Bridge head village, there are more than ten miles from Baiyan Town, there are dozens of people in the stockade, more than two hundred people, almost all surnamed Wang.

Due to the small Outtona, like several other villages, the people in the stockade, in addition to rents some waterfields in the town, on weekdays, we must hunt to hunt on the mountains, in order to barely maintain livelihoods.

Each household can rent the water field is one or two acres, including more than 500 pounds of Valley, including 70% of the landlord to the town, every year, each family can get more than 100 pounds, this is the case. Still a lot of porridge, each family is rushing to grab the rental waterfield.

Due to the distance of the road, the fur currently obtained by hunting, and some rare medicinal materials are also directly sold to the landlords of the town.

Occasionally some people want to go to the city to sell a good price, and finally the blood is not returned, and the nose blunt face in the city is back. Over time, no one will try it to sell it again.

It can be said that the villagers are eating, invisible is firmly controlled by the landlords in the town, and the ancestors belong to the kind of hungry, unsatument.

Although the villagers are ignorant, they do not really want this, but I don't know how to resist.

However, the villagers saw a hopes, the reason is that the lady told them that the water fields they rented in the future, only need to pay 50% of the rent, and then pay more than 40%.

Although it is more than one more, if it is true, it is also a big joy. The key is that they have opened the wasteland field, will belong to them in the future, and anyone will not capture.

Of course, the most interested mountain people is still, or the Daqin Congress has opened two shops in the town, not only sell salt bar iron fabrics, but also acquire the mountain goods of the villagers.

That price is listening to it, it makes people heart, salt barber cloth, almost doubled, and the price of mountain goods should be several times higher than the price of mountain goods.

Although the Mrs. Xu said that Daqin State has hundreds of thousands of soldiers, there is no opponent in Daming, and the Hua Wang is so late to be the emperor's character, but after all, the high emperor is far away, the villagers are still concerned in their hearts. of.

Although I hope that the lady can come to the village, I will tell them about the outside world, but I really want to do anything, but no one dares to promise, more than the people want to come from the lady. Get some spiritual comfort.

However, the poorest Wang widow in the village is determined, and I plan to send my son to the soldier.

Wang widow husband killed early, leaving a year old father and young child, there is no top beam column in the family, which is unable to rent a waterfield, and cannot hunt into the mountain. If the villagers in the next day, I am afraid a family can't live.

In the morning of this day, the Wang widow family turned into the sky, and the mother and child were all eating a bowl of rice porridge, and the mother and child were still unfair.

"Son, do you want to cook it with you?" Wang widow looked at the son to clean the water in the bowl, and the heart was not good, and a bit bite.

"Mother, still stay." The son of Wang widow is only seventeen old this year. Although the one is quite high, but it is thin, and it is a long-term nutrition. I went down the bowl, and wipe the mouth. .

"OK, that night, the mother will give you some cooking, the mother doesn't eat." Wang widow touched his son's head, a loving love.

"Mother, I don't want to be a soldier." Wang Dog looked up at this time, and the eyes exposed unconventional strengthening.

"Such a good chance, why not? Are you still angry?" Wang widow suddenly, and the tone was never severe.

Obviously, even the women's people, she also knows that the son stayed in the mountains, and can only be like him, I want to get out of the world, I will go to the army is the only chance, even if I don't want, I am worried, but still hard, heart, Decided to send him to the army, I hope he can go out in the future.

"But the mother, what do you do? I have grown up now, I can hunt to hion with the three uncles, staying in the village, I can support the mother and myself."

Wang Dog said that he also held his fist. In fact, it was also full of towards, but he knew that the body of the mother is getting worse, it is inseparable from him.

"Mother is not telling you yesterday? Xu Mrs has promised to give me some money, open a shop in the town, today, the mother will support himself or no problem, you will go to the soldier, will come to the battle, Not only can Guang Zong Yao Zu, but also a beautiful woman like a lady. "

Wang widow is also a gratification, but still boarding, saying that the last mouth is showing a laughter.

Wang Dog remembered the fairy, a lot of grandfather, a face, but the eyes were in the eyes: "But ... Three uncles they say that the yellow is not promised, that Xu The lady said that no one really knew, she was out of the country, and she was going. "

"Don't listen to your three uncles, they come out, then let the lady are kind, and I really want to think about us. If you don't lie to us, you will be relieved to be a soldier, don't think about it, Mother will take care of yourself. "

Wang widow is serious, in fact, she doesn't believe she can open the shop, but in order to let her son rest assured, she can only say this.

"Tip them."

At this time, the hospital suddenly broke in a few people, and the head of the head is the big manager of the yellow family, and several big man behind him will raise a stick and rope.

The people in the village also heard the news, not much, outside the yard is full of people.

"What do you want to do?" Wang widow will be the only knife in his hand, and protect his son behind him.

Wang Dog is a knife that has taken a knife. When I first stepped forward, I stared at a few people behind Wang.

"What? Wang widow, your own good things you don't know?"

"What did I do?"

"Hey, you killed your father-in-one last year, and you with your son, like you, this kind of people who don't know people are shameful, and there is no humanity, and it is difficult to calm, and the good hands of the best."

"Ah! I fight with you ..."

When Wang Dog listened, he suddenly took three feet, it was desirable to fight, but he was killed by Wang widow, and then turned his house:

"Yellow vessel home, you don't know how to die, who doesn't know how to starve? As for me and my son ... That is not there, you dare to give your old lady, you don't know clearly, the old lady is not finished. "

"I dare to argue, if you don't want to give you a father-in-law, he will live alive? Do you dare to say that you die? You and your son sleep a bed, do something, really do you know?"

The housekeeper snorted, and then a ten-year-old child was brought.

This child is also a bridged, low head, and only Ino will say that the mother and son are unintentionally said.

Suddenly a piece.

Although everyone didn't believe that the child said that there was a nose. As a result, when the family hitting the family, the villagers had hesitated, but they still still stood up and stopped.

Even if some people guess the mother and sons of Wang widow are embarrassing, it is afraid of Huang family to retaliate in the future, and his family is implicated. At this time, I have chosen the silence.

In the face of a few strong people, the mother and son are naturally not opponents, not only being hitted, but also bundled a finish, but also returned to the town.

Wang Dog is a red eye, it is struggling, and Wang widow is broken, and people in the village have not standing out. The heart is a sadness. These are their Wang family!