The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 335 knows that it is impossible to

Wuchang City, the Governor's Office.

This is coming, Lu Xiangsheng also sleeps, and the whole person will lose a lot.

"Guard, can't wait any longer, if you don't take this opportunity to recover Changsha Sanfu, wait for Huajun to come out, I am afraid it will be in the abdomen."

"Yes, it is really no longer waiting, but it is not the River to recover the Changsha Sanfu, but to recover in the north."

Lu Xiang lugged his hand, looked at the map hanging on the wall, slowly said, although it was very calm, but the tone was very resolute, it was obviously not temporary, but thoughtfully thought.

Because he knows, only to recover Fuyang, we can ensure that the Jianghan Plain is not losing, keeping the Jianghan Plain, in order to keep the southern half-Wanjiang Mountain, the eight kings are not suffering from the suffering.

"Received ...

After Xu Jiang Hua, Xu Jiang, said, he didn't expect the supervisor to take the opportunity to recover the Changsha, but wanted to sneak in Fuyang, and quickly advised: "The Supervisor, Million is not, the main force of Huajun is in the Yunning House, There is still a lot of military horses near Xiangyang, it is too risky. "

"Jiang Hua, Qin thief this contrary, the assembly heavy soldiers attack the Yun Ningfu, nothing to attract the capital of the country, and can not rescue Suizhou in time."

If I am really south, even if I can recover Changsha Sanfu, I am afraid that Suizhou can't keep it, and the Suizhou lost, Wuchang also is difficult to support, and the Yangtze River will fall into the thief in the north of the Yangtze River! "

Lu Xiangsheng a helpless way.

Then I wiped a light in my eyes, and the map continued: "When the Qin thief wants to attract me in the south, then the supervisor will reverse the road, the 30,000 troops take the official road to support Suizhou, attract the thief army of Fuyang To reinsuss Suizhou, then the account rate is 20,000 soldiers, dress up the merchant boat, go against the Hanjiang River, and raise the Yangyang, and can weigh the thief army. "

"This ... The teacher, this strategy is feasible, but after all, I still have to take a risk, but also ask the supervisor to think twice!"

Xu Jianghua also secretly shocked, and also understood that the supervisor is afraid that there will be a thoughts of walking into the water, no wonder, will let a lot of merchants to go to Fuyang.

"This is a gift, if this opportunity is wrong, I am afraid that I can't curb the Qin thief, so even if I have a dangerous, the man is going to let go."

Lu Xiang litsed his face.

Although he also knows this hit and the king and the king of the devil, most of them can't get cheap, but they will also involve some of the troops of the Huajun.

Plus, I have to deal with Cao Cao, with a maximum of the two towns and attack, and there are 30,000 defenders in Suizhou. If he will send 40,000 soldiers and horses to increase, the Qin thief wants to attack Suizhou, it will be from Fuyang to pick up soldiers Horse, causing Fuyang City to empty.

"Guardian, students have a sentence, I don't know when I am unknown!" Xu Jianghua saw his attitude firmly, and he still didn't hold back and said.

"But there is nothing."

Lu Yi lit up a hand.

"Guard, now in the world, there is still a 50,000 strong army in the hands of the supervisor, but also fight with Huajun, which is the 50,000 soldiers and horses, and it is barely suppressed to live in the military commander. Once the accident, the consequence It's unbearable!

Seeing the students, it is better to give up the Lake Guang, retreat to Jiangnan, the guideline, the Yangtze River, Jiangnan Fu, the future will be able to help Daming again, reorganize the river mountain. "

Xu Jianghua did not hesitate, a bit bite said, in his opinion, the Supervisor and him stay in the Wuchang abdomen, it is better to retreat to Jiangnan to save strength.

Once the Qin army occupied Wuchang, it would be a three-government in Changsha, which will give the supervisor, and the Qin army occupied the entire Huangguang, and the supervisor can also use the province of Jiangnan. .

"Let's go, you dare to say such a big rebellion, are you the corporate?"

Lu Xiang rose red face, bursting a sentence.

"Why do you want to know if you want to know it?" Xu Jianghua also went out and suffered.

With the strength of the guidelines, we will keep Wu Chang Suzhou Jingzhou's all over the country, and if you want to force troops to recover in the north, no matter the sneak attack, it is still a dead battle, and it is tantamous.

"Have more words, the so-called food, the worry, the heart of the king, the heart of the whole, even if the body is broken, it will never take a step, read me for many years, just, when I didn't hear it , Let's go! "Lu Xiang litsed the iron blue face and waved.


"Guardian care!"

Xu Jianghua looked at his back, he had no choice but to sigh, and he took out the study.

Lu Xiangsheng is alone in the room, looking at the map, looking at the big Mingjiang Mountain.

Although the hearts of the hearts of the top of Nanjing, I can see the sacred descending table, full of helplessness, and finally sigh.


At the same time, Hongjie has advanced with the army and has been promoted to Yanyang City.

Shangcai, in the north of Fuyang, all have been broken.

At this moment, on the city, Luo Yucai and a boss of the brothers looked at the distant army, they were the movement of a face.

Although they also added it, there are still more than half of the horses, but they can only half, others are old weak women, so that weapons and equipment can no longer ratio.

All the hundred thousand army of Hungjun is unified, the flag is clear, the military officers are wearing Mingguang, the veteran soldiers are also inlaid, and even the ordinary soldiers have a cotton, a cow high. Ma Da, especially.

Confused Wei Jun, the ordinary soldiers have a yellow muscle thin, there is a half-hand of hand holding a bamboo gun stick, the feces hoe, the clothes are even broken, the five flowers, eight doors, and there are not many differences in the original Lifen army.

More than 20 million people, naturally it is impossible to all in the city, in addition to 100,000 old weak women, there is 20,000 young, the rest of the 80,000 is stationed in the north side of the South, and the east is a big lake. Defense.

Ten days of vertical and horizontal, Luo Yi, is still the first time, and the heart is not tension, it is definitely false.

After all, once the other side, once the city, did not hold, running.

If you don't know that Niu Er has taken the 100,000 troops, he really wants to lose the beauty of the money, and leave.

"Tell the brothers, as long as the Qin Jun, the land of Yinning, I will give them a lot of people, but who will give it to the Laozi, dare to escape, they will kill the wife and children in the city!"

At the moment of life and death, in the righteous army, he said that the old good people were talented, and the face became pushed.

Most of the eight thousand people outside the city, most of them have been wrapped in the people of Yunning last year, almost all relatives were buckled in the city, and Luo Yucai's order has been conveyed, and she has to play a spirit and prepare for her desperation.