The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 384 Public Association

In the big luxurious bed, there is no trace of the scene that has just disappeared, and the whole room has become quiet.

A pretty face of Zhang Wei is also blushing, slightly lower, and the time is sad from the heart, and the tears in my eyes will always slip out.

She didn't expect her to have a courage, regardless of the pleading of the shame, Qin Yu still refused, the reason for the reason, and also understood it.

Just because I want to understand the reasons, it is more sad and helpless, and I am just a play.

Qin Yu is still his first time, she reveals this miserable look, and my heart suddenly a soft.

Directly, he is estimated that there is no man who has been eliminated. If you want to agree, you will be able to get it.

I have a sure and want to have two, Zhang Wei opened the head, other women must not refuse again, and finally busy to the child to fight, who is also doing things?

Thinking of this, it is hard to hard, put her in the arms, soft comfort: "Sister, you can rest assured, even if I as an emperor in the future, I will always pet you, after you have the biggest, no Let you let you be lonely like before ... "

Hirming a half day, who once thought that Zhang Wei was always inactive, neither continued to pleading, no longer like it was a little bit of a red ear, but his eyes were somewhat god, just in the chest of Qin Yu, mourning Mo is dying.

Qin Yu saw her attitude and response also lost his interest in finding a happy, just holding her for a while. After she fell asleep, she sighed, got up and left the palace and walked toward the small court.

In the yard, Li Yuer and Qiandu were sitting on the stone stool, holding a chin, a loss of the soul, seeing Qin Yu came in and was surprised and happy, and hurriedly gotting up.

Three people have been talking in the yard, most of them are about Wuchang and Xiaojia's things, Li Yaner is still good, and Qinru can't wait to return to Wuchang immediately.

"Mrs., this time I stayed in Fuyang for the longer half a month, I will go back to Wuchang to host the imperial examination. When you come with me, you will give it to you soon. If you have a good thing, she can alone. "

Qin Yu naturally knew that she thought she was laughing, and Mrs. Li was naturally happy. But Li Yu did not agree, holding Qin Yu's arms, said: "Xiaoyu brother, I have not seen my grandfather for many years, also Want to go, is it good? "

"This ... What do you want to do, what should I do with the lady's college? And there is a supervision on the money, or the next time."

Qin Yu is somewhat hard, in fact, I want to take her away.

Li said that the face was slightly red, secretly looked at Qin Yu, lowered, and obviously guess Qin Yu's mind.

"Well, I listen to Xiaoyu brother."

"Xiaoyu brother, I am going to find Lanner sister is something, you and your mother chat."

Although Li Yanner is somewhat lost, but still nodded, then got up and found an excuse to leave.

"Oh, lady, I'm really growing up, getting more and more sensible." Li Yaner just came from the yard, Qin Yuyi took Xiao Xinru, and smiled.

"Gong Child ..."

Mrs. Li was scared, and he was tense, and he saw his daughter away, and he glanced at him.

"Mrs., here is too dangerous, let's go to the house!" Qin Yu also worried that Li Yanner would kill the horse gun, and the waist will hose her to go in the room.

The girl is now arrogant, and even he can't think.

Three days, Qin Yu is in the harem of his hometown, and the partner is also shackled. It does not come to the palace, until the fourth day, Qin Yu convened the DPRK, this number of people is up to hundred.

After all the departments have reported the situation in this month, Qin Yu announced a lot of people in the government, apparently in the hearts of Wuchang.

In these months, the government has a good performance, so Qin Yu intends to transfer the political affairs of Da Qin to the Administration.

In the future, the House is only responsible for the firm and banks, as well as education, all of which are responsible by the Administration.

All soldiers are still governed by the military and public hospitals. As for the industrial zone of the mine iron making plant and the North Shore, it is the private property of Wangfu, so it is still managed by the internal government.

The stalls are getting bigger and bigger, and public and private is not certain.

Mrs. Nanyang and Fuyang, Xiangyang Sanfu, Lu Yangxuan continued to continue Qin Yu, and went to Huangguang other states to be the head of the town. As for those women who came back from Kaifeng and Yu Ning, they went to all counties to serve as banks. The shopkeeper with the firm.

For state counties that take the initiative to open off, the landlords in the territory can still retain their own property and field, but only 50% of the land, which is still used to pay farms, and the people's owners have been invalid In addition to banks in the future, don't like usa.

The people in the government, all should be reported to the official government, pay taxes according to human heads, one or two silver every year, these things are taken by the deal of the deal.

In the future, counties will implement three powers, the county will manage civil, county pronunciation military, and judges are responsible for the judgment. In addition, Qin Yu, each county, will send a lady's messenger, responsible for supervising the policies of Da Qin State. Implement the situation and accept reports.

In other words, the main work of these ladies in the future is supervising, acting as Qin Yu's eyes and publicity officers, to all towns to balance the gentry landlord, to promote the national policy and related law of the local people.

Of course, Qin Yu will not let go of those gentry landlords so simple, will be treated differently.

Every county will pick a famous landlord, come to copy the door, the man kill the man, the female family is all entered into the teacher, and the rest of the landlord will hand over, go to the lady's college to serve as teachers.

After the officials are in place, Da Yin State will formally pay taxes, executed by the tax department, taxation will be divided into farm, commercial tax and human head tax.

The farm tax is six, and the land in the Daxin country must pay, and the agriculture is all over the household.

Commercial tax temporarily only pays business tax, 70% of the households, three entrances, the office funds used in each door, all of the head taxes all in the county, and serve as the end of the official, as for the, when the house is unified Develop, unified distribution to the bank.

As the policy was read, the Chinese man was excited that there was no crying. Qian Bin was trembled, and it was so long. Finally, the government was not a flower shelf, and finally I can pay taxes.

Although the account of the house is still subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Internal Auditor, after all, the house will only have money, no longer like it is just an empty shell, even one or two silver can't take it.