After the idea opened, Qin Yu can't stop the car.

A variety of rockets have come out, they are used for the sea battle, and there is also the land of land, there is a person who can launch on the shoulder, and also put it on the launcher, dozens of 100 pieces .

There is a lot of small, in the end, Qin Yu brain even bulld out of the idea of ​​building a super rocket.

This rocket is half a meter, a long five, which is divided into two levels, and the tail is tiered in four boosters, in fact, it is a fire dragon water.

Production materials can be used as a material in the previous kind of hot water bottle, that is the lightest wood, with Chinese carpenter stitching crafts, no nails, and easily make a half-meter diameter five-faced big cylinder.

Once it is really made, the radius and power are absolutely horrible in this era. The range may reach twenty-ten miles. It can carry hundreds of pounds of gunpowder explosion, equipped on the boat, used for landing of the coastal city, and then appropriate .

It is estimated that as long as more than ten pieces, a small town of Europe can be flattened. As for the accuracy problem, as long as the launch is much, the angle and ballistic calculations are mastered, and the probably position is still not wrong.

Qin Yu decided, after the end of this war, immediately formed a rocket research institute, specializing in manufacturing various firearms mainly targeted by rocket promotion.

"Mother, if there are these rockets, Laozi also makes a fart cannon." Qin Yu looked at a big stacked paper.

I even intended to give up the development of the research artillery in the future, jumping directly to the second artillery.

No way, the artillery of this era is too pug, first of all, it is blooming, the explosion is not good, and then the cannon is too cumbersome, it is not easy to transport, and the second is too slow.

Waiting for these problems one by one, it is afraid that it is not a decade. And if you spend your mind on the rocket, what is the development of the ghost?

In fact, he feels in ancient times, the Rocket is more advantageous than the artillery, and it is more simple and easy to develop.

The problems of the artillery, now almost unpubated existence, the rocket is different, because the rocket arrow can do wood, can be made by the Chinese carpenter now, what is the same.

As for the modern Europe, why did not develop rockets, but the first development of artillery, Qin Yu is estimated that they have gone to the development of leaders, from the late World War II to develop missiles, the rocket can see this, the last fact also proves the rocket is the god of war. .

Compared to the concept of Europe, Ming Dynasty for the application of firearms, it is obviously more advanced, and most of the world's thermal weapons can find the prototypes in the Ming Dynasty.

For example, tiger squatting, it is very similar to mortar, but also mine, mine, godflying duck, one bee, fire dragon water, etc., these weapons are very advanced, but there is no in-depth research.

This is because there is no powerful enemy around the Ming Dynasty, plus the energy of the Chinese people, even so, the Ming Dynasty still makes many firearms. If the Ming Dynasty is also as Europe, strong enemy, or continuing One or two hundred years, what is the ghost to develop firearms? Maybe you can really get a variety of rockets.

"Gong, what are you painting on this? Do you understand how you don't understand?"

Live Qin Yu stopped, leaning against the chair closed, taking the future of the rocket, Jun Ru talently came in with the tray, not only a few desserts, but also hot tea.

"Oh, this is the future killer of this king to dominate the earth!" Qin Yuyin test smile.

Daqin's watermaster has appeared in the mind across the ocean, come to Europe, and then countless rockets from a battleship of the boat, flew into the city and port of the city and the smoke, rolling In the loud noise, the desperate screams.


A few days, the two sides did not fight, and the Qin Jun was busy collecting the boat, repaired the battles, and the Chu army's watermaster did not idle. It was really manufacturing gunpowder and then put it into a wooden barrel.

At this time, Qin Tie has finally arrived in Yueyang City with the army, which is in four ways to create a siege device.

At the city floor, I hope that tens of thousands of Huajun is not only in order, but the equipment is sophisticated, the morale is high, and Li Dingguo is also sighed, knowing that I want to stay in Yuezhou City, I am afraid I can only rely on the watermaster.

Yuezhou is in the river, one faces the lake, if the other party is only from the land to the city, the 50,000 people will defensive both sides, but they are more than enough. He also has a half-month, but if the other party's warship, from that day, I am afraid that as long as one round of shells, everyone in the city has to collapse, and they will not have to play.

This day, Qin Jun was finally prepared, and the warship was pressed again. Liu San also confident that the water teacher greeted.

The last time, he has seen it. Although the other's ship is large, the gun is much, but it is just a flower shelf. It is really large to the big ship, but it can be a bit of powerful for the boat.

Although the last time lost a few thousand brothers, it was because he did not prepare the shield, but the wet cotton, cowhide, etc., and borrowed a lot of bows.

Of course, these are just to prevent the opponent's fire and the sky, the real killer is a boat that is filled with gunpowder buckets and fire.

But the two fleets are close, Liu San is looking at the countless boat behind the Qin army battleship, and suddenly.

However, the arrow is in the string, it has had to be issued, the other party is obviously prepared, even if you escape back to the water, there is no good thing, so he bite his teeth: "Direct order, all the battles are rushing, no order, who dares to withdraw, go back Laozi squatted his skin. "

Liu Sanyi, not only by the eight kings, the little ladies who have also remembered, so I am very grateful to the eight kings, holding Yuezhou's determination, better than Li Dingguo.

Like the last time, the 200 big ship's frontal charge attracts the opponent artillery, the boat slammed from the left and right, after the size of the collected boat, again reached more than 500 ships again.

Qin Jun also collected four or five hundred boats. If it is not time to promote, it is afraid that a thousand boats have been made.

With the order of Qin Yu, 500 small boats suddenly drove the sail, and the warship boat was around, and they looked secretly as a star of the star.

Qin Yu, I felt that he was not good at playing water, or handed it to the people who were good at, but after the last battle, it was not awesome to this water battle, so I personally commanded himself.

Because he doesn't think there is any difficulty, what is the tattoo is empty, whoever has a lot of ships, can cause more harm to the other's ship, who is the boss.

The soldiers on the boat on this side of the Qin Jun also many of them were born, and they did not prepare anything about what cotton was shielded. There was only a long short fire and a lot of alert.