The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 435, Lu Xiang, is not allowed by ordinary execution.

Anqing, as a west gate of Nanjing, Lu Xiang rose here, there is a 20,000 soldier humble, it is originally to prevent Zuo Liangyu, who once thought Zuo Liangyu's army, actually from the south bank around the city.

Zuo Liang Jade dared to bypass Anqing, because he got the support of Jiangnan's official officials, it was not worried about the retreat and replenishment, plus the Jiangnan water division, and did not stop the leader of the left army, so he didn't work.

Can Qin Yu did not dare to go through the past. In fact, he wrapped around Jiujiang. Directly kill Anqing, there were some adventures, nothing more than a few soldiers horses in Jiujiang, Li Dingguo also hit Nanchang, so I dare to be relieved Around Jiujiang North Shore.

If Zuo Liangyu is still in Nanchang, Jiujiang, then he can only follow the class of Jiujiang, then next to Anqing, and finally kill Nanjing.

Anqing is just a house in the city, it is not counting in the city of Nanzhi, but it is also much higher than the Northern General City, plus 20,000 defenders. It is indeed a difficult hard bone.

In order to enter the god, this time Qin Yu also took the 500 pound of Francilnel, with the horses, the army arrived in Anqing Chengxi, and the cannon was assembled, and she was able to create a siege device.

Luxi rose this time, although he has been in Nanjing City and Zuo Liangyu, but Huajun just waved Dongjin, he has begun to send troops.

At this time, Eight 10,000 Tianxionjun has arrived in Zhangzhou City, more than a hundred miles away from Northeast Anqing.

And the rhabitation of the boat is also almost at the same time, and it is more than a few times more than Zuo Liang Yu.


The 16 participation of the Luxiang promoted personally, and when Lu Xiang rose, it was a single knee, and he hugged.

"See Torson!"

"Well! Get up!"

"Let's talk about the situation of the thief army and the strength."

After the Luxi rose, he waved his hand, and the look on his face couldn't see the slightest.

In the end, it is confident, and the Zhuzhu is holding, or worrying, and the public will not know.

One of the tops of the left column should have a column: "The Master, the thief army is about 50,000, of which about five thousand fire dealers have arrived in Anqing two days ago, and Yesterday, Anqing City, rumble, It is said that the thief army has begun to attack the city. "

"Is there no signs of the aquators?"

"The Master of Master, at least Anqing to Jiujiang section did not have a thrill of the thief army."

"How is the situation in Nanchang?" Lu Yi rose some nodded and asked.

"Reporting the teacher, according to the probes, Nanchang's situation is not good, the first Li Dingguo surrounded Nanchang before five days, according to the troops in the city, it is estimated that you can hold up to three days."

Lu Xiang lifted his face, got up and came to the side, hanging on the map on the shelf, his back was watching the officials.

"Guard, it seems that this Nanchang City can't save, hate, there is such an important big city in Nanchang. There is only a thousand soldiers and horses in the district." A military commander pointed to the map.

"Is the possibility of Li Dingguo?" Lu Xiang rose did not answer him, but did not have a brain asked.

"The person who sent the person, the person sent, and the result was directly smashed by the Li Dingguo, and did not see it."

"That's going! It is said that the Qin thief also came from the thief army of the eight king in her early years, and I want to come to the two."

Lu Xiang lifted a wrinkle, then put a swing, if you can fight the Li Dingguo, it is naturally a wonderful, if the other fraud, that is also a disaster, so I still give up.

"The supervisor, my army is ready, when is it to help Anqing?" The public will look forward to Lu.

After all, how do you play this, they are not at the end, and the record of the Huajun and the sinister of the Qin thief have long gave birth to a shadow.

"I am not anxious to pay for Anqing. If the two thousand troops of the whole supervisor are kept in the city, they can't hold it for ten days and a half, and this is not called."

Lu Xiang looted his hand, he knew that he would kill, even if he has eight thousand army, it is estimated that it will lose more than win, so you want to use Anqing City to setback the opponent's sharp.

"The supervisor, the end will have a suggestion." A young ginseng will think about it.

"Oh, but I hope."

Lu Xiangsheng looked up, and he has been cultivated to these participants, and he hopes that they will become a big middle flow column in the future.

"The supervisor, the thief army is obviously a long-distance attack. At this time, Jiujiang City is still in the court, and our watermaster is far from the other party, otherwise the number of the other party cannot avoid it, so At the end, the army will suggest that the army is divided into two, a south of Tongcheng, and make a move of Aiqing, and the other quietly detours the Qianshan, and then the south of Wangjiang, cut off the thief army. "

"You said this policy, this man has just considered it, but the Jiujiang can't be lost again, then Zuo Liangyu has not stopped, can you arrive at Jiujiang before the Li Dingguo army or two."

Lu Xiang rose some helplessly.

"The teacher, the other soldier horse, after the Wangjiang, I will share it out of a help of Jiujiang, so, even if the Zuo Liang Yu is dragging, it should be able to get to the Jiujiang City. "

The martial arts will think about it, and I am not willing to add.

"Well, this is really feasible, but have you ever thought that once this, my 100,000 troops will belong to the five cities, Tongcheng 40,000, Anqing 20,000, Qianliang, Wangjiang 20,000, Jiujiang 10,000, And the victory of this war must be fully pinned to the hand of the left army. "

Lu Xiangsheng first nodded, then the tone changed, and the patient explained.

Everyone looked at the map, Sure enough, it was silent, and it was clearly known that this policy was somewhat unreliable. Did I say that the winning and negative is pinned to Zuo Liangyu's chaotic thief, that is, the army is divided into five cities, and the military taboo.

"The supervisor is that the end will be considered in the end, and the risks of the soldiers are really too big." I proposed this suggestion, some blushing.

"The division does not need, but if you don't divide the troops, my eight thousand troops directly went to Wangjiang, and then out of 20,000, 10,000 to help Jiujiang, 10,000 stationed in the hill?"

Luxi litIn the map, his eyes said.

Everyone is surprising, and there is no reaction in half.

"This ... Guards, if the eight thousand troops are all bypass, the thief army is bypassing Anqing directly, how to do it in Nanjing?"

"Then the supervisor kills Wuchang!" Lu Xiang litcared deeply breathed a breath, his finger in the direction of Wuchang on the map.

I will scare the generals, this only recovered the hand, touched the beard smile: "Of course, the cautious use of the thief, it will never kill Nanjing, not to have Zuo Liangyu's more than 100,000 Did the army? "

"Guardian Gao Ming, this army can stand in an invincible place!"

Everyone suddenly understood that the supervisor would give the East Battlefield to the left army, so that the left army did not fight, but they can only be forced by the thief army to Nanjing City, and their eight million The big army can hang behind.