The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 356 is impossible to join hands


After more than half a month preparation, the twenty thousand army has all arrived, look at it, and the terminal is full of densely numb vessels.

There are big merchant ships, there are small fishing boats, boats in the entire Dongting Lake watershed, even if they are so small, they have been searched by Sun.

"Merry, or your old man is still sitting in the town Yuezhou, let's go with the four brothers!"

"Yes, my father, you are now the Lord of our big Chu State."

"You don't have to persuade it, this time you want to break the body of the body, to hate the heart!"

Zhang Xianzhong is impatient, obviously Iron my heart should personally pick up Qin Yu.

Sun Kawang and Ai Nengqi saw that his attitude was still resolute, and he had to die, and Sun Kewei pointed to the map:

"Mr. now, now the kid soldiers and horses are in Henan and Wuchang area. Now Wang 300,000 troops have already out of turn, so the soldiers and horses in Henan will never be exhausted in south.

And there is no 10,000 people in Xiangyang City, and the baby feels that we can divide the two roads. Mind can lead 50,000 troops to take the merchant boat, go straight to Jingzhou, then along the official Dao North, then take the Jingyang, and finally attacked Fuyang. The baby rate is 100,000 troops, with fishing boats in the Yangtze River near Yuezhou, then attacked along the Hanjiang River, so that the kid can only retreat from Suizhou to Nanyang, and the entire Huangguang will fall into the hands. "

"Big Brother, then I?" Ai Nevulaton is an emergency.

"Four brothers, you lead the remaining 30,000 troops to stay in Yuezhou, remember, must strictly guard against death, once the thief returns to Suizhou, Lu Xiangqi will not take the opportunity to attack Yuezhou in the south, not prevent!"

Sun is expected to explain.

The eight king is a brow, staring at the map, looked at Wuchang's Lu Xiang and Zuo Liangyu, Jiangxi Yuanzhou House, and realized that the inquiry is not moving, or to attack Zuoliangyu, it seems to be more suitable than the river. some.

"Mind, now there is a hundred thousand army of the king in the north, which is a big hundred soldiers and horses, which can be a thousand-served opportunities. Once you miss, you want to be in the north, this time, this time Although there may be no small beast, but you can also grab the entire lake, to force him to Henan, and then clean up again, absolutely more than half-effort. "

Sun Kewei saw him seems to have a little moved to explain.

"Well, but the boss, you bring people to Jingzhou, and the righteous father will go to the Hanjiang River will be a small animal."

Zhang Xianzhong silently, finally nodded, he is not stupid, know this probably the only chance to win the lake, compared to Lu Xiang, the threat of kids is absolutely much more.

"Yes, righteousness." Sun Kai Wang opened his mouth, but only had to take a head, but I thought I still didn't hold back, reminded a sentence: "The little animal is fragmented, and the righteousness must not rank Hanjiang ..."

"Hey, Laozi still uses you? The little animal husband is going to retreat to Suizhou. If he is not willing to do a conspiracy, Laozi makes him even returned."

Zhang Xianzhong couldn't help but think of the death of the Qin Kang at the beginning, and suddenly snorted, and a punch was on the table.

Although Sun Kawang is a little unfaring, I am worried that he is in the boy's rape raining to all the Hanjiang, but it does not dare to speak more.

In the second day, Sun Kewei took the 50,000 troops, riding more than two hundred merchants, mighty counterattack, straight up to Jingzhou outside 200.

On the third day, the Eight Kings also started to knew the river in more than ten miles in Yuezhou downstream.

For a time, the counties in Jingzhou Government are windy, such as the enemy, and it is like the seven provinces of the seven provinces.

In Wuchang City, after receiving the news of Chu Jun Rong River, Lu Xiang raised that the bar was not shocked, and his face couldn't believe it.

"How is this possible? How will the eight kings attacked Jingzhou at this time? Isn't it afraid of conflict with Qin Jun?"

Lu Yi lit up the map, forcibly pressed the inner excitement, because in his opinion, two people were anti-thieves, the eight kings did not join Qin Yu to play Wuchang, and should not move in Yuezhou.

"Guardian, Chu army is two ways, all the way to go back, see that it should be to go to Jingzhou, the force is about 450,000, and the road is in Yuezhou River, according to the probes, at the time The boat on the river is unclear, the number is unclear, from the morning until afternoon, there are more than 100,000 people, what should we deal with now? "

"At this time, the situation is complicated, it is not easy to move, or wait for it to change, see how the Qin thief on the shore will respond."

Lu Xiang lifted his hand to close the map, and the eight kings hit Jingzhou at this time, and people were unpredictable.

At the same time, Qin Yu on the other side has also received the news from Chu Jun, and even if I have a psychological preparation, the Qin Dawang is still very angry.

He didn't expect eight kings to really dare to check the fire, come to copy his back, immediately ordered the Ding Camp stationed in Xiangyang, the south of Jingmen and Cheng Tianfu City, the army of Hankou did not move.

As long as the Jingmen and Cheng Tianfu City, the eight kings can only toss in the Jingzhou government, threaten him, wait after his warship is finished, the first River will clean up Lu Xiangsheng, and then block the Changjiang Han River, the army presses the past, the Chu army runs No place to run.

Of course, if the eight kings and the Lu elevation jointly, this time, I also kissed him, then he really only retired to Suizhou, but he believed that the two will never join hands.

As long as he doesn't teame up, he has the opportunity to break, although his soldier hideline seems to be least, but the soldiers are fine, not there, there are more than 10,000 fire soldiers in hand, enough to make him proud, now the only lack now is Warship.


Jingzhou, also known as Jiangling, is in Li Bai Shi, the purpose of the Qiari Jiangling day, meaning is from the boat, Shunjiang near Chongqing, the land of a thousand miles, only one day can reach Jingzhou.

Although it is a bit exaggerated, after Jingzhou, the water in the Yangtze River is really a lot of water, so it takes two days to spend two days, Sun Kewei has arrived in Jingzhou near Jingzhou.

Although I know the aquators of the official army, I will never come to play them at the moment, but the old Sun is still happy.

As the northwestern, the old age is still not suitable for sitting, every time you cross the Yangtze River, there is an inexplicable fear.

The army did not land directly in Jingzhou terminal, but the choice on several small piers downstream.

After the big army took the ship, Sun Kewei attacked Jingzhou City in accordance with the original agreement, but with the 50,000 army along the official road to the north, straight into Jingmen outside the 200.

The speed of the old grandson is not so uncomfortable, and the two hundred miles will be killed three days.

The Nairo's speed is faster, although Qin Yu's order is passed from Hankou to Fuyang, even if it is a fast horse, it takes two days, but the Ding Fei Camp will take a boat along the Hanjiang River, just a day to kill Jingmen.

Therefore, when Sun Kewei's army is still on the shore near Jingzhou, the Huajun's reinforcement arrived in Jingmen.

The six thousand great army of the Dan, these two months, there have been all the fire, the two thousand people enter the East Bank, the four thousand people enter the West Bank Jingmen City, firmly close the two sectors in the north. door.