When the messenger arrived, the bull two and a brother did not hesitate to agree, and the woman changed the weapon.

Because Wu Jun's current situation is not good, there are floods in the north, there are Lu Xiang, the south, the west is the land of Huajun, although not lacking food, but it is independent.

I want to be in the south, I want to be the signs of Shandong in the north. I just made a signs of the River, and I have to prevent the western Huajun. I can say that I'm afraid of the bull and two. destruction.

Looking at the Ru Xiangsheng in Huainan, he to buy a horse. It can be called the day of the year. It is anxious to talk to the hot pot every day. Therefore, this time Qin Yu will sell himself, which means that the Huajun will not play him, teach him how Not excited?

After the pressure reduction in the west, just defensive in the northern flood catches, concentrate on the south, let alone the army's weapons.

Although Wu Jun has more than 150,000 people, it is really less than 40% of the weapon, and it is necessary to defend against the north and west. This is taken back by Lu Yi.

It is related to the death and death, and the bull is also out. Not only will the literacy women who have grown in the past, but also raised the butcher knife on the big households of Fengyang and Huai'an.

Under the suggestion of Song Dianzhi, in order to strive for the people's heart, the Jiangnan scent support, the bull two the scholar of the two places took the scholar, and then was robbed Xuzhou. Nowadays, it is not so much.

Even the Song Dynasties, there is no block of blocking, the reputation is important, but it has to have a chance to compete for the world, but now don't say to compete for the world, and even the self-insurance is difficult.

For a time, the big household in Huai'an Fengyang is a mourning, a team of fierce spirits, rushed into the home of the gentry landlord, and the family arrested people.

The man is killing, the female is all taken away, the bull is even more no two, in the suggestion of Song Dianzhi, the suretology also learns Huajun, and the land of these landlords is also distributed to the people, and the drag is expanding.

This will not be mad at the South Bank, but I just plan to take the River to kill the river, and I have received a lot of Huajun's rushing house, I have to do it.

At the same time, Liu Zongmin and Cao Cao also raised the butcher knife, began to kill, washing big households, snatch women, and got the northern part of the south, and it was black smoking.

Just ten days, the bull two sent Song Dynasties with dozens of ship women, and the waterway arrived in Kaifeng.

Qin Yule's mouth did not close, personally went to the dock to welcome, watching the women of four or five ages, Qin Yu is also secretly of the tongue, and the dark road is really rich, so short time, the bull two will make so much.

These women are all the wife and sisters of the big house, some are the past, and some of them have been in Xuzhou, only a small number of people have just arrested.

As long as you look at these people, you can distinguish it very well.

If it is ruined by a foreign national, Qin Yu will naturally be angry, and the heart is not cool, but it is otherwise true.

After all, the Heping New Year, those who are high, let the people who are ordinary people, the home is broken?

Now in chaos, the people can't go to the unveiled, let them taste the family, the wife is disconnected, and it can be called causality, and it is not good.

"Meet Huang Wang, my king made me brought him to thank Hu Wang's generosity. When I was in danger of my Wu Jun, I didn't think that there was no falling stone, but I extended a helpless to the real hero! Song admire the extreme. "

"Haha, Mr. Song is heavy, I and the cattle big brother is life and death brothers, how come the family two? Song Mr. and the brothers all the way to the boat Lauge, hard work, please, this king has already prepared a banquet in the city! "

Qin Yu haha ​​smiled, the arrogance, obviously a good mood.

"Thank you Huayao!"

Song Dianzheng quickly thanked, then took out a book, quite embarrassing, "This is a list, there are 4,355 people, please ask Hua Wang."

"So saying that Mr. Song is relieved, this king is coming to see the Ji Ding. After the king is verified, the weapon will not be less."

Qin Yu took the book and didn't look at it. He handed a lady behind him, and then hook his hand on the Song Dynasty.

Song Dianzheng see Qin Yu must verify one by one, and did not feel unexpected. After all, he still have some understanding of Qin Yu's temper, knowing that it is absolutely not very confident.

Qin Yu has a few words to Mrs. Li and Huang Hao, and it is clear that there are some other things in the city of Song and Cur Province. Although Qin Yu is impossible to alorcinate the Niu 2, The agreement of mutual infringement within the 2nd year, let the bulls are relieved to die.

After Qin Yu and Song Dianzhi left, Hungju who was responsible for the departure, and also sent a meal, and Mrs. Li took a female soldier.

More than 4,000 women were almost tied to their hands, and their mouths were also blocked. Because I don't know where to be sent, I don't know how the future fate is, so there is more miserable.

Until the Huaji tells them that there is an opening of Kaifeng, Huajun's site. No one will bully them in the future. Some women's face will show a vibrant machine, and some of the lady is more likely.

Obviously Huajun's disposal of the woman, the world has already known, so don't say more, these women know that it is really safe.

Mrs. Li is a hundred ladies who have been temporarily exhausted, and Huneri has maintained order with female soldiers. It is until these four thousand women's emotions are stable. Mrs. Li begins to ask, although the heart is extremely Don't worry, but you have to take care of you.

It's been here, even if you don't knowually you know, Qin Yu will not let Song Shi will bring back, it is only to determine the number of weapons.

These more than four thousand people are even worse, they also know some words, and even girls with six or seven years old. It can be seen where the cattle is to get the weapon.

Song Dianzheng was just a rest night. The next morning, he took thousands of long knives and three thousand guns, and rushed back to Xuzhou, and said that this is only the first batch, and there is also the first Two batch, third batch, Qin Yu naturally did not refuse.

After three days, Liu Zongmin and Luo Yucai sent people to come to the transaction. The two added four thousand women, changed the seven hundred stone food.

The next half a month, the three giant, but also the woman came to exchange, and the young woman from the age of Six or 7 years old, and finally, even an urgent food king, I can't sit, let Cao Cao and Liu Zongmin are transaction.

Although the two are now alone, they don't want to have crimes, plus the benefits from it, naturally will not refuse.