The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 405 takes women to change weapons and food

"I have seen the Gui Niang Niang!"

"Lady, you are folded me, let's not be like this, otherwise I have been killed by him, I will give you a gift to you."

In the case of Hu Xinru, Hua Xinru, I was greeted, and I was shocked. I quickly escaped, and I respectfully gave it a gift again.

This woman is in the heart of Qin Yu, I am afraid no one is more clear than her, and it is also necessary to focus on qualifications. No one is better than.

"The Niang Niang is not so, the ceremony is not ruined!"

, "" "" " Some, it should be good like a lady. "

There are more people around the neighborhood, and they have no argument. Hungju is white Qin Yu, and then a little bit of nervous and asked: "Don't do it, do you have a soldier again in the future?"

At the end of the military conference, Hungju returned to Henan, responsible for recruiting troops.

At this time, the third town has been transferred back to Zhangzhou, fifth town and sixth towns, and completely disrupted, supplemented more than 20,000 new soldiers and the nine towns of the 10th town, as well as two new guns, two fire Camp, the Cavalry Camp, a total of 780. The army will practice outside the city all day.

So many soldiers, in addition to ourselves and red, Qin Yu, I really don't know who will come to command, he can sleep at night.

So now she asks such an idiot, I haven't so good: "Is it not allowed to continue to bring a soldier, is your expensive?"


Some of the weak somewhat is a weak point, I want to think about the small voice: "Do you want to stay first, for a few years ..."

"Leave you, can this matter bargain? Rest assured, Gui is yours, the soldiers can continue to bring, but if you bring it, you will not take a leak, and in the future, I will read the words and known words. Forget it."

Qin Yu has a little funny swing, and then frightened, this only one handed two women to Wangfu.

Although Zhou Wangfu is no longer, no one dares to stay in, even the new instruction does not dare to set the door to the door, and only the king of Huntu, I dare to take this golden brilliant Wangfu.

"Give me the public, this time is a lot of messenger to find me, I want to buy food, then the price makes me listen to my heart, but I didn't dare to sell, I have to send people to you in these two days."

"Oh, what are you?" Qin Yu was a little surprised, and then he relieved. Now the whole northern, I am afraid it is seriously lacking.

"There are people who have sent themselves, there are also Hong Chengdu sent, Luo Yucai and that Liu Zongmin also sent people to say that as long as we will sell, the price is good, the ten silver is a stone, it can be, and the king is even more At the fifteen and two silver. "

"Fifteen two stones?" When Xintun sent a excitement, he didn't blame her to react so big, after all, now Daqin. The wheat is only two or five money, and the rice is two silver.

"Oh, it seems that these guys are lacking in food, is it lacking?" Qin Yu is laughing.

"Don't sell it, then we don't sell it? Do you want to sell? Twenty or two stones, anyway, now there are many foods."

Hunting looked at him with his eyes, it was obvious that he had no heart, and Qin Ru also looked at Qin Yu, and I felt that I can sell some appropriate

After all, she is more understanding more than Hungu, they are not lacking in food, but because there are too many treasure prints, they are urgently needed.

"This is no happiness, first tell me the situation." Qin Yu swayed.

"Okay, let's talk about the king, the guy is now honest, only more than 30,000 soldiers horses in Luoyang, the rest of the people withdraw from Chang'an, obviously, once killed, will be Henan Province Abandoned intended ... "

Huang Yu said that there is a place to stop, see Qin Yu's gods, but have some disappointment to continue: "Luo Yucai and Liu Zongmin have been driven from Shandong from Shandong from Shandong from Shandong, and the two are not wonderful, but the flood cattle I am afraid I have no way to take two people. As for the bull two, Lu Yi rose Huainan, then after a few times, then returned to Huaibei, Lu Xiangjun temporarily did not have a lot of effort, and both sides confrontation were accumulated. strength."

"Well, this is so good, we can sell food to Luo Yucai and Liu Zongmin, sell some weapons to the bull, but the guy should not lack food, but we don't want the silver, as long as a woman, a litely, can change two stone food, Or a long knife, a thousand Miss can change a stone food, or a gun head. "

Qin Yu thought about it, touched the chin, a sucking, obviously, made a support of the bull two, to involve the energy of Luoxi, and support Luo Yucai and Liu Zongmin against the flood field, and put the northern part of Shandong. Once, it is absolutely striking for the king.

There is no way, this expansion has been a lot, I want to make a soldier again, and I have to be a year, and this year, Hong Cheng and Lu Xiangsheng are likely to pick up Niu Erro's priest Liu Zongmin.

At that time, when he packed up eight kings in the south, Henan is likely to face the three-sided festival of the west, the north, the southeast Luoxheng, so, in terms of current, support the three people absolutely beneficial.

"Is this also?"

Two women are face each other and obviously feel a little absurd.

"Why can't you? The silver is a dead, and the food is long from the ground. Only a woman who knows is dead, and it is not as bad as it is, it is better to change it. "

Qin Yu said in the end, carrying hands, a sorrowful and sorrow, he found that he had a trend to Liu Bei, it is a habit of installing a quick dress, even he feels that he is really a woman suffering. Pity people.

"Well, you also have reason, then I will send people to inform them, use women to change the food weapon."

Hung Yi took a sigh of breath, nodded, and Mrs. Li did not say anything.

"Go, be sure to say clearly, you are a woman who knows, if you don't know, even if you look good, you will not change it." Qin Yu waved his hand again.

Two women are extremely intelligent, just thinking about it, I understand the purpose of Qin Yu.

This is to prevent Cao Cao's bull two they will arrest women. After all, I can't do this. In addition to the wife of the big household, where is the woman, the woman who is ordinary home can recognize the word?

When I thought here, I was trembled here, she knew that the next northern Li and Xuzhou, I am afraid that countless scholar landlord will break the death, wife from the wife.

Red is not thinking so much, and hurriedly told it.