The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 372 is again divided

After the decision, Huazhou and the county of the counties of Northern Nanyang, gave birth to the preparation.

For a time, eight counties such as Nanyang and Zhangzhou were busy, all adult men, even if they were working, they had to bring weapons.

In just a few days, each county is armed, and the people who take the next side of each county's leader in the next side of the city, while standing at any time.

Agricultural life can only be handed over to those women's children to do, although they are harvesting, but all the people have no complaints, they don't have to promote, they also understand what they have to defend.

In the past few days, the army saw Huajun to avoid not fighting, and the three major battalions of the 100,000 troops turned to attack the Huajun, all of them were.

The three big battalions of the Huajun are rolled out, and each of the seven thousand cavers will come back and fond, but also the fireworks produced by Nanyang Bing Factory, will also be shipped in the first time, the cold weapon is transported. Each county is equipped with the people, the Huajun loses one person, and will sign one from the people.

So, in the past few days, the three towns of Huajun did not play, all the cannon gray troops and militia were defensive, but the cavalry will rush two times from time to time.

At this moment, there is a ubiquitous battle in the military, and the faces and the face are very ubiquitous.

"The king, according to the news, Huajun is recruited near the counties nearby, and recruited a lot of young, at least 100,000. The red lady smashed the public to consume our military force, waiting for my military. Decisive battle again. "

"Yeah, the odor is too shameless, can't continue to attack, too losing."

"I look at the brittle division, send two teams to the horse to go to Zhangzhou and Nanyang, kill him, don't stay."

"Military division, why do you have?" Yu Wang did not care about the buddy of the old brothers, but he looked at the military division.

"Dawang, Huajun, this is what I want to live alive, see the situation, I am afraid that there are some difficulties in the big battalion, I am afraid, it is not advisable, but I can divide the soldiers too adventure. It is easy to be ambushed by the other. More than a break, it seems that the red lady is really not simple. "

In the face of this turtle, the army of the army has no good crack, and the face is dignified.

In fact, if he is not afraid of affecting the military heart, he really wants to say that now is not a fortune to defeat the Huajun, but the grain of the army.

Although the military food in the army can also support the ternary, the second batch of military food is also in the way, but the second batch of military food can also support the half a month, but the third batch of military food is still not falling, this is his most worry.

According to the common sense, more than 300,000 big army, the minimum will be prepared for half a year, but they have not even the food in the months, it is completely the abacus to grab all the way.

In fact, this can not blame the army and the king, because the army used to come over before, and did not expect this road to come, and a grain can't grab it. It is very unexpected.

Yan Wang frowned, clearly responded to the military division, very dissatisfied, so Shen Sheng: "So, the military is not disclaimed?"

"Non-also, the king, with the current situation, not to divide the soldiers can not break the way, but the military law has clouds, unwage, suffering, so you still need to discuss it!"

"What is messy, big brother, brother is willing to bring 100,000 soldiers, go to attack Zhangzhou, within the ternay, set up Zhangzhou." A big man with his beard, I took a table stood up.

Other generals have also screamed, and some asked to take the soldiers to play the Ningfu, some threatened to sneak attack in Nanyang, and they have gone, they have to sway hands and announce the scrap.

After all people returned, the military division was worried and came to the king of the king: "The king, our army only has a 10-day grain, plus the second batch of grain, is not enough. Support for January, so the urgent needs to raise the third batch of grain and grass as soon as possible.

Moreover, the third batch of grain and herbs cannot be less than 100,000, otherwise, once the army will attack the army of Zhangzhou, our army is in the end, I am afraid that the food and grass of the dismantled army are not enough. "

"Hey, I don't know if I don't know how to raise this 100,000-year-old food for a while."

The king took the hand, helplessness, Shaanxi drought, waiting for him to grab food back, Henan Province's food has also been shackled, the only rich plain house, last year, I have never been able to organize the people's winter wheat. I am afraid it is also searching for how much food.

"The king, there is no hundreds of thousands, 50,000, it is absolutely can't be less, otherwise it can only ..."

"What can I only?" Yu Wangyou.

"The king, the minister has a sentence, I don't know when I'm talking about it." The military division is also out, and a little bit is careful. In fact, the consumption of 50,000 food plus roads is already very dangerous.

"Said!" Yu Wang waved, apparently being able to focus on the grain at this time, some impatient.

"The king, in fact, our army is now the most steady way, and immediately retreats, then recuperate, while changing the Sichuan, the king now has taken Luoyang, as long as the Sichuan, there is no food worry, then the king can wave the East , Compete with Huajun to compete for the world. "

In his opinion, with the national strength of Dashun State, it will not support 300,000 army fight, and the red lady, it has also seen this, and continues to be strong, it is too dangerous.

"Hu said, at this time, 300,000 people in our army, this king will not believe it will not have Nanyang Zhangzhou!" When Wang Wang suddenly violent, a punch was on the table.

"The king, think twice."

"Don't say, this king has been decided, this will send people to Beijing, let Liu Yuxiang will raise 50,000 food transport in January, tomorrow, 100,000 talents!"

The military division will also advise, but the king is a big hand, a hammer, obviously is not willing, just refund.

After all, this time, more than 300 million troops, consume so much food, and lost thousands of cars, and finally didn't get it, this is what I can't accept.

The millennia is surnamed Li, and the 3rd year old is a show talent in Yan'an. It is not only the old township, but also the same surname, so since it is investing in this year, he has been deeply reused.

At this time, I saw that Wang Yi is alone, and I have to have a helpless sigh.

The next day, the squad did not attack the Huajun's big camp, but a 100,000 army, went to Zhangzhou, the northwest, ready to attack the state.

The Lord is still Li, but the king will not only let Li Junshi accompany, and even the three thousand cavalry let Li have taken two thousand, leaving only one thousand rides.