The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 391 of the mountain town

The Yiling is located in the Three Gorges Entrance, the edge of the Wushan Mountains, and the territory is still in the vicinity of Yiling City, and the other regions are all Chongshan Mountain, the original jungle.

More than 20 million people in the territory have a lot of people living near Yiling City and cross-strait in the Yangtze River.

More than ten townships, there are also many people in remote mountainous areas. Most of the mountain people have hunting for their lives. Although poverty, although poverty, it is undoubtedly a lot, minimum. Life is worry-free.

It is the so-called deep mountain, plus the fields in the mountains, is that the landlords in the city and the town are not able to see these villages, long time, this unique environment, so that the villagers have not only formed A set of own rules, it is also extremely exclusive.

Some villagers have not left near the village from small to most, only the people who have seen people in the village will go to the town or county in the town, even in January.

Baiyan Town is located in the northwest of Yiling, although the road is rugged, but there is also a man's passage.

On this day, a group of people walking in the trail, a capture of the road, then two , a woman up and down a 30-year-old woman was sitting on the soft sedan and was carried by two big men, portable The female soldier of the sword fell in the end.

This pedestrian naturally starting from Yiling City, lady in Baiyan Town, departing, until the sun down mountain is still in town.

During the period, it turned over a mountain, most of the roads were a rare woods, which made the head of the town of the northerners.

Two Still tired.

"Wang ... Wang Big Brother, this ... This day is fast, haven't arrived yet?" A small kitchen chased, rushing to catch up with the front.

"Juan Er girl, it's almost fast, and it is coming over this mountain."

"Before half a time, you said this, how long does it take?" Ying Juan's .

"This time is true, rest assured, you must go to the town before the black, Juan Er girl is not moving, the old king can take you a paragraph." The name of the surname was smiled.

"You can still lie again, I am still moving, if you really want to help, I will put my bag on the back."

Juan heard that he was going to carry himself, he was a bit heart, but his daughter's home was still rejected, and he handed the bag.

"Well!" The king's head was somewhat disappointed, and he turned his shoulders. He turned to go forward. After a while, the other is Xiao Cui, and it will still give the baggage.

"Lady, this poor mountains, what can we do in the future?"

"Oh, I don't know how long it is here."

After the two, he didn't have a baggage, and it was a lot, and came to the soft car to sigh, obviously did not expect that the conditions here will be this, and the Nanyang is compared to Nanyang.

"If you come here!" The lady sighed, although sitting on a fanhole, but the day of the upper downhill downhill was also subjected to seven points, and the gods were inevitable.

I am afraid that four women are still there, they still look at the balance, carrying the bag, carrying the sword, plugging in a short, and sometimes the mood is a branch that extends.

This time, the king is really no deceptive. After the group turned over the hill, there was a river at the foot of the mountain, and the terrain of the river was more open, and several homes were towering, and there were dozens of small wooden houses next to them. The opposite side is a large water field.

At dusk, dozens of smoke floated from the town, and the villagers were bathed in the river, and a few dogs were barked. When a group of people in the town, he immediately looked at the trail on the mountainside.


"Fast, go to the generals, come to welcome the new mayor." A old man dressed in the Chinese-handed people quickly greeted. Not much time, the air of the town was full of hundreds of people, and the men and women were weak.

One step in advance, and the other to catch the town in the town, it is to talk to the old man.

As a group of seven people are close, the villagers are quiet, curious about this group of outsiders.

Children finger something in the parents in the parents, and the young guys looked at the two pretty , their eyes were somewhat dodge.

The lady's surname, and finally finally got a soft car, slowly came over, the old man, immediately took the middle-aged man dressed in the external model of the other staff.

"Old empty, congratulate the lady!"

"Welcome to the lady."

The people have also learned to be bent over the waist, although they don't solve the head of the imperial court, but Huang La said that it will not be wrong, let alone the two captured them or Can distinguish it.

"Huang is polite."

"The folks are polite, and they are surnamed. It is the town of Baiyan Town, which is just appointed by Yiling King, and everyone call me Xu Xu."

Xu Shu has a gift, while introducing the surrounding people, seeing them with a dish, but the spirit is not bad, but also nodded, then take out the appointment document from the next side, handed Huang Lao.

After Huang Lao took the instrument, he had no doubt that although he knew that his wife came to the town. A group of people invited the town.

The yellow family is the largest landlord in the town. Even in this poorer, the house is still four-in-law, and there is no problem to give them to the courtyard.

When I first arrived, I didn't refuse, and the welcome banquet at night was just revealing, I went back to the house to rest.

Huang Master and the other two members will continue to greet two calls enthusiastically and want to inquire from two people.

"Huang Ye, the truth is telling you, this outside the sky has changed, although the lady is a woman, but it is coming with Xin Zhizhou, a woman like them, this time More than a dozen, a surnamed Zhou, it seems to be a special envoy, I don't know what to do, but it seems that it is not much lower than that of Liu Zhizhou, and there is a judge ... "

Two caught drunkenness, the mouth couldn't help but guess himself, and a brain said.

Huang La and the other two members, listening to the two people chatting, the face is dignified, the three are not stupid, naturally can listen to the identity of this license, I am afraid it is the same as it is the same.

On the other side of Fuyang, they also screamed, the landlords of the landlord were distributed to the mud, and they were brought to them.

Two catch drunken, after being helped, the three came to Huangjiashu.

"Huang old, isn't that Xune really come to the field?"

"Hey, if it is true, this day high emperor is far away, I don't believe that her woman can also turn the sky."

"Now, the conclusion, also in the fashion, wait for Jun Children from the city, then make it!"

"Hey, the world is now, I don't know if the court can't ..."

Huang Yumi swayed, and then sighed, shakes his head, and the two remembered the trend of the court today, and they were all sighed.

The next day, in the early morning, Xu Shu has a Huang House, with a female soldier and a sorrow began in the town.

While understanding the situation of Baiyan Town, look for housing, obviously, I would like to complete the task of the king's explanation, and then leave here.

There are so many houses in the town, except for the three major households, the other people are unique, and there is no empty house, which makes Xu Xu's time.

"Mrs., don't we hire the people to re-cover a building, not only to close some relationships with them, but also learn more from them."

"Y Juan's suggests, the female soldier on the side is nodded, and she turned down a morning, she also felt that the people in the town did not dare to talk, so the customs understood were very limited.

"Well, it can only be so, you can cover the house while going to each village's statistical population, understand the details of my big Qin State."

Xu Shu actually also has this idea. After all, it is not a matter of living in Huang Zhai. It is easy to cause the people to misunderstand. This king has prepared one hundred and two money for each of them, covering a simple small The hospital can't spend much.

It can make a few people have never thought that no one is willing to give them work. I have asked more than ten houses. I didn't recruit it. Xu Shu also understood. If the yellow is not nod, I am afraid no one dares. Give them work.