The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 367 is too shallower.

Time value in the summer, the whole Jianghan plain is a heavy rain, and the water levels of each river are burst.

After you enlighten Qin Yu, Sun Kewei can't hate the wings, but you have to stop near the city and avoid heavy rain.

During the period, Zhang Xianzhong also told the troops. When the rain stopped, he sieved the Chinese military big camp, but it was undoubtedly not hitting the head broken, and finally had to pay attention to the drum, continue to be siege.

And the Southern Bank is also latency after the plan to attack Wu Changcheng, he is hesitant to Zuo Liangyu north, no longer a headache.

This heavy rain actually made the southern parties to kill, and they were temporarily stopped.

In contrast, since the opening year, the North has not been a rain, even Nanyang, Zhangzhou area is no exception, but due to the early stage of the Huajun's organization, a large number of reservoirs are constructed. I dug a lot of deep wells, plus the hard work of the people, and the long flow of wheat did not affected.

At this time, the entire Nanyang Zhangzhou area is golden, obviously can't take long, wheat can harvest, but there is not much joy in Xiangyang City.

Because the king was surrounded by Wuchang area, it was said to have been seven or eight days, which made a civil liberty is anxious. Those lays are even like collapsed, and there is no thoughts. .

Even some people know that there are some unrest, others are like this, let alone Zhang Wei's four women and Mrs. Li Mrs in the Wangfu.

Obviously, now everyone has been tied to the chariot in Qin Yu, a glory, one loss, this lady is clear.

Once Qin Yu soldiers defeated, Da Qin State will definitely disintertained, the civil servant will change the name, and see him, but there is no shelter of Qin Yu, and the ends of those lays will definitely be miserable.

Therefore, many ladies have done Qin Dawang once defeated, and immediately do their best.

I don't know how this news spreads out, just in the spring, in the spring, Nanyang made a well-known, and the big charge of Zhang Wei is a focus, and the heart is exhausted.

In the main hall, the four officials and people's maders gathered together, which should be considered a third time since the establishment of Daqin State.

Zhang Wei did not allow the first time to show up, and moved the chair to sit in Qin Yu, beside the royal chair, became the main heart of everyone, and Mrs. Li and other four ladies were standing by her, the key The five people are also united.

Although many civil serves know that the Mrs. Zhang sitting is, many of them should be the Lord of the Hai Palace of Daqin, but many people still see Zhang Wei for the first time. For this mysterious Mrs., everyone is still very curious.

Because of the identity of De Wang, everyone knows, it is the prostitute of De King, the king is grabbed at the Shandong, the beauty and temperament is really convincing, and it is worthy of the name of Wang Hao.

It can be shocked by everyone that this lady has to stabilize the King of King, whether it is in temperament, or an appearance.

In particular, Zhang Yan has a noble and gas field that is emitted by Zhang Yan, is definitely a long-term status and respected, and everyone is not good, this is naturally seen.

I also finally understood why Qin Yu made her a big man, but I couldn't help but guess her previous identity.

A part of the cerebon melon flexible person, Lenovo's arrival of the Huajun attended near Kaifeng, has guess Zhang Wei's identity, the heart is a mad, not hung up, do not hit the top of Zhang Wei.

The reactions of everyone, Zhang Wei looks in the eyes, how can I not know that her identity may be seen by some people, but the heart is also panicked, but Lenovo's current situation in Qin Yu is so fast, and coughing. .

"Affiliated to the public, recently there is a regular disciple. In my big Qin State, I will explore rumors in the territory. The king was surrounded by the Chu army in Han River, and the situation is very critical. I don't know what to do with this matter?"

Qian Bin saw Zhang Wei on the top of the eye, and the more you guess your own guess, the heart is very unchaul, but as the head of the civil servant, it is natural to stand up.

So I am listed: "Mother, the so-called" I would like to believe it, I am not credible, whether the rumor is true, the idea of ​​the idea should immediately organize the army, south rescue. "

"Qian Po is old here. Nowadays, the people in all parts of the people have people 's hearts, and it is said that the three days before the three days have broken Luoyang, and they will be held in south.

In case, this is the news that the Chu army or the squad, deliberately released, and dispatched the soldiers and horses in the south, and it would be more fearful every place. "

Niu Jinxing immediately stood up and shook his head.

Everyone understands what he meant, that is, Qin Yu has no son, and even the king of the fact is not, once in danger, many people who are afraid of Huajun will have some bad ideas, for their own future, it is very likely Bened by the army.

Zhang Wei also sighed, clearly understood this truth, don't say other people, even her own is very impact.

These days have always been cranky, and even do it. Once the soldiers are killed, they will immediately intend to go.

"You don't have to worry, this ... and your sisters call us today, just want to introduce you to the current situation of the king."

Zhang Wei is in the absence of this palace, so I have changed in time, but everyone clearly didn't think about this, but I looked straight up with Zhang Wei, erected her ear.

"The king's front debut was defeated in the Han River mouth, and he attacked Wuchang, but it was also quite heavy, plus recently looked down, this is temporarily confronted with the Chu army. The pillar, don't listen to the rumors, self-chaos! "

Sure enough, everyone listened to Zhang Wei, although they still doubt, but they finally stood a lot.

Who knows Zhang Yan's next words, let the people 's hearts come.

"Niu Shangshu, the king of the king's strength is already a little scarce, can you get some troops in the south?"

Zhang Wei is also helpless, although I know that I am in the south of the troops, I don't think of the fact that Qin Yu is surrounded, but I can't save it.

"Hui Niang, the third town, the fifth town and the sixth town and the rider camp are all in Zhangzhou and Kaifeng to defend the thief. If you can't draw it in south, let alone the water can't solve the fire, the fourth town In Fuyang, he must prevent Yang Guoshu, and the troops walk the trail attack Nanyang, and it is also very moving, so only from all over the place, "Niu Jinxing quickly replied.

Zhang Wei asked: "How many soldiers can you assemble within the three days?"

"Up to 10,000." Niu Jinxing pudded.

"Too few less, if the 20,000 troops need?" Zhang Yu's eye wrinkled.