In the early morning, Susong City, the Tiandao army hurriedly finished breakfast, and when I was ready to launch an attack again, Li Dingguo's first three thousand army killed in time.

Obviously, Li Dingguo sent people to send orders over the night, with three thousand branches, although the remaining six thousand days of male morale recovered a lot, but even the heads of the city could not attach it.

At this time, Wu guan will repent the intestines, and regret that the brothers have been too tired last night, so I gave up the intention of the night, who once thought of dawn, the other party's aid will kill.

After the two sides were stalemating, when Li Dingguo's subsequent army has a constant opening, Wu Guan will also completely die, know that it is impossible to take Susong County, only have to retreat twenty miles, send people to report to Lu Xiang.

When Lu Yi litered the news, the army has arrived in the outer circumference of Taihu County, and after sighed, he knew that the break is not expected.

At this time, tens of thousands of Huajun have been compressed from the east. The army has no more choice, so they have to order the Dafu to retreat to Taihu County, and send people to Zuo Liangyu.

Although it is about to be surrounded, Lu Xiangsheng did not lose confidence, and he still had nearly 70,000 army. Taihu County also had some food and grass, and it was not a problem in one month.

As long as Zuo Liangyu cooperates well, plus a watermaster, it is not necessary to be able to be able to be able to be able to apply, defeated the Huajun in Taihu County.

After all, the real Huajun is about 50,000, and the 50,000th is the Chu army who returns to the fall, and the two thousand soldiers and horses of Anqing, there are 150,000, which can be 150,000, which can be peripheral. Army's 100,000 big army is surrounded.


Three days later, Qin Yu and Li Dingguo took a big army, and killed three sides from the southwest of Taihu County, and at this time, Tianshang army had already been thared.

More than 70,000 troops did not have all turtles in the county, but in the city, three military camps were in the city, although the three military camps were not large, but they were very strong.

"What is the injury?"

"Some felt injuries are hurt, not in the case."

"This is good, but it is different from this time, you can't take the knife again in the future."

Qin Yu saw him really didn't have anything, and he also slammed his breath and then took his shoulder.

Li Dingguo is a long-awaited Taihu County city, and a face that is lighter: "Xiaoyu, although he was surrounded by Taihu County, but if you can't compress them in the city, once Zuo Liangyu belt The soldiers will rescue, and it is in a disadvantage. "

"Oh, this is natural, rest assured, I have dozens of cannons in my hands, I don't believe in the three big camps outside the city before the Zuo Liangyu army arrived."

Qin Yu nodded, then confident, he played for so many years, this does this need Li Dingguo to remind?

If you don't compress all the troops of the Rhodes to the city, they will not only take a lot of force to beh, but also to prevent the other party from initiating counterattack.

In this case, once Zuo Liangyu kills with the army, whoever will not necessarily.

Therefore, the army is just a day, and begging to attack the military camp in the outer circumference of Taihu County. Of course, the head array is of course Li Dingguo's return to the army and cannon camp. The fire camp is covered back.

At the same time, in order to concentrate on the force, Wangjiang County, Qin Yulian, has gave up, and in Susong, Huang Mei stationed with two thousand soldiers, Jiujiang stationed five thousand soldiers, to ensure smooth food, and all the watermaster The warship, but also all to Jiujiang.

Qin Yu knew that although Lu Xiang was surrounded, but if you want a quick war, it is almost impossible. First of all, the other party is impossible to surrender, followed by a strong casualty, it is not worth it, so you can only choose to be lived to death, so It must be a long-lasting battle.

The hot hot, the left handsome is finally killing Tongling, but the history is finally integrated, along the river, arriving in Tongling and Zuo Shuai.

At this time, the messenger sent by the Luxi also arrived, Zuo Shuai and Shiwu heard that the army of Luoxheng was surrounded in Taihu County.

"What is going on? The governor of Lu is an 80,000 army. Why is it easier by the thief army? And it is surrounded by Taihu County?"

I know some situations than Zuo Liangyu, and the history is completely foggy, after returning to God, immediately ask.

If Lu is surrounded by the thief army, he can understand that he can understand that it will be unreasonable. Why is it surrounded by such an ophile county in Taihu County, let alone the ability to rise to Xiang, if it is so easy to be Enclosed, it is impossible to mix the position of the Governor of the Seventh province.

The messenger is not concealed, and the Lu Xiang will prepare the retreat of the thief army. Li Dingguo Ming Tunar Waoxiao said dark, and he raided Jiujiang, Susong, followed the thief, Qin Yu, turned back to Wangjiang, and sent troops to Anqing is in the north of Anqing, I have said it in detail.

After the history of history, it was still in the clouds, but the left palays in the battle, but the back of the ridge is cold, and a question that I can't believe in: "You said that the thief army is just a short two days, The sneak attack Jiujiang, Susong, captured Wangjiang, sent troops to cut off the latter road of Lu Governor? "

"Yes, left big handsome!"

"I understand." Zuo Liangyu suddenly went up, a sense of heart is awkward, now, where did he still understand that the thief army is rushing to the Jiujiang to kill and celebrate, and it is a conspiracy. If it is not a ruler, I am afraid that he is so hierarchy.

"Zuo Taibao, the Governor of Lu, now in danger, please go to rescue! Otherwise, it will come." Shi can be a long time, not from him, the soldier horses in the hand, but the only hope of Zhongxing Daming in the future.

"Shi Shilang said with a little more, and the Governor of Lu, how to say there is also a hundred thousand army in his hand, the thief army wants to eat in a time, that is also unable to count, the matter still needs! So from the evil of the thief army again when."

Zuo Liangyu hooks his hand, but it has to be calm than a chaotic history.

"What is this good for a long time? Left too, do you want to see death?"

Shi Fama saw that he is not a matter of self, suddenly anger.

"Fart, don't you think that Laozi is not understanding?"

Zuo Liangyu has nothing to feel like him, and the watermaster has been swallowed again. Now he didn't put this Hou Ye at all, and he also roared.

"It turned out to know the truth of the lip tooth, I don't know how you plan to rescue? When will you start?"

Shi can also know that the only hope now is Zuo Liangyu, so I have to have a strong anger.

"I want to rescue, and Shi Hawa's watermaster must listen to my command." Zuo Liangyu's tone has slowed some.


Shi can not hesitate to agree, now Lu Xiang is surrounded, only the water division is unable to solve, so, in addition to listening to Zuo Liangyu's schedule, he really doesn't know what to do.