The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 404, Sighing High Efficiency

In the Northern Qin Yubei, I was inspected. But the whole Hubei is a sudden, the efficiency of the government is surprisingly high, just in just two days, the tutorial decree of the intermodamor has reached every state county.

In the face of such a ridiculous requirement, the people of the counties are naturally a group of excitement, almost no one is willing to move to his county, and the Taiwanese owners have also blown a pot.

At the same time, they have to admire. They didn't expect Dabin State to come to such a trick.

Once the servant servant, once they really touched, they used the money to spend on these people, and they all played the water drift, the relationship between the ancestors of the ancestors, and also destroyed.

Even if everyone is dissatisfied, then anger, noisy, and the Zhizhou County in all parts is still indifferent, forcibly issued the order and stipulates that it is not possible to remember, will be released, never hire.

Although the time is urgent, this time is basically three adjacent state counties, mutual intermodulation, even if you want to move, it is completely.

If it is before, I am afraid that there are some people who have been catching fast, and they will hold even if they don't do it.

But now the Time of the country is very good to the people, so that everyone can't believe that the key is that the big Qin State is booming, so no one is willing to really resign.

Seeing can't, some of the most underlying servants will act in the first time, sell houses, furniture to the firm, then with Bao banknotes and appointment book, with family and gold and silver soft, it is rushing Go to Linxian to take office.

This time, the call is very complete, as long as there is a private, even the most ordinary sergeant is catching fast, all have to rotate, and the whole tutor will not have a few old people.

See the price of the business is also a fair, knowing the state and iron, and the old people have had to compromise, handling the family, and take the house.

After all, there is more time to touch the local situation, and the temper of Knowledge County, and pick a good residence.

With the migrators of all counties, the new governors arrived, and the business banks and special envoys were also busy, and the landlords in all over the world can only worry.

One of the noses is angry.

It is necessary to resist the resistance on their mouths, but I really have to take any substantive resistance, but there is no courage.

After all, the family is big, no one is willing to make a bird, do not want to do that chicken, do not want to break people.

Under the decree, the intermodulation of each county was completed, and only spent a short half a month. This efficiency was in the past, which is absolutely unable to do, the incoming, and it is impossible to imagine.

However, the results are also very good. When people in the Tuen Mun come from three different counties, plus life is not familiar, not only didn't have the tacit understanding of the group, but everyone has become cautious. .

This situation, as long as the Knowledge is not a fool, it is absolutely impossible to be fooled by the following people. At least this master is unable to be fooled.

Most of you can serve as the children of Knowledge, not that kind of nerd that is not true, just simply asks for three days, and all local knowledge will arrange a standard.

The monks not only dare to perfunctory, but they want to perform some, in the investigation of shops, and measure the field, and they are busy.

There is a monk supervised, plus the local scholar big households, no interest, almost no one dares to accept money, and smuggled.

Because the idea of ​​the county has clearly told them that the special envoy will review one by one, it is not simple to expect, but the help of the family.

In the past, the people of the county were deliberately delayed, not willing to be executed, but not.

Because they are too deep and have been too deep, they have already been depressed, once the implementation is necessary to be private, and the special envoy is in the words, and will be reviewed one by one afterwards, and how do they dare to implement?

Now, there is no such thought burden, and there is no concern. Almost all the people are heavy, there is a feeling of reborn.

For Da Yin State, they gave them the same position as they were officials, as well as promotion opportunities, they were not grateful, it was absolutely impossible, especially those who were all people, in the past It is even secret.

The previous task is low, in addition to mixing, etc., it is desperate money, because it is good, there is no day.

Even the master of the Baronna, is too lazy, and the Baroni is also a dog. When people leave, they will not see you.

Nowadays, everyone is full of strength, especially when some experienced old arrest is transferred to Fuyang, everyone is busy with official duties during the day, holding books in the evening, wanting to master more knowledge.

The Dafin National Government Office compiled the country to governing the country according to law, with the business rich country, and the work of work in work, but also the first choice of all people, even the buddy shopkeepers in the restaurant, as long as the literacy will buy a one, and the arabic number The correspondence table and the solution.

Obviously everyone is not stupid, knowing that the official may have to test these in the future, those literati may arbitrarily, disdain.

Other people will not manage what Confucian is not Confucianism. What do they learn, even if they can't be official, it is also good.

In fact, even those who are really fame and famous, although the two books are nasal, even if they are bullish, but most people can secretly take a look, understand.

at the same time.

Qin Yu has arrived in Kaifeng, Henan, and he did not pay much attention to the happening of Hhu Guang.

If he wants him to come out, Qian Bin can't settle, then you don't have to do it.

At this time, the Kaifeng House is full of vitality, no longer like the scene of the thousand miles of unreasonable, the corpse away from the first half of the year.

In just a short time, the population of Kaifeng has returned to more than 100 million, and the eight-made fields have been seeded, and there is still a constant source of living people from the north and west.

This time, in addition to land and houses, each person only issues ten pounds of food, other things, people must purchase itself with the firm.

Every household that has no money can be used with bank loans for five or two silver, interests of two percent, five years, so Kaifeng's trade is also recovered quickly.

Compared to the south, the people here, but now, everything is now, for Da Qin, there is a grateful heart, there is no sense of power, no land, no landlord, there is no corrupt official, just like a white paper , The big Qin State is onto the ink.

Such a simple society is also the reason why Qin Yu did not send a special envoy monitoring of the two houses. All state counties have only two shopkeepers, and the agencies of the towns are also supported by themselves.

In order to let the people live peace of mind, the Firm will determine the price of cotton acquisition in advance, and the government will also inform the people, so even if you don't know how to make the account, you have clearly know that the cotton will be gone.