"Haha, it's good, God bless me Daming, God bless me Damu!"

In the Governor's government in Nanchang City, he learned that the army of the eight kings did not be north, but the eastward, Lu Xiang was excited. Haha laughed.

The generals on the side are facing each other. Since the south, they have not seen the masters such as today, and smile is so happy, so excited.

However, I think that the two big anti-thieves are about to kill themselves, but they can take a view of the mountains across the mountain, everyone is all reluctant, it is really exciting than this.

In fact, everyone doesn't know, the reason for the true excitement of Luxiang is that Huajun faces possible two-sided festival, not only did not retreat to Deanfu, but a pace of Hanjiangkou.

"The supervisor, now the Huajun has talked to the west of the army, guarding the eight kings, why did the army do not take advantage of this opportunity, water and land and enter the Yuezhou?" Liu Dou will recommend it.

"Wan million can't, the eight king broke Han Yang yesterday, has not yesterday Han River, if you go to sneak the Yuezhou, the eight king will definitely return to Yuezhou, do not pay."

Lu Xiangjun immediately waved, even if you know that you are sneak in Yuezhou, the chance of success is very big, and he will not sneak at this time.

Although the Eight Kings occupy the Changsha Duplex, the mercenary is 300,000, but in his heart threatens, it is far less than the Chinese army.

As long as this time I can re-create Huajun, I will force it to the north. You can pay attention to Yuezhou and Changsha.

"Guardian, how can our army respond?" Everyone looked at Lu Xiang.

"Wait! Wait until the eight kings' soldiers and horses completely pass through Hanjiang, our army will find the opportunity!"

Lu Xiang boiled to have a bamboo, there is a watermaster covering, he can wait until the difficulties of the two sides are difficult to find, in the river to do fishermen.

In order to let the eight kings who are relieved to Hanjiang, Lu Xiangsheng not only withdraws Xianning's 10,000 troops to Wuchang, but also withdraw all the watermaster's ships to the terminal.

At this time, the Xiaojia in the city is a high-profile full, a joy, because today is the sixty birthday of Xiao Lao's mazi, the city is slightly a big man, almost all gave birthday.

, is a descendant of the Xiao Liang royal family in the north and south dynasties, not only in Wuchang's affected, but also in the entire Lake, there is also a small influence, and the people are all talented, and this is chaotic, even The Governor, the Governor, also wandered, and the people sent a word.

After the banquet is over, the old man will invite the ten large households in the city to the living room. I want to test a try, take a look at the reactions of everyone.

"All, now the autumn, the chu thief occupies the couch, burning and looting, no evil, thief is a whole northwest, it is said to be attacking Luoyang, even Xuzhou is broken by the Nagui two, and the play of all parts can now Send Dai Jingshi, and now the Qin thief takes the He Tianfu, Deanfu, is building a battleship, there is a big invasion of the entire Lake, the situation is so erosion, it is really a heart! "

"Hey, who said no!"

"Good at the town of Lu Chang, otherwise, I will wait today, I can sit here."

, one is full, no longer like the spring breeze just now, and other people in the hall will be ignorant.

For a time, the atmosphere in the hall fell to the bottom. Everyone's face is extraordinary, don't say that the war has burned to the Yangtze River, even if anyone does not think they can be alone in this chaos.

Because of this situation, the court has said that the anti-thief is, the self-insurance is probably a bit difficult.

So I understand that the next time, the world will face the conquestation, the situation of the group, and I will think about day in the future.

Older character looked in the eyes in the eyes. He would want to break the fan of everyone, completely broke, as a top large household in Wuchang, no one knows more about these people.

"It is the most hateful that the Qin thief is the most hateful, the most fierce, I don't give us these gentry. If you really make him hit the Yangtze River, the consequences are unbearable!"

The old man said the last, the heavy punner hammer on the table.

"Yes, the Qin thief is evil, every place, not only slaughtering the local genus, heges others, and distributes the land to those mud legs, simply loving the heart, is difficult!"

A member of the age of 30 immediately interfaced the mouth, an indignation.

One of the old people next to him touched him with the elbow. The young staff found that the people in the hall were low, and they did not work.

Immediately, they are afraid that today, there will be a one-day income of the thief, I want to understand this, I have a cold sweat, and I can't do it.

"Oh, then the Qin thief did fierce, but this time it is said that the majority of the counties in the north bank is not persecuted. In addition to not going out, you can walk freely in the city, and the family is not harassed, so I think, Compared to Qin thief, the chu thief is more hated! "

A middle-aged middle age of a black scorpion is a mid-age, but it has a laughter, breaking this strange atmosphere, and some members are nodded.

"Well, Liu Xiong said that it is said that some big households in Nanyang areas, not only in business, there are many children in the family, but they are really unfired."

"Hey, a group of people, but also think about one day, it is a ridiculous very much from the dragon.

Although the Qin thief is big, he wants to say that he can last ... The old man will never believe that when his Day, the Tamad, the army is in the Nanyang, and the disappearance of the thief must not be good. "Xiao's father is cold.

Everyone didn't pick up, but the heart is a cold laugh, with the moment of Huajun's current situation, the court is said to recover Nanyang, Fuyang, and Lu Xiang will boast the Jiangnan and Wuchang.

Next, everyone saw the words of the old man became more and more intense, and she hated that she didn't eat the blood of the Qin thief, she all took the opportunity to leave.

They are not afraid that Lu Xiangsheng guess, like this kind of everyone gathers together, talk about the state affairs, and then normal.

They are worried about that after the Hua Jun really hit Wuchang, some people will tell them in the people, so they don't want to stay again.

You must die, Xiao's father has to have a mouthful addiction, they can't control it, anyway, they will not be , even if they want to be, it is also hiding in the home to secretly.

After everyone left, the old man was touched by the beard, the face smiled, I already know which home can be tested next, which home is waiting to wait.