The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 357, eight kings are not vegetarian

"The command will go, who is the first to kill the city to appreciate the silver thousand!"

Sun Kewei has been killed in Jingmen City, almost not stopped, just hurriedly made the hundred simple wooden ladder, launched an attack.

Obviously, I still don't know that the city has already entered the army, so I want to quickly take Jingmen, and then raise Fuyang with Thunder.

There will be the courage, with the order of Sun Kaiwang, two thousand good men swarmed with the ladder to the Nancheng wall of Jingmen.

Compared with the previous four, Hungry is full, take up the 50,000 horses, which seems to have a regular army.

Not only everyone has a true guy, but also has a unified costume, and there is some shiny on the face, just missing the bow and arrows and a.



The Chu Jun just closed in a hundred steps, and the Huajun on the wall began to shoot the gun, and the two thousand Chu army were played away from time to the ground.

And with the closer, the more people fall, the more than two thousand people rushed to the wall root, and more than two hundred people have fallen.

When the wall of the wall is smashed, he won't take a moment, more than a thousand Chu army retreats back.

Although Sun Kewei is a little ugly, he also knows that it is not realistic, it is not realistic. Just trying it.

Therefore, I immediately adjusted the 10,000 troops again, from the four sides of the three sides, and it was a fierce shouting and gunshots outside Jingmen City. It lasted all day long.

"Major army, the defenders in the city will never only one thousand, at least 5 or six thousand people, and it seems that it is also the elite of the Huajun, I am afraid it is difficult to attack in a short time!"

"It seems that Huajun is a preparation, and the command will stop attack."

Sun Kewei nodded, his face was black, and he knew that he was impossible to raid Fuyang.

Because the Jingmen is enough for them, he didn't dare to rank north before they won the Jingmen.

However, I didn't care much. I was originally trying to try it. I couldn't quickly take Jingmen. I raided Fuyang. Now I am not feasible, then I strong attack, then the army directly presses.

After ordering the idea, Sun Kewei will win the army, and send the soldiers and horses to the four wild. County, then north.

At this time, the eight kings have already won the Yangzhou Yangzhou in the northwest of Honghu, and the 120,000 army has already standed the feet. It is planning to attack the Qianjiang north, but he detects that Qin Yu is building a battles on the side of Han River. .

When I died, I was awarded, and now the eight kings also knew the importance of the warship. If he did not jert the official's watermaster, he had long since the big military river, attacking Jingzhou, Wuchangfu, and where to wait until Qin Yu Nan .

"You can see it clearly, determine there a hundred warships?"

"Yes, although those warships are only laying keels, they are still built, they can see that size, I am afraid that they are not four or five hundred boats."

A black thin middle-aged man quickly replied, this person named Liu San, which was originally the largest number of water in Dongting Lake. After being taken by Li Dingguo, he joined the Chu army.

This time, I also followed Zhang Zhongyu, and was also appointed as a watermaster, there were more than 500 fishing boats under the hand, tens of thousands of water.

"So, those battles have not been made, just an empty shelf?" Zhang Xianzhong snorted.

"The king, even if it has not been made, but as long as we take the warship, let the carpenter continue to build, it can be completed in half a year, there is this hundred warship, the king of the future can easily defeat the official military , Win Wuchang, even Shujiang, and attacking Jiangnan is not there. "

Liu San explained that the eyes were screaming, and it was obviously a wilder generation.

"Oh, there are hundreds of battles in the district. Can you still win the watermaster of Jiangnan?"

Zhang Xianzhong is suspected, but it is obviously a bit of heart. He also knows that there is no cavalry, you want to be with the little animal, and the king is competing for the Central Plains. Therefore, it is a good choice to occupy the prosperity of the bustling.

"The king did not know, the official's watermaster had already erosive, even if it is a Jiangnan watermaster, there is not much like a four or five hundred battles ..."

Liu San immediately talked to the eight king of the eight king to make a knowledge about the water.

"But our boats are parked in Honghu. How did the army pass the vessel near Hanjiang? Hanyang, I am afraid that I have been sailed by Huajun."

Zhang Xianzhong looked at the map, frowned, to tell the truth, if he is not separated from Han River, he really wants to kill the past, and the Qin Yuzhi is a million sections.

Nowadays, the 120,000 troops are held, and the little animals are three or 40,000 people, but also to prevent the Southern Shore, so he is not afraid.

"The king, in fact, it is not necessary to enter Hanshui from Hanyang. From Honghu along the Qianjiang North, you can enter Hanshui, just only have a small boat, and sometimes, sometimes even the boat can not pass, but Now, the rainy season, the water level of Qianjiang and Honghu is not necessarily passed. "

Liu San pointed to the map, patient explanation, obviously familiar with this topography.

"Oh? This is true"

Zhang Xianzhong glanced, he didn't expect to enter Hanshui from Honghu, if it is really feasible, it will definitely fight Qin Yu, but it can find a Qianjiang on the map.

"The king, thousands of true, and the next and brothers have been in Honghu, but then the Lu is rising, several dispatched aquatic clerks, this is not going to Dongting Lake." Liu San hurriedly guarantee.

"Haha, good, heaven help me! Liu San, if you can defeat the Huajun, this king must reward you."

Zhang Xianzhong laughed, even if he didn't understand the water, it also known that such a hidden waterway is.

Then Zhang Xianzhong made a deployment. The army was divided into two. Liu San took the water teacher to carry 20,000 people, first captured the Qianjiang County, then entered Hanshui, and kill Hanyang, and he Yourself with the remaining 100,000 troops, attacking Hanyangfu.

The two armies will meet in the riverside side of Hanyang. He does not believe that there are five or six hundred fishing boats and tens of thousands of water covers, more than 100,000 army can't be accessed.

Eight Kings thought about it, staring at the map for a while, and sent people to inform Sun Kawang, if it attacked Jingmen, continue to play Xiangyang, but if it has not attacked Jingmen, don't attack, bring the big army to find A place in a place, then Dongjin cuts off Huajun to retreat to Suizhou's back.

After the commander of the soldiers, the eight kings looked at the map, and the deployment is more satisfied with their deployment. If it is easy to do, this small animal is surrounded by Hanyang.