The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 403, Unnealed Shengshi

"Hey, you are still young, Xiao Yu brother means, let's first determine the name, other things, etc., will you grow up again in the future?"

Qin Yu pulled her to the side, touched her hair and said, obviously, even Li Yanner has been fifteen this year, I have a slim, but Qin Yu still does not go to hand, or it is still in the bottom. Arrival, after all, he has always regarded Li Yuer as a sister.

"Xiaoyu brother, don't you like you?" Li Yuer was immersed, looked up and looked at him, tears hit it in his eyes.

"Of course, it's so good to be so good, how will Xiaoyu brothers don't like it?"

Qin Yu hurriedly, and the heart was helpless.

If you think that Qin Dawang Lian Zhang, the woman is packed, but it has been bored by a girl.

"Why is the Xiaoyu brother always hide? And wait for the future ..." Li Yaner said that the last voice was small.

"Hu said, how can Xiaoyu brother hide you? It is just too busy. As soon as waiting for the future, isn't you said? You are still small!"

Qin Yu has a little awkward. He didn't expect this little Nizi even asked her to deliberately hiding her, and some worried that she guess what she had.

Li Yaner also saw the embarrassment of Qin Yu, although he is like mirror, but he is not willing to make him difficult, but still low-headed small channel: "It's not small, this year is fifteen, Xiaoyu Did the brother will not pay all the things of the lady's college? "


Qin Yu Zhang Zhang said, was actually asked for her, after all, the ancient woman was premature, 15 years old is indeed a little, many married people.

Finally, I have to say: "Is it just that I have always listened to Xiaoyu brother?"

"Well, when the little brother felt that he was growing up, he was in serving Xiaoyong brother."

Li Yaner was light, and he nodded, and then he wore it in Qin Yu.

The fragrance of a young girl came, and Qin Yu suddenly made a misalgain. I didn't know where to put it in the hands. I have only patted her back.

"Xiaoyu brother, I am so happy today, when I was in the Gucheng, I was closed in the house ..."

Li Yuner's hands on Qin Yu's waist, heads on his chest, starting whispering, especially said that Qin Yu recognized her from a small girl, and rescued her, her hands were more I have to die.

Qin Yuso listened, did not speak, until she made a uniform breathing, she found that she had already asleep, and she said it was a dream, and suddenly smiled, but he didn't think of it. This little Nizi has hidden so many things in their hearts.


After rectifying the House, those who are mixed, Qin Yu will not be tuned, and all will give Zhang Wei.

Three days later, with Mrs. Li went to Nanyang. He intended to inspect the situation in the north, especially the two stations who have just included, do not take a look, really don't worry.

All the way is a caravan, and the business of the towns in each city is very prosperous. The people are all right, and they are laughing, and they have been laughed. Everywhere is a laughter.

"The son, this is the world, it is really unrequited!"


"Yeah, wheat bran and rice bran mixed fine grain can be opened, and a family has a head, there is no bureaucratic crush, there is no complicated tax, this is really difficult to achieve in the past."

Qin Yu is carrying hands, looking at the people who are talling in the distance, like a feeling of self-departure.

"The son is a lot of people, and the people are in the people, they will be the blessings of the people.

"Oh, when will the lady will also shoot the horses? But this is a joke in my eyes, the lady looks at it, and the future I must let the people in the world can open rice, occasionally meat. Every year, there are new clothes to wear. The children in the world can read literacy. My Chinese children are not slaves, my big Qin's banner is in this world every inch of land! "

Qin Yu said in the end, has already squeezed his fist and his voice rushed.

After the marshou and guards behind, they were excited to boil, full of red.

"I believe that the wishes of the son will be able to achieve it in the future."

Mrs. Li also looked at Qin Yu, but also had worship. If it was before, Qin Yu said this, she will have some doubts. Nowadays, it is convinced.

"Hey, unfortunately, it is difficult to last, but it is now in Nanyang. If you continue this management, if you don't have ten years, I am afraid that I will not bear today's grand event."

Qin Yu is carrying hands, and I have a long time. It is easy to play Jiangshan. It is also easy to guard the Jiangshan, but the river is the hardest, but the three generations, replace it into a dynasty, the truth is the same.

"Let's go! Go to Zhangzhou, then go to Kaifeng, and finally go to Wuchang in Wuchang from Yunning."

After a while, Qin Yu was swaying, drilling into the carriage, and the team continued to advance toward the north.

Nanyang has paid 50% of the rent of 50%. It has this premium. It will be better than all rents, and the people will be better next year.

Although this will reduce the income of the internal government, but the food directly collects the food, Qin Yu knows that it will be better with Bao banknotes.

This year, the Nanyang is a house, the rents, and the wheat purchased from the people, it is 7 million stones. If it is not to transport a lot of food, the granary of all the places is not enough. .

As for Fuyang, you don't need to grain from Nanyang, but you can justify Fuyang, so today, Daqin State will not lack the food.

On the north of all the way, you can meet the team of grain from time to time, there are hundreds of thousands, few hundreds of hundreds, the scene is quite spectacular, but the official road is also pressed pit, and occasionally occasionally occasionally.

This makes Qin Yu realized that the road is afraid to repair it, even if it does not shop, it has to be renovated, and the Central Plains is also suitable for laying wooden tracks.

If you are laying two wooden tracks from Nanyang until Kaifeng, even if you use the Malay pulley, you will save a lot of manpower.

Due to a large number of wells were burned, the situation was more than Nanyang. Although he was free of land, it compensated for 30% of food, but the people were still less than 20 income, so most people can only barely mix a warm full And the people who don't like Nanyang have a leisure money to buy things, which makes the people of Zhangzhou to be a bone.