"Bon, you didn't agree, didn't you tell me something with you?"

, she also knows what he is afraid of his father and then stubbornly, with the name of the son, just know that she is a woman's woman, it will not hesitate, but she and the relationship of her husband can't be open.

"Lady, can you change it? My Ming media is marry you, and gentle ..."

"No, the son, I will ask you, don't say nonsense, don't say that you will go to the son, it is the reputation of the son, and it is also necessary to marry the woman for the right wife, otherwise how the world should look. Son? "

It is also sighing for the end.


Qin Yu is a good sigh, naturally understands her meaning, and knows that she is for himself.

Nowadays are rumors, he Qin Dawang like a woman, there is Cao Mengde, naten the five rooms, there is a woman, plus the Wangfu, there are thousands of widows, if it is really married Li The lady is a wife, then it is true that Huang Mud is not .

Although he doesn't care about what a reputation, after all, he still has no world. Once the scholar will use this incident to add oil and vinegar, you will definitely let the people will be ambitious, and the readers who have wanted to go to his scholars.

"Even if you don't talk about it, he is also a grandfather, as chaos today, is he not thinking about the future of the family?"

After half, Qin Yucai Shen said, in fact, he also knows his own short board, that is, the big households in the bachelor, but it is a temporary fear of his power, not really giving.

If the family can divert him, it is absolutely role in the future of Lake, the stability of Hhu Guang.

"This ... If you come from the brother, you may really say your father." Qinru hesitated tried to say.

"Yeah, big brother can still be closed, how to forget him?"

Qin Yu took a forehead, he naturally knew an ancient market, his son's status, not a daughter, not to marry the daughter.

The little father who Xiao Xiao may hear the daughter who doesn't keep the woman, but it is absolutely to hear the son of Xiaotong.

"Just brother, then ..."

see him left a father-in-law, right a big brother, is also ashamedless, and then is a concern.

"Well, it should be showing him."

Qin Yu put his hand. In the past six months, Qian Bin and Wang Can have three different five, but his big brother is always unwilling to return, and he has long been getting tired. If it is not looking at the face At that, he will never tolerate someone to eat for a long time.


I heard that I have to show up, I have a little bit of tense, and I have a mouthful, but I finally nodded.

"Mother, just listen to you and Xiaoyu brother to show up, booth?"

At this time, Li Yaner pushed the door and came in, with a small tray, although the mouth is easy, but the face is slightly white.

He is more nervous.

Is Xiaoyu brother to disclose his relationship with his mother?

"Hey, the son is said, we have to meet you."

Li Yaner is even if the camouflage is good, it is only 14 years old. I can cheat Qin Yu, but I am lie to Qinru, I see my daughter misunderstood, and Qi Xinru explained.

"Yes, that is great, I have long thought to see it." Li Yuer suddenly cheered.

Immediately, Qin Yun gave him a tiry.

Although it was closed for half a year, the spirit of is not like a person who is boom for half a year, but not only is calm, but there is a proud.

Obviously, Qin Yu is so drinking, not only serving it, but also disappears from three different five, let this guy's nostrils have been surprised, and I am a victory of it.

As everyone knows, he can have such a good treatment, it is exactly his sister.

"Three ... three sisters ..."

When I entered the book room, I saw the ,,,,

"Brother ..."

Although I am afraid to see my brother, I really see the girlfriend, I'm also a red ring, and I can't help it.

"Three sisters, really you?"

I didn't see my mistakes, and I took the back shoulder and excited.


Li Yanner has also come to the near future.

"This ... three sisters, this is a generous, actually long, so ..."

Xiao Liang just wants to go to the front, then it is like thinking about what it is, the face changed, looked at the Shen Ru Shen: "Three sisters, the cereal is broken by the anti-thief, not rumors you are harmful? What is going on? Why is you and you will appear here? "

"This ... brothers ..."

, , , ....

"You ... You don't even have a thief?" . ,

"Brother, not what you think ..."

, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, My brother saved us ... "

After listening, although I didn't get angry, my face was still iron green, and my face was sickly staring at the Xintuan: "Three sisters, what is true? You are the black widow in Heishi Town?"


"You ... I have been lost by you, I killed you."


I learned that my sister is actually the name of the anti-thief of Xiangyangfu, and the girlfriend can't help but raise his hand. Qin Yu is standing on the table.



"The son is not strange, the brother, he is also ... I have lost the gongzi." Zhu Xinru saw Qin Yu black face and walked down, and suddenly scared quickly, and the pleadings of the face.

Qin Yu was putting a hand, although I can't hate this guy out of the cut, but I only had to deprecate the anger, rushing to Li Yu, said: "Hey, go to you."


Li Yuer is a little reluctant to nod this time.

After Li Yur went out, Qin Yu saw a faint saying: "Xiao Tong judged, let's mind, don't say dark words, look at Xin Ru and generous, I am too lazy to keep with you, as long as you Your family is willing to return, and the king will never be gone by the future. "