The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 423 does not dare to guard Yuezhou

Changsha City.

Since the last time defeated, the Eight Kings is like a great blow, and the nest is enjoyed in the harem. All military affairs are all given to Sun Kewei.

Evilei is still sitting in Yuezhou, Li Dingguo, and Liu Wenxiu are the four parties, and the two have been killed into Sichuan, one is playing to Guangzhou.

Although the four brothers are in all parts of the country, they also returned to Changsha for the New Year.

At this time, in the main hall of Wangfu, the brothers did not pull the knife and did not pull the knife. Because the Huajun's movements were frequent, there was almost always the trend in the south, however, how to deal with Huajun, the brothers appear Great differences.

First of all, the big brother is expected, asking Li Dingguo and Liu Wenxiu take the soldiers to return to Changsha, keep Yueyang City, and finally fight in the Dongting Lake River Basin and Huajun.

The old two Li Dingguo and the old three Liu Wenxiu are naturally unwilling to come back. It is recommended that Changsha can stick to it, can't give up, first retreat to two wide, in the southwest.

Although the old four violi also supports the great brother and grandson, but he is not willing to stay in Yueyang City, it is obviously surrounded, and finally he seized Qin Yu, squat cramps.

Ai Neizhen did not dare to stay in Yuezhou. Sun Kewei didn't have to say it. If the eight king he went to defend, it was equally unreal, so the two wanted to let Li Dingguo guarded.

The brothers have been speculating, no one can convince who, ultimately can only look at the eight kings.

Eight Kings is actually still hesitant.

Although the soldiers and horses have returned to 100,000, there are hundreds of battles, but they can have a good faith, but if so, I will give up the bus, I will give up the Sanfu, I am a little unwilling.

"Mind, the Qin army's ability, although strong, the force is not much, and it is necessary to prevent the left thief attack. This troops can absolutely will not exceed 100,000, Yueyang City and Changsha City are all in the city, the field is not more defected. Battle, as long as she keeps the three May, maybe there is a turn.

What's more, I haven't stopped in Sichuan, I still need time in two wide, and I really give up the Sanfu Gongshan, the little animal will win, and finally I am afraid that I can't stand in two wide.

If the second brother is willing to keep the Yuezhou, I will stay in Changsha, I will go to the Changde, and the righteousness can go to Sichuan, and the old three will return to Changsha. Even if the last thing is not for, I can also return to Guizhou Sichuan. "

Sun Kewei saw that the eight kings faced hesitation, and he bite his teeth.

The eight kings thought about it, but also felt that this is not a good policy. After all, the key to this war is how long is Yuezhou, so he looks at Li Dingguo.

"The second, the kid and your relationship are well known, if the boss will go to the Yuezhou, once you can't stand, it will die, you are willing to go to the Yuezhou, then we will act in accordance with the boss, and that The boy first in Changsha, if you don't want, then let's take the two wells directly. "

"Then press the big brother's plan!"

Li Dingguo sighed, nodded. He knew that the big brother said right. If you let Xiaoyu's hard-blowing effort, the Changsha Sanfu will kill it, it will kill two wide.

The squad has occupied Hanzhong, and there is a possibility of entering Sichuan, so he adheres to Changsha Yuezhou for a while, and it is really necessary.

"Well, Yuezhou only has 30,000 troops. You will bring more than 20,000 in the past. The water army is also handed over to you, and the righteousness believes that the 50,000 soldiers will definitely hold Yuezhou March May."

Zhang Xianzhong got up and got up and waved.

Sun Kewei brows, because Changsha has only six thousand soldiers, then let the old two take 20,000, there is only 40,000, but the second is willing to keep the Yuezhou, he is not good to say anything.

"Mind, Changde is only 10,000 soldiers, do you want to let the big brother will also give me 10,000 people."

Ai Nengqi tried to say, there were 10,000 people in the district, so that he was well-defined, it was a little grasp.

"Fart, Changde and Changsha, Yuezhou ratio? The little animal does not take the Yuezhou, it is never dare to attract it. There is more than 10,000 people. If you are too small, that's good, you have changed, you Keep Changsha, I am constant. "

Sun Hao is anger. The eight king's face is also a little ugly. Although there is no saying on his mouth, but the heart is a bit dissatisfaction with him, he is afraid of death. After all, he is more familiar with Yuezhou than the old two, and that 30,000 soldiers.

"That is still for it." Evone neck shrinks.

Immediately, the five people were discounted for a while, and they left, although Sun Kewei and the eight kings were worried that Li Ding Congress did not fight directly, but no better way.

Three days later, Li Dingguo took 20,000 troops to Yuezhou, eight kings and Evilei also went to Changde and Guizhou. Liu Wenxiu returned to Guangdong in the south, Sun Kewei stayed in Changsha to reinforce the city defense.

In order to learn the last lesson, this eight king not only took his wife and wife, but even the wife of Sun, he also brought to Guizhou.

It can make the father and son five people unexpectedly, Qin Yu's movements are not slow.

At the beginning of February, after all of the hundred warships were underwater, and half of them were equipped with the cannon, Qin Yu couldn't wait to swear in Wuchang and crushed the state.

This day, the weather is sunny, the Wuchang Terminal is a hill sea, hundreds of tall warships, the word is rowing very spectacular, the row of black oil on the ship, so that the sons of all parties will be surprised.

This time, Qin Yu decided to go into the water and land, first take Yuezhou, then go to Changsha, then sweep the entire Dongting lake basin.

The water route is personally commanded by him, leading the four hundred battles, 40 ships, 10 million watermasters, two cannon camps, a fire camp, a total of more than 30,000 people, Shujiang, straight Yuezhou.

Lu Rou is routing the Qin Tie commander, lends the first, second, seven towns, a total of more than 50,000 army, and take the official road to Yuezhou.

Qin Yi commander Eight Town and a fire arms camp and the remaining watermaster warship, left behind Wuchang.

In order to prevent Zuo Liangyu sneak attack, the fire camp and the eighth town have not been held in the city, but it is turned to the state of Xingguo. If Zuo Liang Yuxi is sneaking, Qin Yi will directly kill Jiujiang, copy Zoliangyu The old nest.

As a team of soldiers boarded the warship, in a long angle, a ship slowly drove away from the pier and went to the river.

Until dozens of warships, all hundreds of merchants gathered to the river, a huge sail, then rose, then go upstream.

The war again, just in just a short time, everyone's eyes are again focused on Hunuk, but almost no one is optimistic about the eight kings.

Chu State is destroying it. It is certain, and everyone guess is nothing more than eight kings.