" ..."

When the fire red sun raised from the head of the river, a team of people came from the east to Wuchang City, and the defenders on the city immediately sounded the alarm, not a moment, all in the city. People are awakened.

"what happened?"

"The general army is approaching the general army outside Dongcheng, and it seems that the flag is like Huajun."


Liu deputy will be a big shock, quickly kill the Dongcheng wall, come to the wall, and really find that the big team is killing, but when watching the number of the Enemy soldiers is about two or three thousandth, then there will be loose tone.

"Don't panic, the enemy is not more than two thousand people in the district, no matter how it can't come in,"

Liu deputy will see the soldiers on the city to have some panic, suddenly swear, and then inform the southern dock to strengthen the alert, and let people go to notify the governor, pick up the people in the city.

The transfer soldiers just left, the street appeared, and a team of family came to come here.

"This guy is very fast, telling them, waiting for the time being, waiting for my order."

For the city's large households will come to help the city, Liu deputy will not be strange, after all, once the city is broken, they have to finish the easter, so these people will never be more strange than him, just some strange Their speed is so fast, the alarm bell has not arrived for an hour, and this guy is coming.

"What about the generals of Qin?"

. . . .

"First, etc.

For a time, more than a thousand Ding crused on the street, looking at the soldiers who were busy under the wall on the wall, they were cold sweat DC, and the face was tension. Obviously, their owners have told them what they have to do.

I have waited for a half of the clock, and the shouts are still coming. Liu will also notice a trace.

Because there is no member to ask for examples, it is there, and those families are still like wood, this scholar, the husband and the family become this obedient?

"Du fuck relaxed, don't be stretched so tight, fast, sit down and talk." Qin Feng also felt a little strange, so I am afraid I will show the horse foot, hurry to hear.

"Qin ... General Qin, say ... What?"

The people outside the country, the tense tone is a bit trembling.

"Just say anything." Qin Feng also took this guy, took the lead, sitting on the ground.

Everyone quickly slept and sat down and sat down.

The family is like a leather, and one is soft on the ground. It is obvious that the nerves are too tight.

Sure enough, after this scene was taken by Liu's deputy head, the doubts were suddenly canceled.


When everyone sat down, there was not long, and there was a shouting sound of the city, and Qin Tie had two thousand else, and he spyned to the city gate.

The family on the street brushed up, and Qin Feng did not have a rush, and he rushed to him.


More than a thousand people, I walked towards the city, in order to be strong, I still shouted, so that more than two hundred soldiers in the gate are each other.

"Mother, who let them kill?" Liu deputy will be anger, I thought they were heard that the city came from shouting, and self-propelled to help.

"General, wrong, you watch the thief army even the ladder is not lifted, how to attack the city?" A good little soldier looked at the Huajun under the city.

"Not good, this guy is all stunned, I stopped them, I can't let them close to the city gate ..."

Liu deputy will be carefully, so, see more than a thousand families in the city, plus the anomalies of these people, and immediately wake up, suddenly jumped.

At this time, the family has rushed to the gate of the city, and the soldiers of the two hundred unknown men have turned over. After seeing blood, the courage of the family is also bigger, some to kill the city gate, some Rush down the wall along the ladder.

The guards on the wall are panicked. Because the number of enemy people is only two thousand, plus these self-confidential families come to help the battle, so Liu's deputy will not adjust the defenders of other walls to help, even the city in the city The team did not move, and there were thousands of soldiers near the wall and the city gate.

As the door is opened, Huajun has just rushed to the wall, and suddenly swayed into the city.

Although Liu deputy will throw the rolling line, the life is throwing, but the family on the ladder is coming again, and the soldiers on the city is a hand.

These two thousand Huajun are elite veterans, and they are dressed in a fragrant cotton, holding a steel knife shield, and immediately killing the city wall along the ladder, and have not yet caught in other faces. At that time, the collapse of the official army on the Dongcheng wall, Huajun is the chasing the opportunity to chasing it along the wall.

In the face of the Wolf like a tiger, the border army was killed, and the festival was refunded and there was no power.

No way, in the narrow city, it can only escape if you don't dare to fight.

In this way, the two thousand Huajun only paid a few hundred casualties. In half an hour, the four-sided walls were taken down, and all the five thousand arms ran, only Liu will bring more than two hundred people. Run to the pier of the South Bank.

Although there are still 10,000 watermas, most of them have no soldiers, it is really two thousand people, so in the face of Liu's deputy will have to kill back to reward the city's requirements, don't say the water teacher camp The meeting will not agree, that is, the sailors are not willing to go.

"Wang ginseng will, don't you be afraid of the supervisor coming back?" Liu deputy will have a hate.

"The surname Liu's, the supervisor will let you go to keep the city, now you lose the city, I will ask the guestrist coming back to the bottom of the sin?" Wang gang will immediately jump up to roaring.

"Wang brother, just is my anxious, don't mind, my brother will pay for you, please also have the overall situation, this Wuchang City can't be lost!"

"Hey, Liu Xiong, brother, I don't know the importance of this Wuchang City? But you will lose it too fast, now the wall has been occupied by the thief army, forcibly attacking, will only let the brothers will die."

Wang gang will sigh, when he discovers the situation in the city, just assembled the soldier and horses to prepare to increase, Liu Deputy will escape with people.