The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 366 is actually surrounded by the eight kings.

Eight Kings took the five thousand pioneers and rushed to the battlefield all the way, they have reached the afternoon.

At this time, Huajun even cleared the battlefield.

The eight kings secretly smashed, but they had to urge the subsequent army, and they would be able to arrive before speeding up.

At dusk, the 120,000 major army finally arrived near Huajun Camp, and the two armies confront.

Night coming.

Inside the Huajun coach, Qin Yu stared at the middle-aged scrimer under the hall, and his face was scared.

The middle-aged scrimer under the hall, but it is like not looking like it, and he is self-contained:

"Hua Wang, now the king of my family is 200,000, and the nobleman is less than 30,000. After the big battle, the Yuanqi is very damaged, the winner has been at a glance, the scorpion is the actor is Junjie, my family Full of the world, I am willing to see the exudience of the past, as long as Hua Wang ... "


"Old things, the two countries fight, do not make it, today Laozi and give you a dog's life, roll back to tell the eight kings, who is the king, who is Wang Ba."

Qin Yu's sound, smashed the tea cup on him, standing up, a pair of beads almost didn't stand up.


The middle-aged scromings shouted, accused Qin Yu, just asked the two schools, just two major schools, the two knife sheathhed passed, the middle-aged scrimmer tooth lost two, hurry to cover their mouths Running an emperor to the account.

"Mom, I thought I was really afraid of him." Qin Yu was not angry and said.

He didn't expect eight kings to catch up with the fart, but also sent people to disgust him. If it is not today, he has already killed the past.


"The little animal is really like this?"

"After returning the king, the truth is really true, the court has no half a word!"

"Well, then the lone look at him, can you arrogant!"

The eight kings are equivalent to the same moment, and there are three good things, and they are heavy on the table.

"The king, in the traces of the battlefield today, the Ming army at least 50,000 people, then the ruins are not unable to win, the Huajun can defeat the Ming army in such a short period of time, indicating that its combat is not false, not Don't prevent it! "

"Oh, today, the two sides added the casualties at 30,000, even if the Huajun only killed and killed 10,000, at this time, the force is more than 20,000, I am 120,000, why is there? Laozi does not believe that his Huajun is still true It rose three-headed arm! "

The eight kings snorted, but it was not a north, but the Hhu Guang, surrounded by a widespread, everyone did not have a cavalry, the so-called double-fashioned enemy four hands, even the Huajun is even more powerful, he does not believe in five .

Obviously, the Eight King's consciousness will also be a small fart that Qin Yu is also as a pit in the official road, throwing a bamboo scared people.

Maybe Qin Yu's luck is really useful, and it may be that the eight kings are now rushing, and there is a heavy rain in the second half. Although the rain is getting gradually, it is still in the next.

This will be preparing to sharpen the knife Huo Hui's Qin Yu is also a light, but he has to pay attention to the drums, and the nest is in the camp.

Nowadays, the first town and the second town add only 15,000 people left, count the Camp, can make the struggle, even more than 20,000, even if it is big, there is no fire arms to help Next, Qin Yu will never play.

Although the Eight Kings is also a little irritated, it is more than ten years, but naturally, it is a good opportunity.

It is divided into six thousand people, and it is going to surround the Huajun Group.

"Mother, this eight king is not stupid, and I also know that it is broken with the strength of the strength."

Qin Yu stood on a high platform, letting rain on the body, looked at the Chu army in the rain, and could not help but a little worried.

After all, Sun is expected that there is still five thousand troops that have been coming. If this rain continues to go down next day, the eight kings took the opportunity to strengthen the owner, Sun Kewei's army arrived, and it was really trouble.

"The king, this rain is bigger, or put it!" Two pretty female soldiers climbed up with the cloak and the rattan helmet.

"The thief is old, no morning, not too late, is too late." Qin Yu took the rattan helmet and couldn't help but hit a sentence, this suddenly looked at the older female soldier asked: "Is the injured brother, is there a stable injury?"

"Back to the king, just got a hundred brothers." The female soldier is the captain of the rescue team, looking at Qin Yu, there is some low reply.

Despite the elderly who have joined Huajun as a housing and county, she saw that I used to be injured, but the second town loss is too big, and people who have gone in Shandong, they died in pain, and some are still some Grief.

"Hey! One will become a harder, let alone a generation of Emperor ..."

Qin Yu recalls the more than 30 old teenagers who have killed, one of them, and a school, but also followed his old brothers when I was in Googhum. I couldn't help but sigh.

Then I swayed, scattered this emotion, rushing the two women. I didn't have a good air: "I have a spirit. This looks let the brothers see, how is it? I don't know, I thought I was defeated!"

"It's the king." Two women quickly squeezed a smile.


Qin Yu nodded, then walked to the stage, two women rushed to keep up.

Qin Yushan thought, returned again: "For a few years, you can find a good husband in An An Xin, and you will have a good day."

The two women are hugging. Although they are good, they are all residual and lost the willows, but they are also big, now they are not more than before, don't say that there is no blind date, even if you want to marry it. It's hard to get hard.

It is unqualified that they are eligible. If you are eligible, the two are also the school, and they don't want to give others a saint, so it is awkward.

"Hey, this look, is this king will die, do you not have? Finally, no one wants you, after this Wang Dengji said, there is always your place."

Qin Yu didn't have a good air, then the head did not go back to the big account.

He also knows that it is not before, everyone has a hoping, the female rescue in the previous army is incense, but now no one wants.

Even those veteran, they can't see them. I would rather inquately got on the silver, and I will discuss the village to make my mother, and I don't want these to put the silver female soldier.

After all, the reputation of the female rescue is not good. Many of them are broken, often go to the small woods with the male soldiers, plus every day to treat the wounded, and the dry is bloody.

Some of the young villagers are still good, especially like two women, the captain of the Huajun, which is the first to join the Huajun.

Therefore, Qin Yu intends to find a good family in the future, and raise them in the hometown, and the number is not much, and the maximum is one or two.

The two women heard the words, and they were like a shock, and then they were very happy, with their current status, if they really want to marry the small soldiers or crops, no one is willing.