The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 401 Perfect Solution

Although Qian Bin's ability is limited, it is hardened in diligence, and I can keep in harmonize myself, so Qin Yu has not planned to withdraw him.

As for loyalty, it is not critical.

"Qian Aiqing, the Prime Minister of the Administration, you must know how to grasp the small place, everything in the government must manage, but you can't do everything personally, understand?"

Qin Yu intends to mention him. At the same time, he will help him establish an authority. He does not want the Government to reach a month, and there will be such a party struggle, and it is also a court and government affairs.

"The minister will comply with the king to teach!" Qian Bin Cheng is fearful, and all other deputy books are cold and half.

Obviously, Qin Dawang means they have understood, that is, all ministers want to cross the prime minister, directly and tie, it is not.

At the same time, everyone is a little delight, it is a contradiction to the extreme, which is normal, after all, the idea is different.

Everyone is now a book, naturally wants to cross the first auxiliary, directly and Qin Yu play, but everyone is looking forward to one day.

"Well, the Government of Government also has more than January, according to the term of this king has passed half, how is the increase in taxation? Can you complete it on schedule?"

Qin Yu nodded, then stared at Qian Bin straight.

Everyone suddenly passed, the general meeting, Qian Bin had only had a hard scalp, once again launched: "Go back to the king, the population of all over the country has been roughly statistically complete, as for shops and fields, due to insufficient people, and statistical classification too It's complicated, I am afraid ... I am afraid I have to get it in March 4. "

"Hey, March 2012, there will be autumn harvest in March, it is difficult for this year, you don't want it? You don't want to be, can you come from the military?"

Qin Yu snorted, this guy is obviously dead duck, don't say it in March, I am afraid that I will have a break in half a year.

"Chen ... Chen curable, live up to the trust of the king, sin, the death of the death, but the minister will try to do our best, try to solve it, and strive to be completed as soon as possible."

Qian Bin swayed on the ground, neither dared to resign, and did not dare to brag, but he was very real.

Seven Shangshu saw that Qian Bin was also squatted, and he had to ask for a sin.

"What issues have been encountered first."

Qin Yuzhi has no expression, and did not let them get up. However, for Qian Bin, it is very satisfied.

"King of the king, mainly the person is too small, all the landlord landlord members do not cooperate."

"Is there still?" Qin Yu took a table, clearly understood that he was afraid of his big killing, so I didn't dare to say that the people were full of violations, after all, those members were now people of the government.

"Go back to the king, there is also ... There is also a newly attached tanker, and there is a deep deputy with the local gather business, and it is difficult to perfine the delay."

Qian Bin also knows that I want to pass Qin Yu, I am afraid it is impossible, see him anger, but also have to bite your teeth.

"I am afraid it is just perfunctory? There is also a private law, accept the property, etc.!"

Qin Yu is smirk.

This sound is scratching, it can be made a cold sweat behind eight people, but only knowing the truth, secretly white Qin Yu.

"How do the Administration plan to solve?"

Qin Ye saw that they didn't talk their heads on the ground, they had to ask again.

And Qin Bin is a heavy peasant, Qin Yu also asks the government's opinion, then explains that it will not immediately open the kill, there is still room for returning, so I have rushed: "King of the king, after the minister With the discussion of collections, decided to re-establish a group, recruit a group, I believe this will gradually improve in the future. "

"Too slow, this king can have no time to slow slow, etc. Thousands of relationships, killing chicken, cheers, probably can't get how much role, so it is better to tune each other, thoroughly chaos, so up to 78 days, counties can launch statistics. "

"Tone each other?"

Qian Bin looked up and fierce, and everyone was stunned, obviously not stupid, which is indeed a fastest and most thorough solution.

"Dawang Yingming!"

After Qian Bin reacted, immediately excitedly, the Qin Dawang admired the five-body investment, letting their government arsenal to race their brains, in Qin Yu, it is so easy to solve it.

"King of the king, the local governor, is it a relocation, or a temporary doctrine? If it is still a good solution to the centralized office, you can have a bit of trouble if you move."

Everyone is shooting the garde, but the house is still asked.

"Still holding it, this is good, their house land furniture is all responsible for unified acquisition by the firm, and the new counties are purchased with the firm. If they are reluctant to move, they will be released."

Qin Yutong opened the old man, I wanted to think about it, I still have some scraping for this old man, but I don't know what he called, when I added.

"Dawang Yingming, in this way, all the governments will have no worries, even if they count the relocation time, it is absolutely able to complete the statistics before autumn harvest, and began to collect taxes."

The household is sincerely, as long as those devices are not stupid, they will absolutely move, and they also understand Qin Yu's meaning. In fact, the interchange of houses in all counties is almost the same, just because of the commercial center.

"The acquisition of the land land, just assisted the special envoy to assist the discounted shopkeeper, and the gates of all levels must not intervene."


Everyone quickly replied.

The most spicy thing, finally got perfect solution, everyone is relaxed, including Qin Yu.

And Qian Bin's first auxiliary is a turbidity, it can be seen how much this is stressed.

"The last thing is the relevant farm. Recently, the Nanzang duty has acquired a lot of new crops from the south, and several of them are quite high, and the tight drought, the taste is also good, so this king is intended to promote."

Qin Yu said, hit a gesture, not much, several palace women came in, each of the trays, put a few crops, including corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pepper tomatoes and so on.

"Let's take a look."

Everyone is curious, suddenly hangs, and went to the quantity around, even Zhang Wei couldn't help but stretch the head forward.

Until everyone is too curious, Qin Yu introduced these things one by one.

Pepper, tomatoes, these novel vegetables, fruits, can be corn, potatoes, sweet potato, and the drought and drought is shocked.

Qin Yu saw that they were not in dress, but they did see these things for the first time, and they also understood that these guys were probably the people who were only read only by the sages.

"This time, due to the limited number, the farmer can choose a piece, and then hire several experienced old farmers, cultivate a batch, then use this as seed, and set up a cultivation base in each county, and can be in two or three years. I have opened the promotion in Daxin, and I can promote the whole world in ten years. "

Qin Yu said slowly. These potato corn have been planted in Huaxia. It is basically adapted to the climate in the south. It should be adapted to the climate in the north.

The Farmers of the Agricultural Site quickly saved a guarantee. They did not have a chaotic seven-eight, and the bad habits of Daming chantang were still not formed here. After all, they were the first time.

Nowadays, the seven,, households, punishment, work, agriculture, tax, except for the Ministry, the rest of the six parts can be done, so when you leave the study, everyone is emotional, and the university is still a little lost. Just I almost didn't hold back several times, I have to make a detailed call.

After everyone left, Zhang Wei looked at Qin Yu's serious way: "Xiaoyu, is our internal government to set up a grade of the lady and office workers at all levels? Standardize ?"

"Well, I do to standardize the specification."

Qin Yu nodded, and then hugged her in his arms, the two began to negotiate, and finally, the last sure will call the women and a few women.