The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 340 wants to attack

Although Lu Xiang, although he had already decided that the soldiers were in the north, but they have been waiting for Huajun to work, so after the Qin iron is over the three days of the army, 30,000 training for half a year of the Tianxiong army, which is mighty to kill the North. And yourself ride 20,000 soldiers raided Fuyang.

In order to hide the eyes and ears, this time, Lu Xiang has been preparing, 20,000 elite, take the boat a few days ago, along the Yangtze River, reversed, and a deputy will attack Yuezhou.

Really, 90% of the soldiers and horses secretly mounted on the merchant, and returned to Wuchang in the evening and then entered the Hanjiang Waterway. Only, only a few speeds were slow, and the back speed was faster.

It can be said that Lu Yi, in order to sneak the Fuyang, it can be said that it is full of hard work, 20,000 soldiers come, when the 30,000 Tianxiong army outside Wuchang City goes to Suizhou, 20,000 soldiers ride the merchant ship, the last batch is also just right. Arrived in Wuchang.

The illusion of the ex-foreigner is four days ago, I sent 20,000 major army to Yujiang prepared to raise Yuezhou. After learning that Huajun's south, the only 30,000 soldiers and horses of Wuchang were also supported. It is basically empty on the hundred warships in Yuezhou in the south.

At this time, Qin Yu was big in Xiangyang City.

He didn't expect Hongjie to go, he explained a two net, and even if the Luo Yan was killed, it was so late.

The reason why the Red Expenses is because she is obedient, it is my own woman, so I am relieved.

Just as Qin Yu intends to personally go to Fuyang, Qin Feng has rustled to study.

"The king, this is the news from Wuchang just passed back. Yesterday, Lu Xiangsheng led the 30,000 Tianxiongjun north, it should be to increase."

"Oh, 30,000? Determine the number of people wrong, all are the Tianxiongjun?"

Qin Yu is a horrible way, and the total of 50,000 soldiers and horses in the Luxi will send 20,000 to play Yuezhou a few days ago. Now, the last 30,000 people will also send peace, isn't it said that Wuchang has no soldiers? Horse?

"It is absolutely not wrong, the whole 30,000 troops, all are well equipped with the well-equipped Tianxiong, but also push a dozens of artillery." Qin Feng quickly guaranteed.

"This is whipped, then Lu Xiang also is also a soldier, and his soldier and horses have attracted the north and south. Is this not looking for death?"

Qin Yu brows crumpled.

In his opinion, Lu Xiangsheng actually chooses to receive Yuezhou in the south, it must have made a plan of giving up Suizhou. At least, he will not come to Suizhou in his soldier, just hit the north.

This pace is clearly going to fight with him in the city of Suizhou. If Lu Xiang, if you really want to fight, how can I take the south to attack Yuezhou?

"Mother, how is this guy? It is always necessary to play cards as constant. This decisive battle is not like a decisive battle, and the reinforcement is not like, what do he want to do?"

Qin Yushan also wanted to pass in half a day, and finally smashed the brain, some irritated.

"This this…"

Qin Feng saw that Qin Yu was very impressed, but I also guess that Lu Yiheng was doing something.

"You go go first!"

Qin Yu put his hand, then took out the map and pondered it, and finally produced a crazy thought, that is, taking the opportunity to attack Wuchang.

Thinking of this, Qin Yu immediately called Mrs. Li, who once thought of it.

"Xiaoyu brother."


When the mother and daughter came to the study, Li Yaner took the arm of Qin Yu's arm and intimate.

"Hey, I have something to talk to your mother, or do you go out for a while?"

Qin Yu smiled and touched her head, then said, secretly glanced at Mrs. Li.

Mrs. Li is a lowlands. I don't dare to look at Qin Yu at all. She naturally understands that the son is dissatisfied. She will bring her children. But she is also afraid that the son is like the last time, let It's a mess, so I will bring her.

"Well, the little brother, you and the mother and the mother will slowly talk, I will give you a cup of tea." Li Yuer replied, and then ran out of the skirt, and did not forget to bring the door.

"Mrs., do you say that you arrive? I didn't promise you?" Qin Yu was sitting down, didn't have a gas.

"The son, is there anything?" After the Mrs. Li saw the door, he was careful to ask the desk asked, a pace of landing in Qin Yu.

Originally, Qin Yu did not have her feelings, but I saw her picture, my heart was still fun, so I suddenly said in the door: "I am, why do you return ...

Qin Ru really immediately turned into the past, and Qin Yu took the opportunity to pull her in his arms.

"Ah ... the son, let go, are you not promised?"

Mrs. Li was scared, almost didn't scream, and then died and died, and then he went to Qin Yu.

"Hey, who is called the lady, deliberately hiding me, today is not a good lesson."

Qin Yu snorted, although she was angry, she took Li Yer, but she didn't dare to mess with her clothing and hair accessories, just gently came two.

"The son, the body is also afraid of the mistake, waiting for you and generous, you can be good?"

Mrs. Li is staring at the door straight, and the whole body is slightly trembled, and it can be seen how to be nervous.

"This is what you said, can you repent it again when you come?" Qin Yu eyes bright.

"Well, I will never repent, the son, let me go, I have to come back, in case it is seen by her ..."

Mrs. Li rushed to head, obviously in order to get rid of the claws, it has taken care of things.

Qin Yu was letting her, apparently afraid of being caught.

"Thank you for pity."

Mrs. Li is like a Daddy, and quickly got up and retired, he went to the dress, and he didn't forget to thank a sentence.

Qin Yu is sitting straight and asked: "Mrs., how many Ding Hospital in Wuchang City?"


, I didn't respond for a long time, so half of it: "Gongzi, how do you suddenly ask this?"

"Madam, you are near, you look, wait for a child, will be more doubtful."

Mrs. Li's face is red, I think it is true, I have to go to the desk before, I came to the desk again. Qin Yushen didn't hit her, and I planked myself to attack Wuchang. come out.

"The son, my father's temper I know, I am afraid I personally persuade, he will not agree!"

After listening to it, he was stunned and then worried.

"Will not? My old man will not stubborn this level? In the future, I got the world, but he is a national earth, and the family is a true father." Qin Yu is surprised. "