The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 380 retreats to Jiangnan

"The king, the brothers who went to Jiujiang to explore the news, Zuo Liangyu's dog thief was eaten in the city every day, and the soldiers and horses under the hand will also be a lot of scourge, and there is no signs of entering the way in a short time."

"This dog is really hateful!"

Qin Yu is evil, and a hate must not help Zuo Liang Yuzhi's way.

They are here, and they have ambushed for three days. Who once thought that Zuo Liangyu came to Jiujiang, it did not come, let him have a punch in cotton feeling, uncomfortable.

"The king, then will we continue to wait?"

"Wait a fart, delay for so many days, in the event of the dog, there is no loss, but you have lost."

Qin Yu is a hand, he is seen, and the Zuo Liangyu did not dare to come to Wuchang, but he wanted to take advantage of Jiujiang Nanchangfu.

Small people who think about preserving strength is more difficult to deal with compared to Lu Xiangsheng.

Today, every day is extremely valuable. That Zuo Liangyu dragged in Nanchang, Jiujiang, but he can't afford it.

This time, the reason why the active welcomed the game, just want to end the war as soon as possible, after all, once he defeated Zuo Liangyu, Lu Xiangsheng continued to stay in Wuchang, there is no meaning, it must slip.

Bai Bai rushed to Shangli and ambushed for three days, and finally fart did not fish, although annoyed to the extreme, Qin Yu had to return to the original road again, to solve Lu Yi.

As for the Shujiang River, I will attack Jiujiang Nanchang. I have not considered it for the time being. After all, the steps are more big. This almost pulls the egg, so let Qin Yu have also cautious a lot.

And Lu Yi liters the hate of Zuoliangyu, will not be more than half of the Qin Dawang, after receiving Zuo Liang Yu to let him send the water division to escort the letter, it is very angry.

Now he is the only thing that is in the wharf. Once the water clerk is sent to Jiujiang, the Huadian in the north shore will inevitably take the opportunity to attack the pier, the terminal is lost, Wuchang City will not blocked, the watermaster is gone. At the foot, even the 100,000 army walking water roads to do Zuo Liangyu come to Wuchang?

So the left Liangyu is really thoughtful. It is the fear of Huajun, and the soldiers are reluctant to come to Wuchang again, and they may also fight in Nanchang, Jiujiang, and see the whole Jiangxi.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiangsheng is angry and helpless, more is still sad, now in the Northwest Lake in the Central Plains fall into the thief, the military will start the mercenary, inflation, do not listen to the maintenance, the key is the Nanban traffic block, the official document It is impossible to serve in the Jingshi in time. Since the opening of the year, the situation since the beginning of the year, this is what he is most worried.

"Guard, there is now, it has been unable to return to the sky, only to retreat to Jiangnan, save strength, Daming has the last hope."

"At the end, I will also have the commander and the thief jade, but the Daming is really inadvertently caught in the supervisor, but also ask the supervisor to be heavy in the overall situation!"

"Please ask the supervisor to be heavy in the overall situation!"

The generals are all squatted and tears.

Lu Xiangsheng is unable to wave, and the public will advise, but only have to retreat.

On this night, Lu Xiang sat down to Diaoliang, the whole person seems to be two people, don't know what I am thinking.

However, the people have loosened, that at noon, the Dorskers finally issued the retreat of orders, more than 400 warships, equipped with some food and some food and some food, and went downstream!

The gentry landlord in the city saw this all cheers. The dark road finally came over, Qin Tie was quickly ordered to open the city gate and sent people to occupy the terminal.

When the next afternoon, Qin Yu took the army of Wuchang, and the city has been cleaned and clean.

Qin Tie, Qin Feng took a unity of the landlord, I have already greeted in the city gate, one is a good idea, and the excitement is there.


With the distance between the gale, he riding a big horse, wearing a gold armor, under a team guard, slowly close to Qin Yu, all people have quickly organized clothes and played the twelve spirit.

"At the end, I will see the king!"

"Meet Huang Wang!"

Qin Yu went to the city gate, and the people who went to brush the one, like pre-rehearsal.

"You both have a good performance, didn't lose your face, remember a great job, and other brothers have a success."

Qin Yu turned over the horse, first came to the noddling in front of Qin Feng Qin Tie, and then turned and rushed to the unity, Lang said: "Get up!"

"Xie Huang!" Everyone has climbed.

Qin Yu saw a long-awache of the old man, immediately understood that this person must be the father, and in the first few steps, I held a boxing: "Qin Yu, Qin Yu, have seen his father!"

"I don't dare, I don't dare, Huawang cars the old ..." The old man saw Qin to his life, and suddenly, there was a bit of being surprised, but the heart was extremely happy.

The two sons behind him are more exciting faces. They are slightly swollen. They are all envious of a face. They all believe that Qin Yu is only a ritual. After all, this time the family not only took the lead, but also the most.

Seeing Qin Yu did not speak in a rumor, there is a sense of a literati, but there is still some people who have a lot of people.

Qin Yu and the father of Qin and the old man are only a few words, just riding a high-headed horse in the crowd of people, and Yaowu Yangwei entered the city.

I have already crowded the people who came to welcome. Qin Yu also relieved Qin Feng their arrangements. The ride was frequently waved immediately. The gold armor, plus still the appearance of Jun Xiu, and the unique people eye.

For this small Huahua king, almost everyone wants to see the true face of Lushan, so the scene is very confusing, so that the soldiers who maintain order along the way are enough, this is not a mess.

Qin Yu did not go to the Governor's Tuen Mun or the governor of the governor, but lived in the Chu Wangfu.

Due to the hasty, Chu Wang was in a net, the man in the Wangfu and the size of the man in the city were temporarily detained. Waiting for the disposal of Qin Yu, the child is being hungry. Wangfu.

Looking at the size of the king of the king, Qin Yu is also speechless. This Chu Wangfu is not only in the central center of Wuchang City, but also occupies a small half of the city, which is also built according to Nanjing Forbidden Palace. And the Royal Palace like this is afraid to dozens of seats.

However, this is also very convenient for Qin Yu. Everything in Wangfu has not moved, just changed the guard, Qin Dawang lived in, and truly realized it, what is the real prince.

At the beginning, when I broke into the Yangyang, the king of the king ran, and the luxury of Kaifeng and the king of the king and the king were still can't rat. .