The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 441 falls into a stalemate

Li Dingguo got away, Qin Yu did not care, the Chu army who returned, and the same group became unresser, it became honest.

It's time to rain, Qin Yu can't wait to launch an offense again, and the first batch of logistics replenishment is also transported, let the artillery can let go.

Still is on the cannon gray, while promising money beauty, one side is behind the butt, hero's soft egg, it is optional.

However, this time, there is no three sides of attack, but a centralized force and gunfire first attack the South Camp.

Dozens of cannons have been pushed into the big camps 50 steps, first launched a solid bomb, then launched a bullet, until the camp is a ghost crying, the chicken flying dog jumped, the cannon flying troops rushed up.

The war has continued until the afternoon. The two sides are constantly increasing the competition for the big camp. Although the Tianxiong Army is in the stretch, the casualties have been more than the Huajun.

The troops in the litter of the litter are very sufficient, sufficient to be almost flat, so it is not afraid of this consumption.

One day, both sides are heavy, watching only more than 30,000 cannon forces, but the three big batts outside the city can still come, Qin Yu also feels that the strength in the hands seems to be a little insufficient. used.

It also understands the old saying, that is, before the war has not ended, no matter how many people, it will never use it.

All along, Qin Yu is all exquisite lines, and now I finally realized that the soldiers are not enough, this sentence is not completely correct.

Sometimes people's tactics are really very tube, and is the simplest and most unable to crack.

If he has two or thirty-hundred thousands of blacks in his hands, you can get three sides of attack, turn through the attack, do not give the opponent's breath, you have to take the other side.

In fact, with the national strength of Daqin, raise a hundred thousand cannon gray troops, or more than enough, even millions, it is not a problem.

Although there is a large number of Guanda Army in Hun Guangge, there is a large number of Guanda, but also to arrive in the first day of the first day, so Qin Yu has only allowed the true Huajun infantry to take the head.

The real Huajun has cotton, well-trained, not only dares to fight, but also know how to cooperate, it is not a ratio of any infantry at this era, at least in eating training, we must be a few streets in Tiangxiongjun. .

Sure enough, there is a real Huajun Warrior take the lead, no longer, even if it is rushed into the big camp, it will be rushed out by the aid soldiers of the next party, but the firm is in the big camp.

This situation, even if the troops in the hands of the hand, once again, after a day, the South Dadian finally was broken, and the West Dadian was also lost after two days, only the only Dongda Camp was left.

This time, Lu Xiang is really anxious, but also out, personally take the Dongda Camp, will focus on the remaining half of the hand in the camp, a dead battle to the end.

There is no way, even if an ordinary soldier also knows, if there is an east price, even if you have a lot, once it is all rushed to the city, it will become the , the whole army is only a time problem.

The two sides hit the present, Huajun's cannons were scrapped in a dozen doors. They would like to have all the Tianxiong Jun to enter the city. Now there is only the last big camp, and Qin Yu will be good.

At the same time, Shiwu arrived in Jiujiang with a big army and a fleet, both of the two sides broke out to Water War.

Although the Huajun's watermaster is small, it is firmly upstream, strong artillery fire, does not give Jiangnan watermakes near Jiujiang's opportunity.

Original history, I still want to insert an enemies, attract Huajun's warships to the lower rivers and narrow rivers, but the warship of the Huajun is not moving at all, just firmly holds Jiujiang, never pursue.

Under the helplessness, Shi can have to give up from the water to attack Jiujiang, and hopes to be hoped in 50,000 soldiers, and the boat is also under.

Although the two sides of the two sides are ten more than one, the 30,000 newcomers of the Nihe Left Army are unbearable. In addition, Li Dingguo has brought a thousand and guards, and the Jiujiang City is still unhappy.

Shi can have to suspend the attacking, please send a military to Zuo Liangyu, because of ten days, not only the casualties are heavy, the morale is also low to the bottom of the valley, but it has been unable to attack.

The same as the Qin Daw outside Taihu County is unable to attack. Half a month, the real Huajun has injured nearly 10,000, and the cannon fodder has 20,000, and all the cannons will be reported.

Qin Yu knows that he can't attack again, and he dare not attack again. Otherwise, the two thousand cannon fodder will definitely rebel.

Good in Zuo Liangyu's army, did not directly press it, although more than 10,000 left troops have formed surrounded by the east and south, as long as the west of Jiujiang, Susong, Huangmei in him, Zuo Liangyu If you want to surround him, it is a joke.

Zuo Shuai also knows this, see the history of the Fa 50,000 Army plus the watermaster, it is not a Jiujiang City, and it is not angry. Also, there is no peer that sent the soldiers directly.

At this time, the left army has occupied the Qianshan in the northeast of Taihu County. The east of Anqing, the south of the south, and some small towns around, as long as they won the Jiujiang, it means that the Huajun has formed a strategy surrounded by Huajun.

It is not intended to continue to increase the troops to attack Jiujiang. After learning the powerful firepower of the former aquatic teacher, we decided to concentrate all the soldiers and horses, to attack Susong County, because as long as you take Susong County, the same It can cut off the Huali's backward road, and the Susun is more difficult than Jiujiang.

Remove the soldiers and horses who embarrass each other, Zuo Liangyu can take the soldiers and horses, there is still 50,000, and if Lu Xiang knows that Zuo Liangyu's hand is like this wealth, it is not directly coming to Taihu, but go to attack and beaten. It is estimated that it is not possible to be alive.


"Mother, Zuo Liangyu, the dog thing is iron, I want to surround the Laozi, a battle is called by him, and Laozi is also obedient."

After learning that Zuo Liangyu's army's move, Qin Yu is also angry and big, although this loss has lost many troops, but he still hopes that the left army is full, no matter whether it will win, a battle.

Winned him directly to Nanjing Dengji, and lost him, he also went back to Wuchang, and gathered the soldier and horses.

But even if you are angry, you can't afford Zuo Liangyu, Qin Yu has to take 10,000 soldiers and horses to increase the aid, and Huangmei second counties.

Huajun stopped attack, let Lu Xiang also took time to return to the city to count grain, benefited from the soldiers and horses, which can only support food and grass in January, save it again.

The aid of Zuo Liangyu is not late, even if the ruins are constantly encouraged, the look on the face is not as good for one day.

Although I don't know what Zuo Liangyu is doing, but from Huajun constantly divided the soldiers and horses, Lu Yi rose, also guess the intention of the left army.