The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 383 Zhang Wei's request

This time, Qin Yu convetes civil and military officials to come to Fuyang, mainly to deploy the next development, and all aspects have to develop a detailed plan.

So after the eight kings rushed back to the south of the Yangtze River, he returned to Fuyang, as for the 7th state counties such as Jingzhou, Huangzhou, Wuchangfu, Deanfouting, handed over Qin Tie.

However, he believes that there are Wuchang House's gentry landlord lead, and the influence of the family, most of the county counties can pass, do not have to attack one by one by the army.

After all, everyone is a smart person, Wuchang and Fuyang are lost, and Lu Xiang rose this governor runs again, and it is absolutely not good to eat.

Even if the county is loyal to Daming, it is useless to die, it is useless, because the county's gentry landlord will not be accused with the county.

Lost the support of the empress, these county is not even a fart in each county, and it will be killed by the class gensiti in the get out of class.

In the beginning of July, the Wangfu, Wangfu, looked at it, and the Qin Yu, which had been thin, and a few women were tears, and they were excited.

"Okay, don't I do this? Look at you, this time, this time is just the reason for the weather, otherwise this king will be set up to Hun Guang, where is it going to go today?"

Qin Yu didn't manage it is not in the majestic, one hand, and go to the palace.

The women have wiped tears, and the skirt rushed to keep up, this time I really scared them.

Li Yaner had a heart to keep up. It can be seen that the mother did not move. Think about it, but the Xintu also wanted to keep up. After all, she didn't have a name, in order to avoid it, this is strong.

"Sister, this day has worked hard."

Qin Yu will hit Zhang Yu in his arms, sitting on the bed, relatives, other three women are not this treatment, can only kneel in the bed or squat on the ground, sneer, my heart is envious and jealous Pet.

"The king, now you are a country-dangerous, but you can't fight again in the future, and the so-called Jun is not in the wild ..."

Zhang Wei is a scene that is not used to this four girls, but it has not been seen for a few months, and the heart is still in the heart, but she has to bear the shame, and began to follow the good lure, teach Qin Yu some emperors.

Qin Yu is also funny. Although he didn't be an emperor, it was not a king, the eight king of the big older energy ratio, and where the reason used her teach, but I didn't interrupt her.

"The king, you and a few sisters will first talk, there are some things in the court ..."

Zhang Wei can't say it. Seeing his hand has begun to drill into the skirt. I remembered that Qin Yu often chaotic with the Death, but she is nature, so I know that I will not go, I am afraid to stay. I can't get it.

"Well, you will go first, and hurt you in the next day." Qin Yu was pulled with Zhang Wei and pulled his hand in his arms.

"Yes, the king, the minister, retreat!"

The three women are afraid that they are not willing, they will hate them, they are all rushing to bed, and they are a well-behaved rumor.

If they haven't worried about their heads on their heads, they still don't care much, so they are now like it is like before.

However, the heart is dark, Zhang Wei, I made a scorpion, but I thought of her identity, I was a little discouraged. I know that I want to fight with her is absolutely struggling. Lien Wang Hao lost confidence.

Since Zhang Wei is open to the face, there is a rumor to pass her real identity, which is obviously that the civil servant who guess Zhang Yan's identity is leaked.

Although Qin Yu is in Wuchang, I naturally I heard that this is, I still worried that she can't think of it. Now she is still a sorrow. I have to comfort myself: "Sister, if you are true, I will open tomorrow. Rumor, and ordered it to be eight. "

"How to rumors? With you today's identity, can you lose your belief in the world, ?" Zhang Wei looked up with him.

"Oh, it doesn't matter, anyway, I don't think it is the kind of thousands of people!" Qin Yu held her hand tightly, when she worried that she would be depressed in the future, and finally seek shortcomings.

"Hey, you can finally can't get any people. If you are in the past, you will have a long year, you will be a long time. When you let you have supreme, I will have this day, but I didn't expect it to be so fast!"

Zhang Wei sighed, then shook his head, taking a sad way, saying that finally, I couldn't help but Hold Qin Yu's head, press the chest, half of it, only some pleaded: "Xiaoyu, I want ... I want to give you a child, can you? "


"That, sister, isn't there a rumor saying that you can't give birth?"

Qin Yu, lifted his head, and some were surprised.

"It is actually the emperor can't give birth, but it is related to the royal face, so the doctor is talented ..."

Zhang Wei's light explanation, saying that the last face is already hot, buried the head in his chest.

"It turns out!"

Qin Yanyi wants to think, feel that it is normal, after all, this seems more reasonable, not filial with three, no biggest, not to mention royal.

Even if Tianqi Di is in a dizzy, it is impossible for seven years of emperor, and a son has not left, even if Zhang Wei can't give birth, there is still other .

As for the poisonous hand of the guest, there is also a possibility of twice, the number of times, even if Tianqi Di is also pet to love the guest, I am afraid it can't stand her, after all, there is a big event, no emperor can tolerate my own babe two Make a poisonous hand.

So the only explanation is that Tianqi Emperor can't do it, so it can only be pushed into the Queen's head.

The last time Guest, Waisho and Wei Zhongxian know that Chongzhen and Donglin Party are close. I have a respect for Zhang Wei, but I can only look at Chongzhen Kangji, I am afraid that most of it is this reason.

Because Tianqi knows that he can't make birth, Wei Zhongxian and guests are even if they play flowers, they can only be honest. If they have never thought about it, they have to control better than Chongzhen, and they will not believe in Qin Yu.

"Why, you don't want?" Zhang Yan saw Qin Yu did not respond in Qin Yu, and suddenly looked up at him.

When I was forced to have a clerish in Qin Yu, I didn't have myself, although I was afraid that Qin Yu will hang her body to the gate to show people, open her identity, but a big reason is to have a child in the future.

"This ..., I am still not young!"

Qin Yu has a little awkward, in fact, he is not intended to let the prince, Liu, Wang's widow is pregnant.

Because these people have a child, they will not be able to take him with a heart, and they will knew the fight, pull the borders, strive to win the power, prepare for their son.

For example, today, he has to help him manage it, so he will hold back every time, do not give them a seed, even Mrs. Li is no exception.

Especially Zhang Wei, in the future, he also planked to seal Zhang Wei as the right queen, helping him manage the hometown, this is to have a son, then?

As for the childhood problem, he doesn't have anxious. In the future, he has won the world, from all over the country, some of the beautiful girls, is still afraid that there is no son?

Thinking of this, Qin Yu is also afraid, it is good to be used to it, although I know Zhang Wei can't give birth, but every time I still conscious, I am afraid I have already jade.