The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

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In this way, in the shared martial arts, Yi Wang first went to the Tai Temple to worship Taizu, and then he couldn't wait to hold the Square Ceremony, and the book will have a good job, the whole process is very simple, this may be the most A New Emperor of the cold acid is in place.

As for Chongzhen, from the beginning to the end, everyone is like all forgetting, there is such a person, no one comes out, even Lu Xiangsheng is also unwilling.

But even if everyone is not willing to mention, I know that the country has no truth, and Yi Wang also understands this. If there is a manner of people in the world, his emperor is unfair.

So I have to make a copy of the ortho, the meaning is that Chongzhen has been in the past for more than ten years. The dragon body has long been overwhelmed, and the Daming society is like a tired egg, so pass the throne to the Queen of the Qiande, and let it In Nanjing, Daming in Jiangnan Province, Zhongxing Daming.

After this reason, everyone's head also finally lifted, at least through the Donglin Party's propaganda, ordinary people still believe.

Yi Wang also enters Chongzhen for the Emperor, and the book is the Queen of Queen and his mother is the emperor. After the Queen is the queen, it is not known that Chongzhen has received this , will not be directly mad.

However, the new emperor in Nanjing City and a hundred officials, but will not be able to die again, and the scorpion is also standing, the archway is also standing, what is it?

The first time of the new Dynasty will be full of gunpowder, this time is not the landscape of Ma Shiying and Qian Qianyi, but Lu Xiangsheng and Zuo Liang Jade is relative.

In the face of Qin Jun South and North Road, the trunks of the Northern and North Road, Lu Xiang, asked Zuo Liang Yuli to help Nanchang, he brought himself to Chi Yuan, and the two respective 20,000 soldiers and horses stationed Nanjing.

Zuo Liangyu has just come from Nanchang, where is it willing to go back?

But knowing that once you can't stop the Huajun, what is the big governor, what is the loyalty of the dog, the house is big, the beauty is also more people, so it is more impossible, so it is even more impossible, so I will almost. Under the threat of the table, you have to agree.

See Zuoliang Yuling to take the army, not only Lu Xiangsheng and Yi Wang Song tone, it is that everyone is also loose, do not fight, do not say, at least to go, only to play, only Have the opportunity.

In fact, everyone is still quite confident, although the Huajun's record is scary, but after all, it has added hundreds of thousands, and Zuo Liangyu and Lu elements have increased, but there are 300,000 people, let alone two people are not a mediocrity, they are all The old will be in battle.

So in everyone who wants to come, even if you don't win the Huajun, you should also block the Huajun in Jiangnan, let them continue to take this Jiangnan bustling.

When I returned to the handsome, Zuo Liangyu called all the people.

"Father, I can't really go back to Jiangxi to go to Jiangxi to fight with Huajun?" Zuo Meng Geng always felt this thing, like a pants fart and fool.

"What can I do?" Zuo Handhuai was equally depressed, but he knew that this is coming, it seems that there is no change, but it is very different.

As long as he can block Huajun, the status of the new Dynasty in the future is definitely a thousand people, although it is not more than Cao Cao Dong Zhuo, but it is only one step.

Let's attack Jiangxi or Li Dingguo's soldiers and horses, it is not a real Huajun, so he still has a big grasp, but worrying that Lu Xiang will not hold.

"This ..." Zuo Meng Geng originally wants to say, what can I do? Run! Immediately, I found that in addition to going to Zhejiang and Fujian, they didn't have anywhere.

Even if he doesn't understand, it is also known that Nanzhi and Jiangxi are finished, Zhejiang and Fujian can have a ghost, thinking that it is also a bites.

"Father, it seems that we have not retired, since the Huadian deceived too much, then we will fight with them to death."

After saying a fierce look, this time in Jiangnan, he at least hundreds of small people, Hua Jun played someone's wife, he didn't know what it was, but he knew that his wife, he couldn't help.

When the scene, I saw such a simple truth, Zuo Mengng now wakes up now, the heart is straight and white, I can't help but think that Zuo Liangyu is also a person, I am born with the son of such a waste. It is intended to change the door.

Zuo Liangyu's heart has a helpless sigh, but his face is not a good way: "This time you stay in Nanjing City, you should like Wu Xiansei for consultation, don't be free, do you know?"

"The baby knows, the father's handsome is, even if the peace of mind is."

Zuo Meng Geng didn't have to fight, and hurriedly held the box.

"Wu Xian brother, the things in the city must rely on you, don't protect those Donglin Party people, the guys can't fight, doing the conspiracy is in the line, the master is behind, the camp will be in the middle, there is not allowed to go out, and there is Geng you must live in military camp. "

Zuo Liang Yu said in the end, but also glanced at his son. He is the most reliable, and those Donglin Party will use the beautiful money to pull their own heart.

"Ah! Yes, my father!" Even if I won't be reluctant, Zuo Mengge has just taken it.

"Shuai, I heard that there is a little daughter in Ma Shuo, is waiting for the word, and the son is also equipped, it is better to send people to go to the trick, and the two comes from this way as an inquiry."

Wu Ergongzi thought about it and stood up again.

"Well, yes, my master is to forget this." Zuo Liangyu's eyes shilly, and immediately took a thigh: "The military is urgent, wait for me to go to Mark, I will set down this way!"

Then Zuo Liangyu's opponent came again, let him go to the preparation, and hurried to the Mafu to talk.

Where does Ma Shi will refuse? Where did you dare to refuse? Don't marry the daughter to Zuo Meng Geng, it is to marry Zuoliangyu, he is willing.

Now he is the first supplement, the power is single, no Zuo Liangyu has supported the waist, don't say the first auxiliary place, is that the life is probably not guaranteed at any time, so it is almost a shot.

The two marriage news of Zuo Ma came out, and he was a nausea of ​​the Donglin Party, but more is a vigilant.

A Wufu is not terrible, adding a party old fox in the first auxiliary party, it is very difficult.

Therefore, Qian Qiangyi and others have planned to weaken the strength of the left army in this way so that they will be eradicated later.

Original Zuoliangyu is planning to wait until the son is married, but Nanchang has been in jeopardy, and the people are reminded, plus Lu Xiangsheng cross the river three days, and finally only rate the big army.

In order to coordinate Zuo Liangyu and Lu Xiangsheng and the original watermakers in Nanjing, all the aquatic warships were handed over to the history of history, there is no way, there is no way, although the Chinese people in Nanjing, there are many civil servants, but know how to understand the water. There are fewer battles.

And Shi Mi is not only in the north, but also serves as the governor of the transportation, it is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate.