In order to command, this time, there is no rushing to the head, looking at the army of the collapse, the old Lu face is very calm, just like it is like this, and sigh, just sigh, just It is ready to be self-contained in the neck.

Fortunately, the guards, I have already found that the guardians are somewhat wrong, and they will win the knife in time.

"Guard, can't!"

"Yes, the teacher, we still have the opportunity, as long as you escape from Wuchang, after two thieves killed a two-lost, we may not kill again."

"It's also!"

Lu Yi lit out of the head, just under the protection of the guard, escape from the shore, although he is not afraid of death, even have already made a corpse of the Ma Lean, but it has been planning the country, but it can't be a private name for oneself. regardless of.

The soldiers defeated the mountain, this Huajun is also a chasing that has no conscience, and the two sides have hundreds of thousands of people, a chasing, and chasing the shore.

The physical strength of more than 10,000 people is obviously not as good as the Tianshang army, and she fell behind the cannon ash, so that the Lu Xiang was raised to mount the boat in a timely manner, to the Jiang center.

The people on the river center shopping boat have long been stupid, and one is looking at the scene of the shore, stunned.

When the army killed on the river, the boat had already taken more dozens of meters. If a mad dog is usually rushing, it is shouting, so that the river is not entered the neck, it has to stop.

The talents on the boat looked at the border troops in the water. At the same time, they were all silent, and Lu Xiangti was more painful.

When the Huajun killed the shore, I saw countless people turned in the river. Some shouted, some cry, almost all the drought ducks.

Only a few people who have never been there and the boat are rushing to the river center. It is clear that these border troops are all in the northerners, even a large half is Datong Tuanfang, don't say that the Yangtze River is a small river cap. So most people stayed at the river, they didn't have a chest, I didn't dare to go, afraid to be drowned, and I was afraid of being hacked, when I was really crying.

"Haha ..."

The Huajun did not have a water, and he didn't shoot the arrow. It was stopped on the shore to looked at the border troops in the water, and I laughed.

"Let them roll up to Laozi, Huajun does not kill the captive!"

Qin Yu rode horses, but only more than the armed forces chased in the most, when he came to the river Beach, it was also can't help.

"The rabbit scorpions in the water are all listening, my big king is benevolent, Roer is not dead, still not rolling up ..."

A famous Chinese army pulled his throat, shouted in the water, and more than 10,000 drought ducks, he was so tone, and he would like to be on the shore.

Qin Yu did not kill them, just a little rest, rushing to these 10,000 arms to return to the big camp, all the way is a discarded armor, or the injured body is lifted back.

At this war, although the two sides did not even have a semi-needle, the Ming army still killed more than 20,000 people and was captured for more than 10,000 people.

There is only more than 6,000 people in front of it, and all more than 10,000 people are hacked from behind, and the casualties of the Camp will die, this time is nearly 30,000 people.

The Huajun just killed more than two thousand people in the war, and the casualties at the time of camp were added more than 8,000, including more than 1,000 wounded.

House seemingly endless rain.

Lu Xiangqi took the defeated soldiers and returned to Wuchang Terminal, I learned that Wuchang City lost, and immediately spurted a blood, dumment.

After being rescued, I looked at Liu, Liu, who was squatting in front of the bed, LUX, almost bite his teeth: "What is going on? When you go, you have left five thousand people, how to give you, Wuchang, Wuchang Is it lost? "

"Guard, the end of the death ..."

Liu's deputy will also learn from the other in the neighborhood, and the supervisor has just lost in the north bank. How to throw Wuchang City, explain it, then die.

"I am ignoring me, this group of shameless people, pass the killing!"

I heard that there were more than a dozen big households in the city, I turned back to the Huajun, started therein, Lu Yi lifted once again, and the face was twisted, but more but cold.

He didn't expect the fundamental gentry of the country to start to actively made it in the past, and once this happened in the past, it means that the country is not far away.

It took a breather, and Lu Xiang litched down. It was originally to be derived to pull the deputy head of Liu, but in the end, he finally made him guilty.

One is that he has just been defeated, the air is insufficient, and the second is the case of the person, the mad merchants in the city, even if he is still completely complete, so it is also possible.

"Guards, now Wuchang City is lost, our army plus the watermaster is more than 20,000 people, how is it?"

"The watermaster is only five days of food. Now people have more than one time. You can take up to two days to break the grain. At the end, you will think that it is necessary to raise grain."

"Well, Liu's deputy will give you three thousand people, within a day, be sure to raise 10,000 stone food from the vicinity." Lu Yi lit nodded, and then the look was condensed.

"At the end, I will lead my life. If I have not raised food on time, I will see the beginning!" Liu deputy will hold a punch, single knee, bite the dental road, obviously understand the meaning of the supervisor.

After the departure of Liu, Lu Xiang also lives another deputy will to catch craftsmen, build a siege device, and give Zuo Liangyu again, let him immediately bring the army north.

At this time, in Wuchang City, Huajun has cleaned unstable factors. Other big households have basically struggled. At this moment, Tanjia Ding Qingzhuang is under the leadership of the Huajun, busy he is hot, ready to keep the city.

This is also a big money this time, and there is 100,000 silver sons, and the 50,000 food is used to reward the city, and the more than a dozen people who will win the city. I have come out some silver.

No way, who told them that the arms of the Huajun, if they did not hold the city, and was retained by the official army again, it was absolutely to be owned.

Including a dozen big friends in the family now understand Qin Feng's disappointment, this Huajun, the Huajun, where is it? Two thousand are almost.

At that time, although the face did not show it, the back is angry, and even the old man did not hold back two sentences.

Qin Feng is not to manage this. If he is really two thousand people, Xiao Jia will do not know, but there are no more do you have to do it.

"Two Xiao Qin general, we are so some people, is this city to stay?" Xiao Laozi looked at the two teenagers on the hall, and his heart was not at the end.

"The old man is relieved, I just got out in the city, and the official army came back to thousands. It is not enough to have a master of the Ming army in the north bank, so it is absolutely well, there is no problem for ten days and a half."

Qin Feng hurriedly patted his chest, and tone compared to many times in front of other people.

"But the Zuo Liangyu in Jiangxi has a hundred thousand army. Yuezhou also has a hundred thousand Chu army. Once the old worried, once the time is dragged, will change the change!"

The old man is still a little unassured, and the test is asked, in fact, I want to figure out the main force of Huajun, when is it to pass the river?

Qin Tie and Qin Feng are also not a fool. Naturally heard what he meant, but the two can't say clearly. When the king can defeat the eight kings, silent for a while, Qin Tie has a box: "Laozi Even if you can't stand it, I will kill you and a thousand brothers will also protect your breakout. "

"General Xiao Qin is heavy, and the old man is buried in the body of the loess, and it is not enough."

The old man hurriedly waved, but I saw that the two people didn't make a fake. He also had some doubts. He naturally felt that the two were very respectful, especially the teenager called Qin Feng, so that he did not help but be shocked, so Waiting for a while, I asked the son, and the two identified in the Huajun.

Nature does not know, his daughter is in the eyes of these two teenagers, that is second only to Qin Yu's existence, especially Qin Feng.