The squadron will divide the troops, which is obviously in Li Yan and Hunting, so it has been made in the first time.

Immediately send Cao Shijun to bring the cavalry before going to wash, try to delay the time to enter Zhangzhou, and then give it to the town of Zhangzhou, within five days, everyone must withdraw the county, or transfer to the mountains to avoid The wheat without harvested is burned.

This time, Hungju is also sent, I would rather burn the wheat in the field, nor will I get a food in Zhangzhou.

Fast horses whip, just for a long time, the command of Huazhou conveyed into the town of Zhangzhou County.

For a time, the entire Cangzhou mobilized, under the leadership of the lady of the towns, all the people stopped harvesting wheat, returning home to start packaging, the villages and tows near the county will be withdrawn into the city, and some of them withdrew from nearby. In the mountain, or the town of Nanyang.

On the sixth day, the entire Cangzhou is a team of old and supporting the old, and the people look at the wheat of the field. They are all reluctant. It is good to have constantly comforted, and they will cooperate.

Of course, this is not to tell them, will burn the wheat in the field, otherwise it will not be fooled.

Until the 8th, hundreds of thousands of people in all counties in Zhangzhou were all evacuated, and Cao Zhaobai took the cavalry and began to fire over the fire.

At a time, the whole city is a black smoke, the fire is filled, hiding in the mountains and the people in the city is crying, some heart gods collapsed, but also directly dizzy.

After all, I have worked hard for a year, and I have to harvest, and the future days have hope, but it is entirely in the ashes.

The people of all towns have only had constant comfort, indicating that it will compensate, as for how to compensate, how much compensation is required, then wait for the big handshake.

And I learned that the army of this news is dumbfounded, and the Lord will be broken.

"This is the innocent and fruitful, and there is a million mu of wheat say that it is burned, isn't it afraid?"

"Hey, it is terrible."

Compared to the bite to teeth, Li Junshi, Li Junshi, is like a straight shiver that fell into the ice.

Huajun burned food is not terrible, terrible is that in such a short period of time, it will be clean and clean, and a piece of grain has not left them. This kind of organizational execution is unheard. .

"Military, how is it now?"

After Li sent a leaking, he looked at Li Junshi, because the army took only half a day, and it took half on the road, so they only had ten days.

"It's now, it is only to let go, and you must break the state within 10 days, otherwise ..."

"Okay, Laozi does not believe that the 100,000 army will not break a Cangzhou City, and I ordered everyone to accelerate forward, and tomorrow must rush to Zhangzhou City."

Li has bite his teeth, and also knows that in addition to letting go, there is no other way, the army is impossible to return along the road.


Hankou, may not think that Qin Yu and Eight Kings can't think of it, the two armies have been stalemate here for half a month.

Sun Kewei has already killed the 50,000 army, and Qin Yi also rushed to the periphery with the aid, which can face the surroundings of more than 12 million army. The area of ​​the district is 10,000 yuan, which is completely a drop in the bucket. In addition to holding some Chu army, Qin It doesn't know how to solve it.

In the six months, the Chu army launched numerous attacks, but it could always attract the big camp of the Huajun. This is like a fat and clear that it has been in the bowl, but it can't eat.

Just started to make the eight kings crazy, but then calm down, but not anxious, while continuous reinforcing envelopes, collect grain, prepare and Huajun at all over the end.

Can Qin Yu didn't want to consume this again. In fact, he can break through it, but once the breakthrough, the grain material in the camp has to lose a clean, and finally only retreat to Deanfu.

In fact, the tang is just war, Qin Yu is not afraid of the eight kings, and even holds to defeat more than 100,000 Chu, but it is that he has to let him go.

"The king, now we have completely lost contact with the outside world, and Wuchang's situation does not know, or it is not still breaking!"

"Why, is there any thoughts?" Qin Yuhu is awkward.

"Returning to the king, our brothers believe that the king is just a little cranky, and privately secretly talking, saying that we will shoot them as cannon, each time the Chu army captures, and the most casualties." A major school. " Lieutenant replied.

"Hey, the field is not ridicpeled, do you don't fight against them? Do you think that Laozi's rice is eaten?"

Qin Yu snorted, if you change it, then the soldiers dared to , he absolutely kills your head and rolling, but this situation is not good.

At this moment, a school hurriedly ran in.

"The king, the Chu army has a new action. Just western big camps out of the 30,000 soldiers, seeing that we should be afraid of breakout, want to strengthen the strength of other three-sided big camp."

"Okay, Laozi, etc. is his division, and it is not a foothold for half a month."

Qin Yu brushed up, the reason why he did not break, that is, the eight kings completely died, and it turned from offensive.

Because the Eight Kings always want to attack their big camps, there are only 20,000 people in other three sides. The main army is in the west, with 50,000, Sun Kewei has increased to 70,000.

From other three sides, the most kills a few thousand Chu army, and the rest will be a bird and beast. The impact on the Chu army can be described as minor, but the cost they pay is a lot of materials in the camp, even if it breaks out, there is no fight again. Possible.

So he has always wanted to break through the main discussion from the west, directly occupying Chu army, not only re-created Chu army, there is a big camp, but also keeps fighting again.

But the eight kings did not give other battalion, although he had a 50,000 Chu army that broke through the main big camp, defeating the camp, but it was not in a short time. Once it can't break through in time, North and North Camp The Chu army has been troublesome up, so he has been waiting.

He believes that the eight kings will not pay, and after knowing that the Huajun is a hard bone, he will definitely change the strategy. If you choose to be completely sleepy, the soldiers of the remaining three-sided big camp are somewhat weak, preventing their dogs, fighting, fighting, willing to fight, will be strengthening Other three-sided force.

Nowadays, there are aids, even if the Western University of Chu, the Western University camp has been going out, still 40,000, but he intends to let go.

Because the west saleship has the most troops, it may haven't thought about the eight kings. He will break through the west of the west, so the defense of the West Dafa is better than other three-sided big camp.