The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 377, the new hatred

"The king!"

"Well, Fuyang can still be stable, what is the war of Henan?"

"Go back to the king, a few ladies are good, that is, there are some junctions, not in the south, the army has broken Luoyang ..."

Qin Yi quickly said out, then took out a few books from his arms and handed it up: "The king, this is a few ladies will give you."

"Well, you have been working for two days, go to rest first!"

Qin Yu took the letter, put a swing, although there is a bit worry about the war of the north, but also knows that it is now whirrily, can only solve the eight kings first.

However, when I finished the sixth letter, I felt the thick thoughts and concerns in the lines of the woman, and there was no warmth in my heart.

It is finally concerned about his life and death.

After Qinyi arrived with 20,000 troops, Qin Yu did not intend to delay. In these two days, he secretly sent people to the south bank and taking a message.

Although Wuchang City is still sticking, Lu Yi is also helped, but three days ago, Zuo Liangyu has rushed Wuchang in the north of the army.

If he has not defeated the eight kings before the arrival of the left army, the gentry landlord in the city is very likely to be anti-water, so I don't want to delay.

Just when Qin Yu intends to send someone to the eight king, the eight king will first send the battle book.

"Go back to the eight kings, tomorrow, the two military decisions, the new hatred hate, the winner is the king, the loser is the singer."

"Okay, Hua Wang is worthy of hero hero, in the words!" I came to see Qin Yushan and the answer, it was also a big happiness, and the arched hand turned around, no nonsense half.

Going back to the Chu army, eight kings and Sun Kewei learned that Qin Yu's attitude was frowned.

"Mind, the little child is so simply, isn't it true that I really have enough to rely?"

Old Sun thought for a while, tried to say, obviously there is too much loss in Qin Yu's hand, not for some cranky, uneasy.

"Boss, you don't want to have some people, destroy your style, he still has a fart, his dozens of cannons have no gunpowder, and Laozi does not believe in our 150,000 troops, but also 50,000 people in his district. "

Although the Eight King's heart is also somewhat doubts, but the face is confident.

"My father is reasonable, I am too careful." Sun Kewei thought after thinking, norful, even if the kid killing, the two armies were killing, and he could play with flowers.

The father and son are angry with each other, and they have not directly disclosed, defeat Qin Yu, and occupy the entire Lake, how women will be divided.


The next day, the sky was not bright, and the big camps between the two sides were lively. A team soldier wear neatly, took the weapon, and then went to have breakfast.

After eating breakfast, the sky was completely bright, and the army landlood continued to start the team.

Huajun included six thousand to reduce the soldiers, 20,000 yuan, and only 50,000 people, left three thousand people to stay in the big camp, the remaining 50,000 people were only spent half a time, and the collaps were completed, and the vitality Go north.

This time, Qin Yu did not take the tactics to deal with Luxi, but put the fire soldiers in the left and right wings, plus the ding camp of the reinforcement, a total of 14,000 people.

The first town and the second town plus the CM camp in the middle, the same almost 15,000 people, the remaining 6000 oil troops and 15,000 aids were placed in the end.

Two times and the Tianxiong military opposite, the two sides of the force are almost, so I can hold the front with the firemanship, waiting for the opponent charge.

But the troops of the Chu army, it is three times that of them, so you must take the initiative to attack, take some breakfast, and defeat each other.

Otherwise, the other party is unforced, and the war is in trouble.

After all, in most than half a month, the ammunition of firefighters is not enough, and it is because of this, he doesn't dare to drag again.

Compared to the Army's movement, Chu Jun is too much, and there are many people, and the second usually training is not more than Huajun.

Therefore, there is two hours of spending, the army is completed in the camp column, the army is divided into three pieces, looking at it, the black-pressed man is simply covering the sky, I can't expect the end.

Zhang Xianzhong personally led the 100,000 army, positive to fight the Chinese army, Sun Kewei and another general, each led 20,000 people, copied from the left and right wings, and the last 10,000 people left behind the big camp.

The eight king led the 100,000 army only to advance half an hour, the two armies met, and Sun Kewei and another general, because the soldiers were very fast, they have returned to the left and right wings of the Huajun, forming a three-sided circumstances .

For this, Qin Yu is also a helpless, no way, their force is less than the other side, and it is normal to be surrounded by three sides. If you want to avoid, unless you don't do it, this is impossible.

In order to avoid the Chu army to continue to go backwards, surround them all over, Qin Yu is too lazy and eight kings who have nonsense, directly rejecting the eight kings want him to go out of the answer.

After all, the problem is still not big. Once it is surrounded by four sides of the wild, even if Qin Yu is coming again, it is undoubtedly, so it will take the army to press the opportunity to go to the other party.


With the midst of Qin Daw, 15,000 exquisite warfare in the middle, just as the flood of the decissete, shouted to rush to the front of the Chu army.



More than 10,000 major troops have only maintained basic Wu, stroke, it seems like a bee, and the

The opposite side is not the Tianxiong Army, but even the bows of the bows, most people have only a long gun, and a military uniform without this.

"Baby, the time to build a job is here! Give me!"

Eight Kings did not expect Qin Yu, and more than 10,000 people dared to shock his 100,000 troops. They could not help but be angry, and the face was distorted.

Thousands of people do not have a glimpse of the wind, but there is also a big half of killing, and the eight kings have only left 30,000 people.

For the lack of the Chu army of the commanding system, the 100,000 kings can only be done in batches, and they will be settled in advance.

The two armies have not hit together, Sun Kewei and another big collar, and they can't wait to bring the army from the left and right sides, kill it up, and the four thousand troops of the two commanders are elite.

Obviously, I have been hitting for so many years. Eight Kings will be limited, they know that they have more people, the other people are small, the battlefoot is more powerful, and their number of people can be better.

Qin Yu is struck, saving the 14,000 fire devices of the flag, the left and right wings, stepped on a neat pace, the word is released, and it will go up.