The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 338 is quickly crazy

On the ring, Qin Meng and Qin Wu were on the bench. Four great men waved the military stick, and a sound bored, the arrogant did not take a spending of the two people.

But both are biting their teeth, and they have no sound, and the teenagers surrounded by silence. I don't know what I'm thinking.

Instead of born schools, although they did not applaud, the face is so gloomy, and I can't hide it.

Until the two were lifted, Hungjie waved the people to dissipate, this time I was sentenced, she listened to Li Yan's suggestion, all of the old teenagers in the general called over, now it seems that the effect seems good.

The next day, Qin Tie took the first town and the second town south, and Qin Wu, Qin Mhang two people did not be a deputy, kneeling in the account.

At the same time, the army is also launching the siege, although the two towns are south, but the troops of the siege are still sufficient.

Because there is more than 50,000 young people in the foot of the foot, it is almost all of the ladder and the ladder, and the real Huajun is behind the war.

This scene is also half-dead, and suddenly biting his teeth. "The barefare and rabbit scorpion, Laozi wants to see if this white eye wolf still dares to attack the city?"

"yes, Sir."

Several old thieves immediately greeted the head of the city.

Not much time, more than two women and children were taken to the three sides.

"Let the brothers shout, tell that the white eyes, if they dare to sell the Huajun, then their wife and children will become a rolling moon to defend the city!"

Luo Yi is crazy roaring.

Obviously, in order to hold the city, it is already indistries.

Sure enough, as a famous thief shouted, a mahwanese and children were pushed into the city, and they started crying to the city outside, and the young people who were pushing the cloud ladder stopped.

After watching the scene on the wall, a binocrit is red, but it is not known.


Behind the Huajun's supervised team, the front wall is his loved ones, some people have been forced to collapse, and finally even crying, while hitting wood with heads, I should be more scary.

"These beasts, even have this kind of thing, after breaking the city, I must turn them to kill them, peel the cramps, and hate the heart!"

The reddish eyes are staring at the city, and the murder of the body makes the surrounding female soldiers are not cold.

Originally, according to Qin Yu's instructions, she also intended to be a horse, but now there is so much, but also understand that when attacking the big camp, those young are desperately resistant.

"Lady, I am afraid you can't let these soldiers continue to attack the city, otherwise they are unsatisfied."

Li Yan also anger, looked at the siege troops, and said.

"Mingjin is sold!"

Hongju also knows that this situation should continue to make them siege, and finally I am afraid that they will force them to fight, they don't pay, so I waved.

"Haha, or big brother, this is the white eyes, I don't dare to attack the city."

More than 20,000 siege Qing, have not started to retreat, and there is a big thief in the wall, and the morale is big.

"All these sons and little scorpions must be well defined." Luo Yi talented a handless passion, did not relax like other people, but also more downs.

Yesterday's cavalry suddenly killed, let him have a bad premonition in his heart, don't want him to know, those cavalry must be to intercept the bull's second army.

Now the cavalry is coming back, only two possibilities are, or the army of the cow two is killed, or the Niu Er will retreat.

No matter which kind, no one will come to save them. Although the Huajun is as if it is in the south, now the city pool has been surrounded, wants to break around, absolutely nine dead life.

In fact, it doesn't only think of this, and Liu Guoneng and others also thought of this, but they didn't dare to say it.

Luo Yucai only called Liu Guoneng to call the study room, and the door was sent to the people's handles.

"Dear brothers, brothers don't want you, see the situation, the cow brothers are too late, and there is no movement there for so long, everyone is their own brothers, no need to hide, talk about how to talk about it Do it! "

Luo Yucai swept a man and slowly said.

"Mother, I know that I shouldn't keep this Yanyang city."

"Yes, as long as the brothers have guys in their hands, they have saved the day, now it is good, being blocked in the city, I am afraid that I have to explain."

Nothing did not say, but the heart has some complaints in Luo Yu, blame him to keep this Yanyang city, and the brothers are now in a desperate situation.

"Now, there is a fart? It is a matter of just seeking way." Liu Guoneng took the table.

"How do you think? The city is surrounded, it is a dead!" The shot is not good.

The people also nodded, and the Huajun had a lot of cavalry. This Sany City is wide, even if they quietly out of the city at night, fortunately, I am afraid that I can't escape the cavalry.

"The break is really unhappy, but it is not necessarily a dead road. As long as the white eye wolf doesn't help the city, only half of the Chinese army is not dare to attack, as long as we hold one or two, maybe It will change, and the Warrior's active retreat is not impossible. "

Luo Yucai knows that he doesn't stand up and say two sentences, and the people are afraid that it will be scattered.

Sure enough, listening to him, the gods on the face are quite a lot.

After all, the food is still sufficient, and it is no problem for two or two, and more than 12 million old weak women are really a crucial moment, and it can also be paid for a while.

Everyone has discussed a while, and finally decided to defend down, and Huajun consume.

At the same time, Huoxi is also discussing the countermeasures, there is no young and strong, let the Huajun go to the ladder to attack the city, the casualties have not been too big, and if there is no need, Hung Hua is will never do it.

"Madam, for the meter, only to let go of the east, give them a living road, maybe Luo Yi will choose to break around."

Li Yan helplessly said that he would persuade the red, not to stay in the next, but he can insist on surroundment of the group.

"No, once this is the murderer, I am afraid that all women in the city will kill all women before."

The red screeze refused, although she knows that all women can kill, it is impossible, after all, the killing is also required time and physical strength, and the fire will expose, but the girls of the big households will definitely suffer from poisonous hands.

With those thieves, this kind of thing is absolutely made.