On a hill outside Fuyang City, a great way to look at the top of the mountain, standing on the top of the mountain, looking at the north, rolling Hanshui, all the eyes, the east a few dozens of miles away, if there is a hidden, this hill The highest sea level, the mountain is extremely slow, and the end is a Feng Shui Bao.

On this day, the military officers above Huajun University have all arrived, and there are nearly a thousand injured veteran veterans, and countless onlookers.

As the salute sounded, the huge white cloth next to the foot of the mountain, slowly slipped from an over 30 feet high, and the five blood red big words were gradually emerged in front of everyone.

The tomb of Daxie!

This huge tombstone is still very big, because the smoothness of the surface is not carved, the rule is like a ghost, everyone is amazing.

More amazing is the pedestal under the tombstone, four four square meters, long three feet, high feet, I don't know where to find such a big stone, and the small square in the tombstone is also a smooth outrage, the same is almost Half-acres wide look.

It is only known to know the truth, this giant monument and the base is not a piece of stone, but with cement cast, the floor is also used in cement.

The three-line ladder has extended from the square to the top view of the top of the mountain.

After the salute, Qin Yu, who had a robe came to the front of the tomb, and Qin Yu took the three pillars, and inserted the big giant before the tombstone. Dingli, the gods, and heavy.

The fragrance is special, the top of a lifelike dragon pattern, in order to reflect his own identity, Qin Yuki said that it is dug.

The Tomb of this National People's Tomb is that he is preparing for the official of Daqin State, and each person will have a bright position, and the incense of Datun.

In the future, all the monarchs of the Qingming Festival, the monarchs of Daqin State have to come to this sacrifice, others can also come to worship, but the fragrance can only burn eight little in Ding Ding, Longxiang is the emperor. Special products, no one must pass over.

Since this mausoleum is not completed, the Spirit of the Huadian soldiers who have been killed in the class will only be placed in the Taoism, so that the Taoist daily.

After the inquiry, it is an essate, Qin Yu, on the high platform, read, while counting thousands of soldiers and countless people, I found that everyone's look is quite excited, he knows that this mausoleum is not White repair, the effect is still good.

No way, the ancients eat this set.

The vast worship ceremony, from the morning, continued until noon, and everyone is still unfained, returning to the city, Qin Yu immediately convened a military conference.

This military conference is just a pure expansion and reward, and the system has not been reform.

Nowadays, China's land has reached a province, and it is in the four-game land of Lake, and the strength is not enough.

From this time, it can be seen in the simultaneous war of conservative, and the seven independent of the six towns can not meet the needs of the war.

Qin Yu intends to expand four towns, seven independent camps, based on the first town and the second town of Wuchang, Hankou, recruit tens of thousands of local bans, increase the seventh town and eighth towns, the fifth part of the north The town and the sixth town have increased the ninth town and tenth towns.

Then expand two fire camps, and four cannon camps, cannon as ascending, six thousand people per battles.

Of course, it will definitely not call cany camp, but replace it with numbers, such as independent first battalion, second camp ...

The last one to increase is the watermaster camp, which is part of the military and public hospital directly jurisdiction, plus the , Fei Fengying, and the artillery camp, the Huajun will have 14 independent camps, ten towns, and the whole army has a total of 240,000 people. The preparation of about 300,000 people.

This is already the limit that Huajun can achieve, and then expanded, weaponry will decline, and there will be lack of supply, even more than these more than 200,000 people want to reach the weapons and equipment, I am afraid it has been a year. .

Of course, if as long as the Chu army, the kind of a long gun is a military uniform, it is millions, he also pulled it.

However, in addition to the four cannon camps, there are no qualifications for the eligibility of the army, and they will be disgraced to farm. The regular Huadian soldiers must be innocent, mind simple farm guys, ten It is best for eight or nine years old.

After the military meeting, the generals returned to their respective stations, preparing to recruit soldiers, and then colluded, and finally trained.

As for unified recruitment training, temporary conditions are not allowed, so they can only host people from all over the place.

The next day, in addition to the interview, all departments are busy, and with the state counties in the south of Xiangyang, the government affairs department and the court have been resolved to accept governance.

The military and public hospitals are also busy recruiting military training, building a weapon armor, and the commercial bank is busy expanding, while busy food storage.

With the people in Nanyang began to sell food to the firm, there have been a scene of the Fuyang area last year, countless shops, all the businessmen are crazy, the merchants in Han River and the Yangtze River are like the river.

Various prices are also rushing up.

Although it is a great harvest, the pockets have a lot of treasure banknotes, but the people in Nanyang are not happy, because the people of the towns have to go.

A lady is reluctant to have a carriage, slowly left the town that has lived a year, followed by countless people with tears, and I don't want to leave for a long time.

"Father, leave, go back!"

"Mrs is taken care!"

A woman saw that the people sent ten miles and did not want to leave. They had to drilled out again from the car curtains again, and the tears waved shouting, and the other women in the car were sobbed.

After all, thousands of people stopped, they were squatting on the ground, until the carriage disappeared in the end of the official road, they scattered.

Although the wife of the villager gone, but before I went, I selected the new mayor, and I chose one by each village. I have chosen every two years. This example, and the publicity of those ladies, these people I know the importance of the village head and the sedentation, and I also know what kind of person who chooses, I also know my rights and obligations.

Most of the landlords in Nanyang live in the city, and the influence of the towns in each village is close to no, the land can't be traded, it is difficult to reach the country in the future, plus a half of the population is migrated. Miscellaneous, the clan is not big, so really make autonomy.

On the weekdays, there is a contradiction yourself, you can't solve the door to fight the lawsuit. Just pay taxes on time, there will be no more power to manage, the village head and the mayor are not much power, mainly to promote the conflict, at least for a long time in the future. Will not change, this is the reason why Qin Yu dare to take these ladies.

Because there is still more in Nanyang, the other state counties of Huolang, almost have not moved, the people are ignorant and ignorant, the rules are greater than the law, the gentle masters are high, urgently need these ladies to liberate the idea.