The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 433, the knife puts the submission

Nanjing as Daming is accompanying, looking at ancient and modern times, Nanjing City is undoubtedly the most real-time.

There is a palace here, there are six still books and various Tuen Mun. There are Nanjing Jingying. There are Nilong Palace women in the palace, and there are 24 monitors. It can be said that as long as the Jingshi has, Nanjing City has.

To say that the only thing is not, it is the dragon chair in the Temple, lacking a real emperor.

And these tutories are not all all furnishings, still have some power, such as the Ministry of Order and the Department.

Even the annual science, it is also divided into north and south, and the students in the southern provinces will come to Nanjing to participate in the township test. After high school, they can be unified to go to Beijing to participate in the test.

It can be said that if Chongzhen is not suicide in the country, but fulating to Nanjing early, even if you only go to you, you can also take over the provinces in the south, and you can run in the first time.

It is this perfect accompanying system, but did not play a slight effect when they were dead, and it was not as unprecedented.

The reason is nothing more than two words, the bucket, and this is also the magic curse that is never eliminated in this earth. Compared to the inner fighting in the past, the inner fight of the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, can say that it has arrived No bottom line.

It is also because of this, making it hard to be a good brand, hitting a raining, not too powerful, but it is too weak.

Compared with the Yue Yuan of the year, the post-gold is really nothing, even if it is strong, the weak Song of the year has been supported for a long time.

However, whether it is a strong Mongolian, or the arrival of the sky, it is actually unable to directly conquer this big place, and he has a help of the Han people.

At this moment, Qin Yu has a deep understanding, the army starts from Wuchang, along the north bank of Jiangbei, after entering Anqing, on the ten miles, a big river, everywhere is a waterfield lake, spring rain is simple Man is crazy.

When I was fighting in the north, it is called a happy, cavalry, the army and copy, the army is going straight, and the vertical and gallop, I want to play how to play.

It can be hooked in the south. It is called a gentle, killing to choose the place, see the weather, the march is to play 120,000 points, but must prevent the hills from suddenly slamming the fire, and to prevent it The low-lying place was flooded with water, and once the rain was heavy, the army had to do it in place.

I am afraid no military home is willing to fight in the south.

Due to many of the aquatish warship, there is a need to repair, plus the last lesson, so Qin Yu does not intend to rely on the watermaster, but let the aquatic warship is responsible for maintaining the smooth water, ensuring the logistics replacement of the army.

This time, Qin Yu brought all the military and horses of Wuchang, three towns, a cannon camp, a fire camp.

When Qin Yu arrived in Anqing City with the army, Li Dingguo also killed Nanchang, two people, one south, obviously wanted to take the entire Jiangnan.

If you don't know that Lu Xiang is not a result, Qin Yu is really wanted to bypass Anqing and the counties in the county, the army along the way, and directly kill Nanjing.

Because as long as it is hitting Nanjing, the whole Jiangnan will not have someone to resist his Hua Wang.

At this time, Nanjing City is still quarreling in the skin, and the date of the priests of the King Dynasty cannot be finalized.

Although Lu Xiang, although only 20,000 soldiers and horses, these 20,000 soldiers have gone to the Donglin Party, and Ying's waist said also finally.

Therefore, Zuo Liang Yu actually wants to let Ma Ying's pastoral party to take the first auxiliary, where is it?

The first auxiliary candidate that Donglin party can accept, except Zhou Yanru, is Qian Qianyi, and the two are also jumped.

Going to the power, Zuo Liangyu is not the opponent of these Donglin Party, but the left school seems to have iron, let the Donglin Party pass the passage, the saliva is dry, that is, a bit of death.

If the prostitute is not Ma Shi, then this most man-governor is not proper. What Prince Taibao, Zhong Yong Hou is not going to go back to the old home.

Of course, even if the Donglin Party is really true, you also know that let Zuo Liangyu go home to peeling it is a joke, Zuo Liangyu let them go home to farm, so this is very unreasonable to Zuo Liangyu, It is angry.

"His Royal Highness, Ma Shiying for the individual Ronghua, climbing the party, relating to loyalty, such a small person, can this be a supplement?"

"Qian Qianyi, you don't have too much, the old man is for a long time, my Ma Shiying is a small person who is greedy. Is it good to Qian Yongyi?

Hey, the construction is loyal? I said that I am like a loyalty, I am afraid that in addition to your Donglin Party, other civil servants are rape people. The Yiwang Temple will take a troops, and they are in order to remove the traitor, revitalize Daming, the Jingjing Chao Chao, six The monk is not your Donglin Party? "

"Ma Shiying, you don't confuse the audio, now it is not a matter of the Beijing Master, but after the New Emperor, the first auxiliary and various ministries."

Qian Qianyi has risen red, pointing to Ma Shiying, and a large half of the hall is angry about Ma Shiying. Unless the left master holds the knife and stands, the tiger is awkward, I am afraid that when I am so powerful, I will have a single force Ma Shiying. Live live.

"Well, the public does not have to be noisy." The priests on the dragon chair have a little headache, every day, the quarrel, it has been quarreled with him, and the expectation of the emperor has dropped a little. .

Everyone saw Yi Wang's dialect, but also had to have a lot of mouth, Yi Wang looked at it, a pig, not afraid of boiling water, Zuo Liangyu, who watched the Tie, and Zuo Liang Jade tied to Ma Shiying, and finally Asked to the ruler who has been a silent, "Lu Aiqing, what is your high?"

"Back to the temple, the minister believes that Ma Shiying has served as the first auxiliary position, the qualifications are also enough, now the strong enemy pressure, the court is worse, as long as Daming, the previous negligence, it will not have to pay too much."

Lu Yi upgraded out of the column, and the heart was helpless. He has never expressive. It is to know that once it is opposed to Ma Shiying, I am afraid I will meet with Zuo Liang Jade.

If you agree, you will have a sin, and Zhou Yanru, they are afraid that it will be unfavorable for the future situation, but now, he also knows that it is not expressive. If you are noisy, I am afraid that it is not their discussion. The first auxiliary candidate, but Qin Yu sat here discusses the date date.

"Lu Governor is poor!"

Seeing that Lu Xiangsheng helped Zuo Liangyu, support Ma Shiying as the first auxiliary, Qian Qianyi suddenly frowned, others also looked at Lu Xiangsheng.

In the heart of the priest, seeing Lu Xiangsheng agreed, knowing that there is no meaning again, the last hammer sound, let the Ma Tu Ying serve, Zhou Yanru, a supplement, Qian Qian Yi Renzi Shangshu, Lu Xiangsheng Shangshu, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Persons, Li, Tour, four still books.

Six other officials, Zuo Liangyu is only nominated to let Wu Ergongzi have served as the right of the house, and the proposal of the Ru Xiang proposal is the left.

In addition, the volume of the emblem is the town of the country, Jia Zaibei Taishi, Zuo Liangyu is loyal, plus the Taizi Taibao, as the five military Dovernor of the government, and determined tomorrow.