The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 339 The rabbit is anxious to bite people.

In order to prevent Luo Yi to push those women's children in the city, tens of thousands of mutual emotions are out of control, and they have to let them stay away from the battlefield and let Cao will lead the cavalry.

Although the soldiers are worried about the safety of relatives in the city, they are very unhappy, but they also know that they can only grow pain, because they really can't take courage to attack the city.

Looking at one by one, the head is holding the head, and the long team will go to the north under the escort of the cavalry. At the same time, it is a bit angry.

If these damasters can take courage to attack the city, they will be bleed in, in addition to a small number of people, most people can save their loved ones.

After all, more than 100,000 people can't kill in a short time, and there are still so many people on the city, but these oil troops are unable to overcome the heart of the heart.

I think that my parents and children may be pushed into the city, when I thrown down, the soldiers will follow the ball.

Li Yan also sighed and looked at them.

I know that these people are basically abolished. In addition to the land, I am afraid that I am not suitable for the soldiers.

I haven't had this tens of thousands of soldiers, and I am a little stretched in three sides, so I will give up the south and eastern side, only a part of the horse surveillance and choose the main attack north.

Compared to those who are all, Huajun's siege troops, it is necessary to have more order.

The first time, Huaji put five thousand soldiers, dozens of Francunnel, first bombarded half an hour, and then slowly advanced under the cover of the archers.

Although the old thief in the city was scared by the cannon, he also knew that there was no retreat, and he bite his teeth hiding in the back of the city.

It is the so-called humanity, the bird is dead, staying in the city, all the guards of each leader, all have a very comfortable day, even the family is no exception, now Huajun wants to deprive their happiness It naturally gave birth to the determination of death resistance.

What's more, Luo Yucai and the big leader have promised that after retreating Huajun, a part of the female family will give a good brother.

See all Huajun siege, Luo Yucai did not push the woman with the children, not him kind, but in the face of Huajun can't get up, but will add chaos.

He doesn't believe that Huajun will take into account those women children.


With a ladder close to the city wall, the front baffle was smashed on the city, a famous Huajun shouted and jumped into the city, the veterans will put it first before the charge.

Not much time.

The two sides launched the bloody battle on the city.

In the narrow town, more is to test personal Wu Yong.

At this moment, the old thieves have also sent it, and they have an unprecedented power. It is difficult to understand for a while.

Looking at this scene.

Red browbrows, she is most worried about this situation, the old thief in the city will fight against death.

"Lady, this is so late sooner sooner, this is too big to attack, or slowly!"

Li Yan quickly advised that he did not agree with the attack, because there is no need, this Yanyang City has become a lonely city. In the case of no aid, it will be broken.

Once they are forced to be too urgent, the old thief will definitely be desperate, after all, the rabbit is in a hurry, not to mention most of the city.


Red Ji Nature also understands this truth, nodded, and reached the command of the troops.

This time she is only going to test the level of resistance to the other party.

It can be seen in this situation, even if you kill in the city, I am afraid it is also a bloody battle. In the end, although I can win the city, the casualties are estimated to be big enough.

With the sound of the harsh gold sound, Huajun began to flocked to the city, leaving a corpse of the place.

"Big brother, Huajun really is afraid of casualties, do not dare to come."

Looking at the Huaja, the Huajun, Luo Yucai and Liu Guo, etc. are heavy.

Because the other party is not refundable, continue to invest in the force, they can't stand it.

"Mrs, or not to fall, first disintegrate the morale of the defenders, you will have a half-time!" Li Yan sighed and advised.

Hongjie did not immediately refuse immediately, but he hesitated, she naturally understood Li Yan's meaning, that is, a way to the people in the city, at least a way to give ordinary old thief.

At the moment they pushed into the city at their women, she has decided to kill all these scourge.

"Lady, although these people are damn, but in order to reduce the casualties of the warriors, it is worth it."

"Well, Mr. Li, then I will run again, tell people in the city, if they are in the third day, they will open the city to open the city, and can avoid death, otherwise it will break the city. All Wei Jun does not stay! "

I thought that I just took a trial, I was broken, and the brothers, Hong Yi nodded, but she still didn't want to let go of those big and small leaders.


Li Yan is very happy, and hurry up.

Sure enough, after a way of life, ordinary old thieves have been shaken, but it is only shake, because after all, it is a plate of shackles, no one takes the lead.

And Luo Yucai and a big and small leader, the big Huajun is shameless, and it is very pleasant.

I have to have, I have to take out my own beauty, and the brothers under the hand, there is a great promise, this is reluctant to stabilize the military, but the atmosphere is obviously united before.

"Mrs., if you don't have a small head, you will also put a horse. If they raise the head of the head, I can seal the school, and I will appreciate the silver, and if the Nairo Yucai is head, I can seal the school, and enjoy the silver. Not a day, Cangzhou City must break. "

"Let's take a look, anyway, we don't worry, first attack other counties and count!"

Red and hopping, she would not know that this will definitely break the city, if she also puts a horse even the leader, I am afraid that someone will open the city gate tonight.

However, after seeing the shackles of the Yun Ning, she already contracted the strategy of Qin Yu's original, so I didn't want to let the size of the heads in my heart.


Li Yan sighed helpless.

The next day, the army did not launch an attack, but once again, the three-way soldiers began to sweep toward the south.

Each road has only one thousand Huajun cavalry and a thousand steps, but there is 10,000 troops.

The counties of the southern counties and counties have also left a small part of the soldiers and horses, and even some families are still in the city. Obviously, they will escape the situation, and then they will open their horses.

However, letting them did not expect that the Hua Jun came to the three big camps outside the surrounding city, but not only one day, but did not have a reinforcement.