The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 432 is not no one can be Cao Cao's

"The Governor of Lu, Lu Zuo Yub will push it out, not only getting the support of Jiangnan Wenwu, and also occupying Nanjing City. The will of Your Majesty is not late, how can this be good?"

The mobility is anxious to be a group turn, the situation is changed, so that he completely chaos, and there is no idea.

"Hey, now I can only wait to see it first."

Lu Yi rose long sighed, he wanted to wait for the news of Changsha Yueyang, then made a decision.

If the Huajun and Chu armored stalemate, he is willing to visit the south, then he will cross the river, recover Nanjing, and kill the rose thief.

After five days, Chongzhen's will not wait until it is, but the Taoist Li Dingguo surrendered Qin Yu, Zheng Radioted army attacked Jiangxi, and Qin Yu also took the Dongting Lake basin, stabilized the Jianghan Plain.

"Bring the messenger!" Lu Xiang litcared unable to sit on the chair and waved.

Not much time, the two civil servants were brought in, which was taken by Yi Wang to persuade the Language of Lu Yi, which has been more than a dozen people.

Among them, there is a friend of the same window, but the relatives, but they are all rejected. Today, two civil servants see Lu Xiangsheng finally see them are all overjoyed, knowing things have a door.

"Lu brother, now Da Ming wind and rain, Yi Wang Temple under the trend, there is a lot of the ancestors, Cheng Zhi ..."

"If these words, don't say it in front of this Calcles, let's talk about it!"


The two smiled, one of them held a boxing again: "Lu brother, the Zuo Liangyu is all known to the heart of Sima Zhao, and the priests are in the world, but the matter is here, is there a Looking at this Daming Jiangshan finally falling into the hand of the rebellcier? "

"Yes, Lu Xiong, it's not for me, but I'm far from the capital, whose is long, and I will ask the Lu brother to be a heavy, supporting Wang Dengji, only this will be able to balance the Zuo Liangyu, let the temple And I can't wait for it. "

"Lu brother, don't hesitate, if you are really south, even if you don't immediately govern your sin, you will not be good at your next place."

"The left Liangyu watches officials in the city, and the people will continue to drag, and the consequences are unbearable!"

The two said that they had a poor and tears. However, the expression of Rhone has not changed. After two people say it is silent, I will be silent for a while: "You go back to report the king of the Hall, then Zisson I will take the soldiers to the river, and I will hold the Queen. "

"Well, I will take the brother's words."

"Lu brother is really worthy of my big master huge column!"

The two were excited, and they said, although they were expected that the rhaxity rose may be shaken, but they did not expect him that he was simply simply, and how many tongues did not expect them directly.

"Lu Governor ..." The history of the history is urgent, and Lu Xiang rushed to sway.

The two did not delay, rushing away, and the benefits of Lianyi Wang Xuo forgot to say.

"The Governor of Lu, is we really want to face the same way with the Zhiliangyu?" The two came to the law, and they couldn't help but excited.

"The constitution is poor, I will wait for the same way to Zuo Liangyu, but the support of the Hall of the Hall."

"But my Majesty is not ..."

"Hey, now, Jiangnan does need a famous person who is famous to coordinate the overall situation, to resist the Qin army, otherwise Jiangnan can't stand, everything is going, what is the matter of Li Wang Hall is the child."

Lu Xiang raised his hand to the body, the heart helpless to the extreme, he has been tangled in these days, is a community that is loyal to Da Ming, or loyal to Da Ming.

Nanjing City.

At this time, Yi Wang has already lived in the palace. The Emonston Palace is ready, Zuo Liangyu is only sent to the city, controlling all walks of life and the palace, and the remaining army, they are stationed in the city, they pick it up. A unparalleled big house, almost daily invites the Wenshuan Wu in the city to find a happy and lasse.

Yi Wang also acted every day to meet the civil servants and strong, and Zuo Liangyu was very vigilant, but it could not find an excuse to prevent them from meeting.

During this day, Zuo Liangyu felt that the situation seems to be increasingly controlled by him, but I don't know what to do, so I urgently in my heart.

If you want to let Yi Wang go to the grassroots, the volume will be the first one. Only in this way, it can be said that the political governance of the politicalness, and the Nanjing's civilian, the strong, and asked to choose the Huangdaoji, facing the opposition, Zuo Liang in the future. Jade has to consider the consequences, and finally have to take a differentiated strategy.

Yi Wang doesn't want to go to the grass, but not dare to go to the grass, because now the basics must be a squat, and the people in the city also know that if you don't pull Lu in, you will be able to make Zuo Liang. jade.

Although the big Confucian in Jiangnan is walking, there is reasonable to play the right to play, no one will put Zuo Liangyu this mack in his eyes, but there is no soldier in his hand, in case Zo Liang Yulong, they are all lambs to be slaughtered.

At the beginning, Dong Zhuo, when did you tell the truth?

So after I learned that Lu Xiangsheng agreed, Ying Wang and the world of civil servants were excited. After all, Lu Xiang looked at the servant, and the Jiangnan people, the soldiers and horses in the hands will not be less than Zuoliang Yu.

Let's mention everyone is not a fool, a tiger does not have a resilient in the resilience, and two tigers have the environment of operating power.

On the contrary, Zuo Liangyu is an anxious like hot pot. He didn't expect to rise to Chongzhen's loyalty, and it would have made messages.

"What should I do now? I know like this, when the real thing, the mother should not play the banner, and kill it directly."

"The big handsome is not happy! Na Lu Xiangli even after the river, the handsome still has a lot of opportunities, but the handsome wants to be the first one, I am afraid that some difficulties, for the present, it is only enough to launch a qualification enough And there is a good official who is a lot of officials to serve as the first auxiliary, indirect control. "

"I am afraid that Lu Xiang will not give it a good break?" Zuo Liangyu's taboo of Lu Xiang, it would not have to say, think about it, some doubts.

"This handsome can be relieved, as long as the handsome bite, the candidate also said that there must be, then the ruins and other civil servants will promise, otherwise the more than 10,000 army in the hands disagree, who dares to go to the grass?"

Wu Erchong smiled slightly.

"Well, yes, if you don't agree, you will take a lot of two scattered, Laozi and Narwei rose." Zuo Liangyu thought that it was also right, a table.

"The big handsome, the most affected in the Jiangnan people will be Qian Qian and Zhou Yanru, the handsome can pull one of them."

"No, these two people have too much influence, I am afraid I will not cooperate with my hostel."

Zuo Liangyu swayed, the two people were invited, and the Qian Qianyi did not have an excuse. However, Yan Ruo has driven people directly, and he didn't put him in your eyes. These two people are in the first auxiliary, can he have a good day?