The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 448 Trickshan Customs

In history, when Wu Sangui picked up the soldiers, the Emperor was dead, the power was completely monopolized by Doyan, but the post-gold can enter the main Central Plains, mainly the foundation of the emperor.

If Nurha is only known to kill, the emperor is much smaller, and the heart is, and its cultivation martial arts, the people are actually a character of an emperor, and its political vision means, military strategy deployment is unparalleled.

It is simply a loop.

Compared to Nurhaza, I only know that I only know the taste, the death of the Ningjin line, the emperor is the first and Ming Dynasty, but also use Han Chen, nor will they kill the Han people in Liaodong, but organize them. To resume production.

I know that the Han people have changed this national number, and the decisive change has changed to the big clear. I know that the Han Dafu likes to make a scorpion. So, the emperor, learn from the Ming Dynasty system, and also get a block in the hands of the Mongol, and seize the big meaning The name is preparation for the future Central Plains in the future.

On the other side, the ripples of Mongolia are constantly moving, specializing in the name of Lin Dan Khan, the final successful conquering Mongolian tribe, and firmly tied it together, but the result is not only let Daming I lost an important ally, I also lost the natural barrier in the north, and I opposite the backfund got a lot of cavalry.

Because of this, after Chongzhen's success, the lantern cavalry will be unscrupulous to the Mongolian grassland, and the Mongolian cavalry will be robbed several times, while consumes Damu, it is constantly growing.

At the same time, Nanzheng North Korea, not only completely solves the worries, but also a granary.

And Dolu is just a cheapness, it is too far more than the emperor, Dolg.

After the post from the post-Gold, they will continue to die, the world has not been determined, they will be shaved and easy to wear, and the race is unfortunately. It is a pity that Nanming does not seize this opportunity, but in the continuous internal fighting, otherwise there is absolutely chance More than once.

More than 10,000 army, only one day, all the night, and this is still nothing to know, positively, the army, the leader of the Mountain Customs.

Jingshi is more than 600 miles away from the mountain customs. The army of the post-gold did not grew up, but in the vicinity of the mountain sea, it was easy to wait for it. At this time, the bull two finally knew the news of Wu Sangui surrendered.

However, because the emperor deliberately concealed, Wu Jun's night does not receive it close to the mountain customs, so the bull two will not know how much the backward force is, but the post-gold for Wu Sangui said that this is a pour, but it is just It is believed that Wu Sangui is blowing.

As a result, the army has improved vigilance, slowing down the speed, but not therefore returned.

In fact, even if you want to go back, you can't go back. The 200,000 troops are only more than two hundred miles away from the mountain customs. At this time, they will definitely be taken by the backward cavalry.

Three days later, the two hundred thousands of troops met in the mountains and customs, looked at the earth-shaped scorpion cavalry, all people were surprised.

"Mother, look at this scene, the scorpion is really a tipped, Wu Sanguina dog is caught by Laozi, must take his skin, smoking his ribs."

"Your Majesty, the sizzling cavalry occupied the profit of the terrain, now started, too losing."

"Laozi's eyes are not born!" The bull is full of gloomy, although I don't want to play, but I know that the arrow is on the strings, I have to send it. Now whether it is a retreat, it is a defense, it is a dead road, only to defeat each other, even if I am Two defeat is also.

"The command will go down, kill a scorpion, appreciate the silver ten two, kill the slavery of the Tai Chi and the traitor Wu Sangui, to enjoy the silver, the beautiful woman, Feng Hou ..."

In order to motivate the soldiers, the bull is also out.

"Kill! Kill! Kill ..."

Sure enough, as the cow's words are conveyed one by one, there are just a big army, the morale is again high, and 200,000 people finally waved the arms and shouted.

After all, although the emperor of the cow has just been launched soon, but it is also an emperor of the native, and the emperor is promise, and there is naturally countless human life.

Listening to the shouting of the opposite, the face of the emperor is slightly changed, and the heart is a little drum. It is really the twenty thousand big arrays, and the spread is too shocking.

The backfall of the Beller, the reaction is not good, after all, they have never seen so many infantry.

Although the 250,000 people of the cattle have no uniform military uniforms, they are wrapped in head towels, and they have received a lot of weapons last time, making it three-made people to take a knife shield, 60% of the horse It is a long gun, and the rest is a bow and archers and cavalry, plus some of the institutions and combat experiences inherited from Huajun, and it is stronger than other righteous army.

This is also why Luo Yucai and Liu Zongmin's horses are not more than the bulls, but they can't play the causes of cattle.


Seeing the other party refused to initiate attack, the bull two had to pull out the waist knife and sent five thousand people, and rushed the front gold infantry.


50,000 people shouted to rush forward, and they could still maintain five blocks. They only took them out, they all mixed together.

However, 50,000 people will take a shot, or let 50 million Han Jun and North Korea servant, facing fear.

In particular, the Korean servant is even more than the legs, and the weapons are unstable. If there is a scorpion in the back, it is afraid that it will collapse directly.


It is still able to drink, and the hundreds of red cannons will roar. More than 100 iron eggs are in the charge of the charge, bringing dozens of blood troughs, which can not prevent the tap of the army.

Compared to the first wave of real bullets, the second wave of bullets, the killing is much larger, and the blood is killed and hurting thousands of people, let the momentum of the charge, this will be behind. The second gas is half-dead, obviously did not expect that the scorpion is in addition to the ride, there is so much powerful artillery.

Fortunately, the two sides are only 100 meters away. The cannon is filling. No matter how it is too late, it is still a good, Yan Jing is waiting for a traitor, and only have to pull the knife, ordered the army to rush.

Not much time, the two hundred thousand in soldiers hit together, and the entire battlefield is filled with a strong bloody, and count countless people at all times.

"Eight brothers, this ... our Chinese soldiers can't stop it?"

The Baby of the Babyqi seeing at first glance, their 50,000 troops have a failure, and they have to collapse, they are shocked by the chin.

The emperor is also a cold air.

I don't blame them, after all, I have been in the past eight flags and Mingjun, or it is the slaughter, or it is the Ming army in the city, even the Qijiajun white soldiers in the year, and only thousands of infantry.

In this way, nearly 100,000 people thoroughly stranded together, they were only seen in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and there was no one in reality.

After the Royal Taipuan reacted from the shock, the emperor did not dare to delay. Immediately let 10,000 Mongolian cavalry rushed to, or their infantry will collapse.


Under the hillside of the 10,000 Mongolian cavalry to the left, it was straight to the infantry in the merits, and the rumbling horseshoe will stepping the earth.