Fuyang, Wangfu.

For more than a month, I learned that Qin Yu's people were really surprised by his diligence, and all kinds of things were dealing with every day.

In fact, Qin Yu is also a helpless, and Zhang Wei is awkward. Zhang Wei hides in the hometown of the hometown all day, no matter what happened, this makes Qin Yu, and has to personally go.

Fortunately, the government and the court have a government affairs and courts in today's Daqin, and the court is completely responsible. It also reduces his many pressures, and only needs to focus on military construction, industry and commerce development, and technological innovation.

However, the huge housekeeping government still let Qin Yu are busy, go to Wuchang's days, and it is also pushing, no way, there is no way, the newly included site is not stabilized, and he is in formal, he is not worried. .

Although he didn't ask if he did not ask this month, he did not pay attention to him. In fact, it is not concerned about it.

At this time, there is a large and luxurious study. The Qin Dynasty of the Qin Dynasty in the eyes of the outside world, but there is no half of the Zhenxiong, the emperor is only wearing a big trousers, obsessing in a special cool chair, two The palace is holding two big unliked fans, slowly inciting.

There are six large copper pots, and each pot is filled with ice, and the coldness of the silk is also filled with fruit herbal tea. A palace woman is specializing in the side.

Before the desk, four women were sitting, and each person held a book, turned around the content, like this book, and the box is full, at least hundreds of people.

These booklets are sent by the special envoy, less than a few thousand words, and more tens of thousands of words. It can be said that as long as you read the contents of these booklets, you can have a detail in the counties in the country. Learn.

Originally, Qin Yu is going to finish reading, so that there is a number in his heart, but it is only to read more than a dozen, and the eyes are not eaten, so I will find four people to tend, even if so, I have been thinking about three days. Not finished.

One of the women came, and found that Qin Dawang made a snoring. The smile stopped, the small voice: "Also whispered."

"Oh, I don't know if the king can't remember where to read, he fell asleep."

The other three women are also smiling, letting the books in the hand, the king is always closed because the eyes are always closed, so when no one is asleep, it means that the big king wakes up, I don't know where to think.

Everyone naturally dares to make the dream of Qin King, just sitting waiting, so good in the room, not always asking for a while, only have a constant drinking tea.

Although the king is a person, even if they sleep on the table, the king will not say anything after waking up, but the four women still struck the spirit.

Until Xiao Xin came in, I found that Qin Yu fell asleep again, playing a gesture, let everyone returned, several palace women and four women will take out.

And Qinru is the thin blanket that picks up the next to Qin Yu, sitting next to the coldchair, such as to give him a mosquito fan in front of him, and the eyes are full of love.

After Qin Yu woke up, it was already in the sun.

"Lady, how come you? Other people?"

"After the son fell asleep, let them retreated." Hua Xinru said that he would help him, but he was lying down by Qin Yu.

"What is the time?"

"Just after the application, the son is still small, why is it necessary for this pro, tired?"

"Hey, I heard that Chongzhen guys have to deal with a lot of official documents every day. From the morning to ten years, if this is the case, then this emperor is not as good as it is."

Qin Yu felt a sentence, regardless of the ability of Chongzhen, but only the effort, it is worth admire.

After all, no one can put three thousand beautiful ports, no matter what you don't ask, you will be in the boring play.

He couldn't think of it, don't say that the ten years, it's a month, you can't do it, so I also understand that I will remind him that I will work during the day, don't worry again in the evening.

Zuxin saw him mentioning Chongzhen, couldn't help but remember the rumors of the outside world, and finally didn't hold back: "The son, is there a sister really ...?"

"Oh, the lady guess is right, she is really the Queen Queen." Qin Yuhe smiled and didn't care about her.

"This ... How is this? I am really ..." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

After all, Queen Queen, but the model after the sages, not only Qi Liang Shude, generous and kind, and the example of the world woman learning.

"Is it impossible? My husband is still unclear? Don't see her usually a good look, you can go to the bed than the lady, you can put more, hehe!"

Qin Yu saw her shocked appearance, and the heart was even more proud, took her laughing.

"No ... no, Zhang sister ... should the Niang Niang be?" Xin Run suddenly blushing, the small mouth is great, obviously more shock than the just now.

"If the lady does not believe, let's have a big sleep that day, you will know."

Qin Yu said, his hands also began to stretch into her dress. He said that he said to his heart and jumping. He sat up and sat up and pinned his shoulders.

"The son has been over, still a good rest!"

"Well! The lady is relieved, this is enough, I will stay with you back Wuchang." Qin Yu comfortably squatted in the coldchair, nor is it.

"The son, what happened recently? If there is anything to help, the son does not have to be everything, and it is a pity that the ability is limited, and he can't help the son."

"The lady does not have to be self-purple, and the lady asks to accompany me every day, it is the greatest help."

Qin Yu turned over to grab her hand, and then explained with her, Zhang Wei's cause.

Qin Yu's heart is also sighed, Zhang Wei's ability to see and means it, it is indeed best suited to do this big tube. In addition to she is really hard to find a suitable person.

Liu and Wang have managed the logistics department. One person tested the banking firm. It is not too busy. If it is not Zhang Yizhen, it is very difficult to have such a big stall.

As for the Kings, except for the head, it is better than the two, it is better than the two people. If there is a Wangfu, it will make people feel uneven. If there is Zhang Wei's pressure, I am afraid I have already become a pot of porridge.

In this way, Qin Yu wants Zhang Wei to make the future of the future hometown, so that he must save a lot of effort, but Zhang Wei has had his son, but it can still be like this unbiased to deal with anything. I am afraid who I don't know.

After all, once a woman has a child, Fu Jun is standing on the side, especially royal.

"It turned out, said that Zhang's sister is also very poor."

After listening to, I have a little sympathy, although I feel that Qin Yu is somewhat inexplicably, but I won't say anything. After all, she has to consider her daughter.

In fact, she doesn't want to have a child with Qin Yusheng, but also know that this is impossible.

Qin Yu is silent, and there is also a little bit of heart to see her, so he got up and wear it, and he sent a book to the government.