The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 400 Eighteen Department

When Qin Yu and Zhang Wei were washed, when wearing a study, Qian Bin and all deputy books have just arrived.

This is also the first time, Qin Yu convene a book of the government of the Administration, and the past is a person, so the people are in secret at this moment.

Is Qian Bin lost?

Is it coming?

How do you perform in front of the king?

This is almost the problems that all of the Shangshu's mind will think, and Qian Bin seems to be a little uneasy. After all, the summary of this time is too abnormal, not only chooses at night, but also everyone will convene, plus taxes. No headless, not to be tense, don't think about it.

In just a short time, it seems to stand for half a year, and the hard sweat of the back is unable to stop.

"Refine the king!"

"I have seen my mother!"

With Qin Yu and Zhang Wei walk into the book, plus Qian Bin and other nine officials are rushing to rush.

"Zhong Ai Qing is facing!"

"sit down!"

After Qin Yu lifted his hand, then she sat in the desk, Zhang Wei tightly, standing on the side, everyone saw Zhang Yutu standing, naturally, I didn't dare to sit, I wedned again, I stood on both sides.

Qin Yu also didn't work, swept this gang, found that there is a lot of people don't know, the corner is not convulsive, facing the money, "Qian Aiqing, the official grade, how is it?"

"Back to the king, have been set up!"

Qian Bin saw that Qin Yu came to ask this matter, but it was relieved, and quickly replied, I want to introduce it in detail, and an old man behind him will take the first to introduce.

"King of the king, through the account of the household, follow the king instructions, our government affairs department officials, from the top, from the weahearted order to Zheng Yipin, divided into 18, the village head awards nine products ..."

At this old, I can't accept the end of the gay. How many people have been gone from the officials at all levels, and how many , the big Qin State now has many state counties, and it is clear.

This time, Qin Yu also wanted to completely confirm the civil servant, because the Government Office did not have a salary, Qin Yu was too lazy to manage them, saying that it is not too much to live.

Fortunately, in ancient times, I have a year, plus the holidays, Zhang Wei will also do a little silver to the government, and the court, so everyone is really not very concerned about.

Although the old man is somewhat, Qin Yu is not unfained, but it is quite satisfactory, because the formulation is reasonable, the at least is more advanced.

In addition to the village head and the town, it is a year, two or two silver children every year, and the rest of the officials will be issued.

Five-two silver children, most of them are the lowest personnel, and future newcomers.

A new person's trial period, after passing the bureau, it can grant the officials of Jiujie, become the official civil servant in Daqin, and the monthly monthly monthly silver.

From the eight products 15 two, the eight products are 20 two, these two products are generally awarded the head of the county, such as the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From the seven products 30 two, Zhengzi 40 or two, these two grades generally gave the Juan County and county judges.

From the six products 50, the six products are 70, generally dedicated to the Quitie and State judges.

From the five products of 80, the five products are 100 two, and Zhili Zhizhou and judges are generally granted.

From the four products of 120, the four products are 150 two, generally awarded the Governorate and a Quan Judge.

From the three products, 170 two, Zheng Sanlin 210 two, awarded the independence of Known and State judges.

From the second product 250, the second product is 300, and a provincial governor and the provincial judge, as well as all parties, and waiters.

From the 1 product 500, Zheng Yipin 1000 two, granted the first auxiliary and secondary, and the court of the court.

As for Independence, Qin Yu took out some experience in the past, and the state-level administrative unit of the Ming Dynasty was also improved.

That is, the state is divided into three levels, the lowest level of Zhizhou, and the level is higher than the county, but still paying attention to the governance, although it is a low half of the family, but it is directly accentralized by the province.

The highest level of Independence, is directly jurisdiction over the middle of the provincial level.

In addition to the moon, officials have a month of money and silver, and the bonus of the year.

In the future, the far tax is all over, most of them must be charged with military spending, and a small part is as an official of the official, and the household is distributed monthly.

The business tax of each county is half-handed, the other half as the inexpensive golden gold in the local official, distributed according to the official grade, everyone has a copy, and the business tax is also charged once a month.

As for the person who charges the people of the people to hire the people under the owner, they will be charged once a year, all of the accounts, and then take a part as a bonus of the year.

Qin Yu's imagination is that the tax collection charged in the government, as long as the government of the government's courts and military political institutions, the funds of the military soldiers and daily operations are sufficient.

As for the construction, the invention, the creation, the development of the industry, and the additional funds needed to fight are all responsible for the Ministry of Information.

Because the commercial tax is in a short time, in addition to the business tax, Qin Yu is not intended to receive other taxes, and the far tax is also topped.

Large-scale grinded business tax and customs tax, then wait until the future business is prosperous, then you can reduce the agriculture of farmity to ten and even lower, pigs, killing, Qin Yu still knows of.

Nowadays, it is now necessary to pay commercial taxes, which will affect commercial development, and in ancient times, it is unrealistic to use commercial tax in ancient times.

Therefore, it is better to charge the business tax now, it is better to participate in the business activities, but the benefits can not only earn a lot of money, but also lead the business development and reduce the burden of the people.

After all, the ancient traffic is inconvenient, the transportation cost is huge, if it charges an additional crossing fee, it will make the price of the lack of goods, and the people can't afford it.

"Well! Yes, the house is really interested, but some details need to be improved, such as the seven departments under the administration of the government, and the governor is equally established, the Governor Tuen Mun and Zhizhou Tuen Mun should set up the corresponding Each room, county, and the people under the county is very good. "

"Right, the official printed of all levels, the official print of each door, the official service is roughly color and the style, but from the details, you must distinguish between the size, um, the official service of the Ministry of Punish Open from other Tuen Mun, but also set up a school, and adjust the old holdings of the experience of handling the new call ... Temporary these! "

"It is the king, the minister will go back to supervise immediately!"

This time, there are almost three people at the same time, and Qian Bin looked at the family's book and the deputy of the criminal department. The face was black into the bottom of the pot, but it was not good to attack, but they had to secretly bite. Tap these two uneasy old things.

If Qin Yu has read Qian Bin, the heart is also slightly sighed, and this person is limited, it is really hard injury.

He gave such a big power, and Qian Bin actually could not do it in the government, so that all the airstrips were from, this leadership level is too bad.

He will not fight against the emperors of the past, let the civil officials fight all day, will spend their minds to the conspiracy, the government, he will definitely let go, and will also establish the absolute authority of the first auxiliary, he is only responsible for Task, as long as the result is as for the process, he will not take it.

Dry well, the first auxiliary will continue, don't do it, you will change your egg, continue to do it again.

As for too powerful power, the government will not rebel, the emperor, that is a joke, the judiciary is divided by the court, and the military power is not able to get it. The only card is the group resignation, forced the palace.

But even if this scene, Qin Yu will not allow it. Huaxia has lacking from the old, that is, no deficiencies, as long as the education is popular, the era of civil servants will not return.

Now there is no popularity, use a woman to replace it, the effect is the same.