The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 388, the official, the official of Da Qin

This case, Liu Mu, and Judge Huang Bin, Huang Bin, a commander of the light pole, and the preparation of Liu Cannon brought hundred Huajun, plus Zhou Mrs. Zhou and other hundred women, more than 200 people, all lived in the state, leading to one Time is actually a bit crowded.

Mrs. Zhou took a woman with a woman in the back house, and the house was busy cleaning up the house, burning water to bathe, and Yan Yan Yan, busy is not easy.

Liu Dayun is the first time to pick up the defense of state and the city, and to go to the city to detect news.

Liu Muhe Huang Bin two people were anxious to pump melons, and the servants and office spaces were unistemed. It was a red ear. Let the people in the Tuen Mun are unwanted. I don't know who it will be listened in the future.

As for the original Zhizhou Lu Ming, it is a packing bag, except for several followers and a small amount of property, the other did not take it, that is, the few rooms of the Na, were confiscated by Mrs. Zhou.

This makes Lu Ming are tears, so in a few years of finances, most of them have long, and only lose one or two thousand silver sons this year.

After a passion, Liu Mu and Huang Bin also finally reached a consistent, in fact, there is nothing to fight, after all, the relevant charter is there.

The lobby of the front yard is definitely a court, and it is necessary to upgrade the church, except the wing room on the left and right side, as a office space and archives.

In addition, elsewhere, such as the warehouse, big, and homes, and the future is to use the wall to surround the middle, open another door on the side, and the judge's residence must be found.

Personnel distribution also have a strict charter, the three-class service, the court is only to eight people, plus two instruments, and is responsible for recording when they are in the temple. One person is responsible for managing the file.

At this moment, Huang Bin is sitting on Taishi Chair, touches the black and bright glad in the hand, called a spring breeze.

He was just a buddy in the restaurant. Because of the word, the mind was flexible, so the earlier passed the assessment, entered the school studies, who once thought it had been studying for half a year, and was off the official, It is still from the six-product judge, enough to Guangzong Yaozu, so the belonging to the big Qin State and the court is very high. Even if they come on the road, they still hold the code in the carriage.

"Cough, Woli is the people in our court. This official will give you the basic situation of our Qin State Court. My Qin State Court is divided into four courts, county and the court. It is the court of primary courts, the government and Zhili, is the Intermediate Court. The court of the provincial court is the Senior Court, the court of Jingshi is the Supreme Court, and the courts at all levels directly belong to the superior court, and the financial personnel are all independent of the government. "

Huang Bin looked at the ten hands under the hall, and ten people were erecting the ears and looked quietly. They were related to the future, no one dared to neglect.

And ten people listen to it, the more excited, the more excited, because they will also have the order, and the future can be promoted, which is not impossible, and of course the premise is to go to the law school.

"Can you understand?"


Ten people were excited to reply.

"Well, according to the regulations, eight people will be awarded the official steps from the eight pieces, each month, two silver, you have awarded the eight products, the six silver sons per month, there is also a month, and there is a bonus every year. So I will give me another property again. Otherwise, once it is cheering, it is never forgive, as long as you do this, you will learn, learn the Code, in the future, I recommend you to study. "

"Thank you!"

Ten people have been rushing, and they are not rare. After all, I can only know that I can know that I can go to the school's training, no one can ignore, just they have heard it clear, the adults above However, it can be sent directly from the law school.

Huang Bin is like seeing that they think, cold snoring: "You can do it, I want to think that my big Qin country is the fake ratio. After the bank in the city, it will have an official. The account, the monthly will be directly issued to the account, only this person can get the silver, so no one is drifting, and the official can't, it is the first of the court. "

Ten people are like listening to heavens, in the cloud, but it is also nodded by the letter will, Huang Bin has to explain the bank.

at the same time.

Liu Mu also opened a meeting later, but the number of people should be much more, the servant is catching fast, the account is worked, the instructor is full of 100 people.

After a simple introduction, Liu Mu began to grant the level according to the provisions, divided each household personnel, and six rooms should also be adjusted.

Cranes, buildings, military rooms, increased business room, tax house, farmhouse, plus housing, , households, the same six rooms, but compared to the first time, now .

From the main officers of the Criminal House, the main officials of other officials have been granted from seven products, and they can see that other sergeants are also awarded the eight products, from eight products, nine products.

When I finished ten people than Huang Bin, I only need to migrate the volume of the past generation, and I didn't have much thing. Liu Mu was a big stall.

The first is to check the fields and shops in the state in the state, and then conduct all kinds of classification statistics, only to complete these first can begin tax payment.

This is not, when Liu Mu said that after the next thing to do, everyone is stunned, and there is a few people like a fool.

"Zhizhou adult ... this ... I have a population of hundreds of thousands of people in Yiling, and there are countless people in the city. The store is countless, and the lack of land is more involvement. If it is not good, it will cause a chaos, and please feel free." The old man is a hand.

"This Ber does not need to take the tube, and Whenever, according to the official's command, it will be done, and there is only the top official."

Liu Mu put his hand, and Liu Mu was quite unpleasant.

"But the adult, only the person who is waiting for me, is also a heart, I don't have the heart, I want to check the fields and shops, I am afraid that I can't get a year and a half, I can't do it within January."

"Tan Lir, etc., there is no need to take care of the population and shops. The population is responsible for the investigation, statistics, and the people of the town, and the store shall be responsible for the classification, an emergency , Do people don't have enough room for airborne personnel, do you understand? "


Everyone is sorry, although there is nothing to say, but many people are smiling in the hearts, this founding is a newcomer who is not an official. After he went to the ban, it will not say this again. Nacheus.

The expression of everyone is naturally taking Liu Mu, and the heart is also clear. After the two-day killer, he will look at it, but no one dares to take him the exquisite.

Next, Liu Mu also explained some things that he had to pay, he had been busy to Tianhe, and he was in a hurry to go to the largest restaurant in the city to go to the banquet.