Lu Xiang also really plan to use towns, see if it will rain, after all, the two men are far away, and today is raining, the other party wants to retreat again, absolutely delayed.

So I saw that the other party did not delay, although some regrets, I didn't feel unexpected.

Immediately made a corresponding deployment, three square arrays, one of them, and the other two, one left and right, starting to the two wings.

"The supervisor, the team of the thief army is very weak, only the five rows of the district, why not rush directly?"

The deputy will stay, don't solve it, don't have someone else, there is no cannon and cavalry, the other's strength is less than them, and it is still a long snake array, it is to die.

More than 10,000 big troops rushed to, the whole army of the other person can be killed, and the other's team is too long, but there is a bit of trouble.

"The thief army is holding fire, if our army rushed directly from the front, there must be alternate shooting, and the thief dared to put this type, indicating that their fire should be powerful or a radius. Our bow is poor, and rushing to the fear, and their weakness is unable to turn, from the side of the side. "

Luxi lifted his hand and was patiently explained.

Liu deputy will be carefully, found that between the other rows, there is really disadvantaged, and suddenly understand the meaning of the supervisor, the fire soldiers three-stage shooting, he has heard of it.

And Qin Yu saw that the Tianxiongjun did not rush directly, but a three, began to turn back to the left and right side, and smirked.

The ancients of the dark road are really not a fool. He is just playing, bullying the ancients who don't understand the battle law of the queue, can see if they can hit it.

After all, this kind of long snake array is based on the Book, it is to take the dead, as long as you know the army of the group rushing, you can rush a seven-zero eight.

Just like a long snake, it is worse than a number.

What's more, Yan Jiajun's and three talents are, in the face of the long snake array, it is the massacre, who once thought of being looked at the ruins.

However, Qin Yu also knows that this is the Ming army, because the Ming army has invented the three-stage shooting, slightly some insights, I am afraid it can see the doorway, if you change the Jiannu and Mongol, absolutely Can't wait to rush up.

"Direction, change work"

Qin Yu dared to fight with the pure fireworks, naturally there was a bottom gas, see the other party, and immediately made adjustments.

As the flag waved, the ten squares in the middle stopped, and the ten squares of the two heads were quickly moving forward.

Less than a moment, a long snake of two miles became an irregular orthogon, eight square arrays in the middle, 4,000 people face the front, and the two each six square arches 3,000, it is right On the left and right sides, just highlight two flags, three flags, but everyone is still facing the south.

Since it is necessary to train this variation almost every day, I only have two minutes, and I will turn over.

The distance from the distance was stupid by this scene. He didn't expect the other party such as a short time. You can get a word long snake, to see the skilled action, absolutely practice more than 100 Thousands of times, it is also a little regret while shocking. I have just waited for it again. When the other party turned, I took the opportunity to rush.

I immediately wake up and knew that I was willing, and they didn't change the other person.

Once you are too close, the other two miles long, but they only have a long, and they will not come back.

The fact is true, the two sides are 400 meters apart, and the 15,000 days of the army is three characteristics, the first two after one.

The two square cars have just turned to the left and right sides, the Huajun suddenly turned into a quaternary, and the rushing Huajun in the head is turning the two heads. The straight line is at least seven or eight meters. It is not yet, after all, after all More than 10,000 people turned to rushing, but it is not more than one person.

The twelve squares of the Huajun's frontal plane is still waiting, it can be said that it is not afraid that the other party will rush.

If the Tianxionjun is still characterized, then the Huajun still goes forward, the Huajun still goes, but it is not a honesty, but the arc shape, the relevant tactical Qin Yusu early morning The study was thorough.

So, more than 10,000 people in the Huajun, still slowly advanced, while the three-headed four flags of the interstitial, becomes a triple shape.

It is so natural that the array of Huajun is so natural, and the Luxi has gone a bad feeling in the heart. As a long-term war, he naturally saw that the other's three sides were specially used for the enemy from the two wings.

Even if it is siege, I am afraid I can't get better, but the arrow is in the string, it has had to send it, and it is not necessary to retreat.

He does not believe that such a well-trained army is a military that has no ability to pursue.

"The generals are overwords, with this supervision of the enemy news!"

When the other party quickly rushed to a hundred steps, he had already started to stop, and Lu Xiang also knew that he could not wait, look at this scene, he knew that their bows were absolutely no other than the other's fire, this time only rush Go up.


Then, five thousand people shouted to rush.

At the beginning of Nanzhao County, Qin Yu met, Qin Jun was based on the battlefield, and the three talents composed, and the 5000 days of the day, absolutely one or two grades.

I saw the 5000 Tianxiong Army at this time, with 12 artificial teams, the first row has a 20 team, and the distance between each team is about ten meters, the second row has 22 teams, just inserted into the first Half of the middle gap of each team, so it is accurate, the distance between the teams should only be three or four meters.

The third row is a 24 team, just like a row, there is a row, there is more than ten rows, the wider the back, and more than 5,000 people are like a huge trapezoid.

Qin Yu is also emotional. He has not seen the real Qijiajun, but he knows that Luxi will hit these 5,000 Tianxiongjun, the front is killing, the first town is absolutely played.

After the two sides, the first row will turn to the enemy's array, will stop defense. The second row will rush from the gap, and once again highlight the post, the first row will continue to rush. After the front team fell, the back team will replace the front team, and when it is as good as it is general, how many big troops will be stranded.

However, Qin Yu also knew that Lu Xiangsheng's Tianxiong was afraid that this perfect cooperation was absolutely not usually trained, but to kill in the battlefield.