the thief.

"Reassured, the sister, a town is more than the town, the marching is not only to see who the soldiers and Ma Da, but also to see the terrain, if the army is going out, from Luoyang walks the south, a town is indeed enough, can be changed to Shangluo The trail in the mountains, huh, huh, the king is afraid to stay in the mountains for a long time. "

Qin Yu was swaying, a face despised, more than 12 million troops, actually took the small road to attack Nanyang, I was afraid not to see ghosts.


Zhang Wei Zhang Zhang did not persuade, even if she didn't understand the military, I also saw it. Now Daming is rushing to rush, if it is a rhaxity, and his tens of thousands of soldiers are also defeated, then Daming also It's really finished.

Qin Yu is like a view of her heart, and the face is said: "You have to remember, you are now my Qin family's wife, not Zhu Jia's wife."

"Xiaoyu, don't be angry, I am just a bit ...!"

Zhang Yan saw him angry, hurriedly took him over, wanted to explain, and thought that Chongzhen was respectful to her, never hampt from her, and finally, it can only be a sigh, and the face reveals a painful color.

"Good sister, you don't worry again. I know that you can't change it for a while, but you can rest assured that I have to have the world in the future, and it is not difficult to Chongzhen family, let them have a good ending."

Qin Yusi saw her picture, and I didn't want to force her, holding her hands soft.

"Really? You can lie to me? You are really willing to let go of inspections?" Zhang Wei looked straight at him, obviously in his heart is still in hope.

"How? Is it in the heart of the girl? I am a small person in the wrong." Qin Yushe said that she responded so much, and she called this intimate, and she was a little uncomfortable, cold.

"Of course not, it's okay, will I not mention it yet in the future?"

Zhang Yan saw him and misunderstood, and he was helpless, and he took the initiative to kiss him.

But see him care about yourself, and there is a little joy in my heart.

"It will be dare to mention Chongzhen in front of me, and I will also see how I pack you."

Qin Yu has been in her hips, and I scare it.

Although Zhang Wei said more than once and Chongzhen Qing Qing white, it may be that there are more novels in the past, so that he has never suspected that the relationship between the uncle is not so pure and simple.

When Zhang Wei was hit, the whole body was soft, and the body was fell in the arms of Qin Yu, and the face was shame and a strong spring.

This model will be enough to get Qin Yu, and finally did not hold back, and broke his own hometown rules, but the heart was dark.


At this time, Hongjie took the army and just entered the entry of Yunning.

The army did not pass directly through Maanshan, but from the north to dance the Yang, and then went south.

Although Luo Yucai gathered the soldiers and horses under the city of Yanyang, but the Xiping, Shangcai, and Yiping, in the north, did not give up directly, still sent a lot of soldiers and horses in the city.

At this time, Xiping County has more than 30 miles in the east, looks at it, and the army operates in ten.

Originally, Huoxuan is planning to leave a small number of soldiers and horses. The army will directly bypass the south of the south. Can not hold Li Yan to persuade, and finally dispense the intend to bypass Xiping County.

"Madam, the Cao Cao sent messenger, seek from outside the yard."

"Bringing it! I have to see what Cao Cao is saying, I don't really think that I am really thinking that the messenger will tell, will we return the soldiers?"

Not much time, the old man dressed in a scripture was brought in.