The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 414, I can't say it.

"Party is wisdom?"

"What about you?"

Qin Yu was slightly wonderful, looked at the three-year-old Confucian man in front of him, and looked at the three people standing next to him.

"In the case!"

"In ..."

It is only ahead of the top day before, and the rest of the buds, the scores have been self-introducing themselves. Obviously, the child is not simple, I want to hold a group to resist the momentum just emitted by him.

Liu Ru Shi Four Women is always silently watching, even if they are sought after by the literati, still can't change their identity of the young building, this occasion does not take the initiative, is the qualification without them.

Qin Yu did not expect the people on this boat, he had heard of the name of more than a dozen people, but even if they were a Ming and the late celebrities, the body is not angry with Confucianism, nor the talents he needs now.

Although the four major sons and other four sons, the country is dead, there is no referendum, some of them fight against the rebellion, and some hidden surnames, compared to their predecessors, Qian Qian is strong, but this person I haven't experienced the country to break the family. In Qin Yu seems very young, he has no time, no energy to grind them.

Thinking of these people's identity, Qin Yu couldn't help but look at the four women, guess these four women were afraid that there were no names.

However, Qin Yu, at this time, did not just came to the end of the Ming Dynasty, and the little head of the Lifen army, but a Xiong, who had already won the strength of the world.

Even if you are famous for your name, you will be a historical cattle, and it is just a normal talent in his eyes.

Even women who have a beautiful appearance will make him feel so amazing, and at most, I will enjoy more than two eyes.

Perhaps even Qin Yu himself did not know, his mentality is changing towards an emperor, that is, there is no one in this world, but it can't miss yourself.

This is a qualified emperor's mentality, only my alone, I can pity all the people, but it doesn't mean that I have to pity all.

"Do you pay taxes?"

Just as everyone was the eyes of Qin Yu, it was very uncomfortable. When I was secretly speculated that when he wanted to do anything, he bought out a sentence to make everyone feel unexpected and unconscious.

Every time everyone didn't respond.

"What Tax?" After the party reacted, frowning.

"Of course, it is a business tax. Although this flower ship is mobile, it is still in the nature of the brothel, according to my big mission, is there a tax?"

Qin Yushe did not have Da Qin officials and officers, and asked casually.

"Rido! I have been here, such as Wen Wen, this is like this, is you so filth?"

"It's just this!"

"If you don't give a statement today, I have not finished with you ..."

It is an indignant. It is even more than the teeth. If there is more than a dozen soldiers behind Qin Yu, I am afraid that some radical elements will be honestly and Qin Yu.

The next side of the willow is four women, and the same small face is swollen, the whole white is white.

"That is not paying tax?" Qin Yu is a cold and cold, and the heart is a bit dissatisfied with the Wuchang, and dozens of flower boats in this lake are equivalent to dozens of brothel, and they don't know tax payment.

"The son, slaves and three sisters are just with the masters here, and talk about the world, and have not charged a penny. Why did God say that it is so filthy?

Today, the son is first a cannon threatening, and then humiliate me, etc.

Liu Ri is still can't help but say, saying that it is more jumped, jumping into the lake.

"Liu Yi ..."

"Liu sister ..."

Everyone is very shocked, busy to the boat shouting.

Qin Yu also stayed. How did he think that the woman will actually jump the lake, is it just that the prostitute of the Ming Dynasty is just like this, this kind of sex can do this industry?

"What did you do? Don't save people?"

Qin Yu saw the woman, and he shed it into the water. It was obviously not water, and those so-called talents did not jump down the water to save people, and suddenly broke.

However, dozens of talents are facing each other. You look at me, I will see you, obviously don't have water, the other three women are just a hurry.

"You said that you can do it all day, what can you do?"

After Qin Yu said, it has taken off the robes on his body, and he jumped into the water.

This woman today is drowned here, even if he is a mouth, he will fall to the name of a weak woman, which is not in conformity at the high image of the Qin Dawang.

At this time, a dozen water soldiers have also reacted, and several people solve the knife, followed by jumping into the water, there are several people running downstairs.

Obviously, the woman who has just been suddenly diving, I haven't responded for a while. This is a big relationship with these more than a dozen water troops. As for the Northerners of Qin Yu, it is still in the big ship because of the northerners. OK, I have dizzy on a small boat, so I have left on the battles.

Everyone also rushed toward the floor, and the people on a few flower boats next door were coming from here, but the ship's ship's ship was high, but they had to be on the side of the side.

Qin Yu is not bad, but this face is to raise a lot of water, plus the clothes and wearing clothes, and the force of the nine cow is the force to save the woman, or the help of several water troops Only I came to the ship.

"Liu sister ..."

Liu Yi is pale, his eyes closed, the thin dress is tightly posted on the body, and the wet lying is moved on the deck. Dong Xiaozi's first time rushed to cry.

Immediately, I found that Qin Yu was on the Liu Yixia, I was taking the opportunity to be thin, and I suddenly became red.

"What do you want to do?"

"You are forcing Liu sister, but also insult her body, or is it?"


"Let's open the Liuyu!"

"This gang is not afraid of being condemned, everyone will fight with them ..."

Fang Zhi and others are also exciting, watching this scene is bloody, want to rush, but fear the knife in the hands of the soldiers, only have to be broken.

Qin Yu did not manage everyone's drink, continue to do artificial breathing, Yu Guang glanced, I didn't dare to rush, my heart was also lamented, telling the truth, if these people really dare to fight hard, he will look at it high .

However, the truth is that these talents have no three women with blood, at least the three women dare to rush to the knife, but those talents only dare to use their mouths.